Carrie Gets Her Share

October 8, 2010

4D5Q0798 McGee In Palm Tree SF

Come To The Palm Tree Kids

4D5Q0785 Meal Time SF

Meal Time

Carrie Eating Captain Hook

4D5Q0758 Should I Jump SF

Should I Jump

It appears that McGee want the owlets to fly to the palm tree and Carrie got more than her share of the treats last night.

We will be signing books all day today. Be sure and order your copy of Molly and McGee the photography book by Carlos Royal Molly The Owl Books


Carlos, Donna and Austin

28 Responses to “Carrie Gets Her Share”

  1. Ginny Williams Says:

    The picture of McGee in the palm tree would make an awesome t-shirt – along with other items with that picture.

  2. Sandra Everest Says:

    Pictures are wonderful! Thanks for posting and thanks for everything! You all are the best!!

  3. Shar Says:

    subscribe to newsletter

  4. Carol Robison Says:

    I am one of the “lurkers” who just watch and say nothing; however, I just have to echo what everyone else has been saying. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carlos and Donna for all your hard work so we could reap the benefits of watching “nature in action”.
    So far, I have received a t-shirt (which I love) and the cd (which I also love), and am waiting for the Molly book and Carlos coffee-table book. I am sure I will also love them.
    I am in Texas and wish it was closer so I could attend picnic.
    Please don’t give us up if and when there is another clutch. This is so fascinating, and I think everyone should see it–especially young people. Just thank you again.

    • ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

      YES!! DITTO!! You took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you so much, Carlos, Donna, and Austin. This has been so enjoyable to watch and be a part of this amazing venture! I am looking forward to receiving the coffebook!


    Thanks so much for this experience. Got my DVD yesterday and watched it last nite. I highly recommend it to ALL. Enjoy your vacation! Can’t wait to see if Molly and McGee make a return visit to the owlbox.

  6. Marmou Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    I received my Molly’s Story DVD on Oct 5 and it doesn’t work. I wasn’t sure of the best way to contact you for a replacement (already sent email to the austinfaure address included with the video).

    Thank you for all you’ve done!
    Very much looking forward to the picnic!

  7. Diane Erdely Says:

    Have been enjoying this SO much. Thanks to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for all their hard work and dedication.

  8. Phyllis Benson Says:

    I agree…a coffee mug with that picture of McGee would be awesome!

  9. Bonnie Wakeman Says:

    would love to receive updates.

  10. Roni Says:

    Carlos and Donna and Austin…you are amazing people to have gone thru all this expense and time to bring us this opportunity. You are much appreciated by many of us. I have so enjoyed this couple of months, will miss you during the “break” and will see you again in the spring…right??? Say YES!

  11. Lois Lloyd Says:

    Please sign me up for blog updates. Thanks.

  12. heather j. mac cannell Says:

    hello! i am another silent lurker! i have been here since the beginning. i just LOVE this site and like everyone else thanks to everyone who has had input regarding molly and mcgee and family. i have written before saying that i had broken my leg and also recently and finally diagnosed with ms after many years with pain and problems with my feet and legs. anyway since i am now officially disabled i had requested the molly and mcgee coffee table book that some one would have been kind enough to donate. but i DO NOT want to miss out in getting a signed copy of carlo’s molly and mcgee coffee table book so i will go and order one and i do think i have already ordered and paid for the children’s book about molly. i know i am rambling here but i am not computer savy. and also i have been at the comments before to get emails but i have never gotten one email. so i wonder what i am doing wrong. i hope some one takes time to read my long comment and might be able to help me out! thank you for your time and everything else! heather j. MacCannell

    • Chris Says:

      Did you mark the box below where it says “Subscribe by email to this site” when you made a comment? If you have you should check your spam filter.

    • PegRod Says:

      Heather, I am another “watcher” for this clutch. Your comment reaches many people and will encourage them, too!

      The only e-mails you will get by putting a comment here will be (1)follow-up comments which other people put on the blog or (2) new blog posts from Carlos, Donna and Austin via e-mail, and to get those, you have to put a check mark by clicking on the two boxes below until you see a green check mark.

      After you check the boxes, then you click on the “Submit Comment” button. If you want Carlos or Donna to respond to you personally, then you need to say something like “ATTENTION – Carlos and Donna – Do not publish – and then put your e-mail address for them to see – type it again and request a reply from them.

      If that does not work, it is not that they do not care, as you can well imagine, they must be overwhelmed with keeping up with The Owl Box and all that comes with it – almost 20 million viewers!

  13. Val Lewis Says:

    Thanks for the blog and pictures. I don’t always get time to view the owl boxes or videos on a daily basis, but can always count on the blog!

  14. brenda hanson Says:

    Ditto to all the comments received here today. I am a lurker and read the social stream when I can. I have never seen anything as fascinating and beautiful as the story of these sweet owls. I will be lost when things shut down and hope that you do come back in the spring if Molly and McGee come back for another clutch. This is so educational, too. Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for all your hard work. I so appreciate it.

  15. Nancy Harp Says:

    I would love to receive new blog posts by e-mail.
    Thanks to all of you who have helped make this site such a success and a joy to those of us who watch Molly and family.

  16. Julia McConnell Says:

    Thank you for adding me to your list of email blog updates.

  17. Linda B Says:

    That picture of McGee in the palm tree is absolutely stunning! Will it be added to Cafe Express as an option? Next month I want to get a couple of the large prints, and McGee in the palms would top my list!

    Thanks for all you do for us Carlos!! You have a wonderful soul.

  18. Andrea Says:

    Donna, Carlos and Austin, thank you so much for the joy you’ve given all of us. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m beholding to all of you for taking us along for the ride!. Carlos, I will miss your wonderful sense of humor, your wisdom, gorgeous photos and seeing you on Ustream. I wish Discovery would give you a
    show. Lastly, I’m thinking Ashley and Carrie would make either great bookends or salt and pepper shakers! Sign me up!
    Good health and happiness, always.

  19. TN216 Says:

    Thanks from me, along with all the others, to Carlos and Donna, for giving me such entertainment these last several months (since March). Hopefully, it will begin in the spring, but I already have so many good memories, including all the antics of the first clutch!

  20. owloverbo Says:

    C,D & A,
    Each day I think the photos can’t get better and you amaze me each day. Thanks so much. There will be a void in my life when they leave and you shut down the site but the memories will fill that back up. What joy, peace and wonder you have given to all of us.

  21. Cathy Says:

    So cute

  22. Judy Sackson Says:

    It’s so nice to see so many lurkers (like me) finally participating! I know I’ve been around since Pattison was hatched and I have a mug and a DVD and a t-shirt and several things on order. I don’t know what any of us will do without you three and your wonderful comments, and beautiful photos.
    You have done everyone a great service, and although I, like everyone, would like to see this come back (if Molly cooperates) in the spring, I’m sure we all understand that you have already given this project your all!
    I hope to be at the picnic (I did sign up, hope it’s recorded, I never got a reply) but I can sympathize with all the lurkers who live too far away.
    Thank you again and again, you three, for the many hours of wonderful nature viewing that we have all been allowed to be part of. Hope you have a wonderful well-deserved vacation!

  23. Roni Says:

    Carlos, I hope you put that whole video this morning of Ashley getting the beak off from Molly and then figuring out how to get it to Carrie. What a moment that was. The best video moments thus far. If there was ever any doubt about the love between these 2, it was erased this morning. Video starts about 4:26 am PDT>

  24. Sheryl E. Says:

    Email updates? Pretty please? (And have a safe trip to Hawaii!)

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