Ashley Returns!

October 5, 2010

Ashley Returns

Ashley checks things out after return

Ashley happy to be back with Carrie

Ashley returned like a rock from heaven last night as she dropped in on top of the box with a thud, the chatroom and Social Stream went nuts with cheers of relief. 

Carlos, Donna and Austin

73 Responses to “Ashley Returns!”

  1. Paula Says:

    I’m so pleased. Being in England, have only just got up and the first thing I did was check on Ashley (obviously, lol!!!!). I love these photos of her return :-)

  2. Jeri Says:

    Great shots of Ashley’s return, Carlos! Thank you!

  3. Lajollaseal Says:

    Carlos, I was there watching when it happened. “The crowd went wild!” I saw you take a picture of them beak kissing…did that photo turn out? If so, would you put it on Cafe Press? I would love a mug with that.


  4. Cindy Says:

    There were squawks of pure happiness coming from the owl box tonight. Those owl girls were so happy to see each other! The whole room was overjoyed!

  5. Maureen Says:

    Thank goodness for this blog – I guess it was the overload of people or somethibg, but the SPO site was making my computer crazy! I was sooo happy to learn of Ashley’s return – love the pix !!

  6. AmethystCat Says:

    Yay Ashley!

  7. Jill Says:

    How Exciting !!! Yay :)


  8. Deb Says:

    I’m on the east coast so I couldn’t stay up to wait for Ashley’s return. The first thing I checked this morning when I got up was to make sure that Ashley was back in the box. I was so happy to see that she there!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

    Deb from Ohio

  9. francie bowers Says:

    Glad to see Miss Fancy Pants back from her adventure…there’s no place like home! thanks for the great pics Carlos!!

  10. Katy Says:

    yippee! Thanks for staying up, MODS and Carlos, to keep vigil.
    Ashley always did things ahead of schedule. Feisty little owl!!

  11. Ann Corbett Says:

    What a great relief to see Ashley back in the box, at least for a little while longer. Love the pictures! Any idea where she flew in from? It did indeed seem like she “dropped like a rock from heaven.”

  12. Lela Says:

    I like the “rock from heaven” description. Too funny!

  13. Rita in DC Says:


    I wouldn’t usually pester you about creating new product lines, but I’ve just got to suggest a “No Fear” t-shirt—with or without a photo of Ashley.

    Once again thanks for the wonderful photos and the information that everybody wanted.

  14. ldgreene123 Says:

    No worries here Carlos & Donna. Have learned from you both..knew she would be back!!

  15. Cathy Says:

    I am sooooooo happy to see that Ashley has returned. I felt that she was probably okay but it’s still great to have confirmation. ^_^

  16. Sue Couch Says:

    What a joyful way to start the day…with Ashley’s return and these gorgeous photos of her! Yes, Virginia, there IS a God!

  17. Phyllis Says:

    What a stinker! She was practicing flying off camera just so she could make her grand re-entry. Pretty credible landing for a “mere fledgeling”, too. Needs to work on her moves but, hey, she’s back! Cheers! :-)

  18. Oh happy day!!! Thank you, Carlos, for keeping the faith alive.

  19. 1SkatrPie Says:


  20. Seabrz78 Says:

    Thanks for all the great updates. Beautiful pictures.

  21. Randee Griffin Says:

    Thanks for the chance to get updates.

  22. Deborah Loughran Says:

    To the Royals, the Mods and everyone involved making this happen – Great Job!!!! Shall miss this very much when it goes down.. See you at the picnic in San Marcos!!

  23. Elise Jansen Says:

    Thank you all so much for a most delightful OWL Experience.

  24. Angeniet Kuipers or Angel Kuipke (nickname) Says:

    Hello, I’m from the Netherlands and I am watching this clutch and also some of the first clutch. But then there where webcams in our country I have been watching, also barnowls and other birds.
    And now I’ve been watching from the beginning at this clutch. I want to be informed after closing this box the 20th October.
    Is that possible?
    I’d like to hear more if possible.

  25. Elise Jansen Says:

    Thanks so much for the rapid delivery of the DVD!

  26. flukestail Says:

    “Ashley…dropped in on top of the box with a thud…chatroom…went nuts with cheers of relief.” This great description brought the event to life! Wish I’d been online. Glad Ashley came back…and I’m sure Carrie was as well!

  27. Dorothy Brown Says:

    My feet hit the floor and my first thought was to check and see what happened during the night. Thrilled to see two girls in the owlbox!

  28. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Carlos ~~ all I can say is “sweet”. Love the pics and your never-ending enthusiasm.


  29. Susan Belloff Says:

    Thank heavens for this blog. I am an east coaster so I came to work today not knowing if Ashley was back and was worrying about her as I drove to school. Once here I was so busy with classes I had not thought about her for several hours. Then I walked past the computer station where my assistant had put up the owl box for the kids to view and wonder of wonders saw two owls in the box!! I just now got a chance to look at the blog during my luch time and was so happy to read Carlos’s description of her return!!! (SMILING!)

  30. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Yesterday was such a trauma for so many. I know this joyous return will allay any stress for them. A “NO FEAR” t-shirt with a picture of Ashley would be fun.

    If only we could know the story she is telling Carrie.

    As usual the photos are superb and such a joy to see.

    Thanks again. :)

  31. Leslee Says:

    Carlos, we in the SPO chat were also thrilled to see Ashley’s return. There are so many of us in that chat…and it would be so nice if you could come there just once…we have been loyal MODs too. Thank you for everything…it’s been just wonderful!

  32. Astrid Says:

    Welcome Home Ashley……Sooo glad you back.

  33. Michele Says:

    How wonderful to see that Ashley has returned to the owl box – at least for a short while before she begins her life out in the great big world. Thanks so much for capturing the excitement on film.

  34. nhptown2 Says:

    I love to look for the photos each morning. thanks

  35. Joan Says:

    what a naughty girl to stay out all day and worry everybody… I don’t know when she learned to fly so well… she barely practiced… great pictures and thanks to Chris for the updates.. Molly probably watched out for her wherever she was… I guess we should trust Molly..

  36. Sandy Says:

    So glad that she is back. Your photos are stunning. Thank you so much for all you have done to keep us enthralled and entertained. I am thrilled that you decided to share your owls with your family and the rest of the developed world!

  37. Ellen Says:

    Carlos……I am sending you a big hug through cyberspace!!!!! I was so happy when I got up this morning at 5 AM EST to such wonderful news. I was so afraid that I didn’t even look at the Ustream….just read the chat and then I could watch since the news was so good.
    Thanks for all….the blog, the photographs, the live feed and most of all giving this to all of us.


  38. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    These photo’s are awesome! I can hardly wait to receive my coffee table book of photo’s of the 1st group of owlets. Carlos, Donna & Austin have really shared a wonderful part of nature with us that I previously knew nothing about! I was lucky to log on last night at 10:45pm, JUST IN TIME to see Ashley return. What a relief!! I wonder what she was doing while all the time she was gone….

  39. Mary B in StL Says:

    Ashley’s Amazing Adventure, or, “All’s well that end’s well.” Just before Ashley went “awol”, she seemed to be trying to step-up on the platform rail, the dowel rod. It looked too small for her big feet. Changing that to a thicker dowel or substituting a cleaned-up tree branch the size of the perch might be a nice up-grade in the down time between clutches. The owls seem to love the security of gripping the perch while they do their flappercise.

    This has been a wonderful experience and we are most grateful for the time and energy you and Donna have invested.

    P.S. I love your humorous captions on the fantastic photography.

  40. Elf Owl Says:

    Wasn’t able to be around for the return, so was pleased to see my suppositions fullfilled when i finally logged in. Looking forward to more owl adventures from these two

  41. Monica Says:

    The first thing I did today was check on the owl box! I am beyond thrilled that Ashley came back!!! thank you for the wonderful photos of Ashley….happiest day ever!

  42. Ruth White Says:

    What a way to wake up this morning….seeing Ashley was back in the box!!

  43. Ellen516 Says:

    “returned with a thud”, was music to the chatters’ ears. Beautiful photos as always Carlos.

    I second DotRot’s motion.

  44. jeanne lese Says:

    If an owl can look chagrinned, Ashley did it. She seemed to do a bit of slip-sliding after she landed on the roof. Maybe she was all tired out from her adventures, naughty girl.

    It’s great that you got the photos of her return, Carlos. You rock!

  45. Corkyandporky Says:

    I want to continue to be in the chat after Carlos quits filming

  46. Pat Canada Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for all you do and staying up late last night for us when we were scared for Ashley. Such a happy return. Now we know she can leave and come back if she wants..

  47. Loretta Ewing Says:

    thanks, i would like to be on the list

  48. Katherine Carlson Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for giving us a unique and magical look into the way of barn owls! And thank you Ashley for coming back from your night on the town!

  49. Judy Sackson Says:

    I’m sure all the MODs are as relieved as I am to see Ashley safely returned to the box and to Carrie!
    I was afraid to check today, for fear that she had not come home.
    The pix are fantastic, as always! And Carrie looked very happy to see Ashley!
    Thanks again, Carlos, for all you do!

  50. Debi Says:

    no one can convince me that animals don’t have emotions…Carrie was so depressed looking when Ashley was gone compared to today with her return and the snuggling and kissing that went on…Carlos and Donna, thank you so so much for bringing this beauty of Nature into our lives…not once, but twice!

  51. Jeanne (OoltewahTN) Says:

    So happy that Ashley came flying back to the roof – since many people said she had too much fuzz or the wrong baby feathers, etc. I was thrilled by that.

  52. Katy Says:

    I just found Austin’s webpage and what a wonderful vehicle he has provided!! Thank you Austin, Carlos and Donna for all your work. I love this and am so glad to be a part of it!!

  53. Nora Evans Says:

    Dear Royals:
    I have not been able to log into ustream for more than 24 hrs. Is it just me? I know you developed a new site but I didn’t save the web address. Should I be watching this new site?
    I miss our babies!! Please help and thank you kindly!

    Nora Evans

  54. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Thank you Carlos! Donna! Austin! Eric! Chris… – this has been a fantastic event. Thank you for making it more Magical than ever!


    Tammie Atlanta, Georgia

  55. Renda Grimm Says:

    subscribe to website

  56. on 10/6/10, around 2am PDT, the Ustream chat room went blank. There were many active chatters, but we all got a blank chat at the same time. I refreshed the page several times, and then the moderator got back in. I could see her typing. But every time I typed something, ustream came up with a login page. I would see my name at the top, so I know I was already logged in. I logged into this pop-up log-in page approximately 20 times. I was able to PM the mod. and she said to reboot. I had other activities open, and at 4am CDT, I gave up. Ustream was not accepting the log in off it’s own log in page.I never did get back in the early morning of 10/6/10 (today).

  57. C.L.Smith Says:

    I would like to subscribe to this website. Thank you, thank you and thank you !!!!!!

  58. Barbara Burdack Says:

    subscribe by email to site, thanks


  59. Tammy Smith Says:

    I absolutely love the “Ashley happy to be back with Carrie” pic!

  60. Judy Davis Says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts to bring us this excting streaming website. I have learned ever so much.


  61. Kim Gorman Says:

    Thank you again, Carlos and Donna, for blessing us with the fruits of your (and Molly’s) labor :). We appreciate you so much, especially your live comments and announcements. We are all sharing this beautiful time and squeezing all we can out of the next two weeks before your well-deserved break. Hopefully, Molly and McGee will take a break, too, and watch out for their fearsome six!

    in gratitude,


  62. Lynn Shepard Says:

    Thank you for the awesome pictures Carlos. And thank you for sharing the owls with us.

  63. Sheryl Edgar Says:

    subscribe to email updates please

  64. Flori Kostoff Says:

    You have captured the owl family perfectly in your photos and we will have fond memories to last us a lifetime. It’s been a fun experience and I’m very thankful for all the new friends I’ve made… thanks to you !! Best wishes

    Molly and McGee forever <3

  65. Judy Says:

    Thank you so much Donna & Carlos. We appreciate all you have done to share the owls with us. Have a great vacation and we all hope you will give us the opportunity to watch your owls again. Blessings to you and your family.

    Judy Long

  66. Just a hearty “WELL SAID” to you, Carlos! (Thursday morning!)
    You are so generous & kind.
    I hope God rewards you greatly for your kindness and generosity.
    May you and Donna have a great and restful retreat from all this.
    It was fun but must have been rather difficult!
    Much love,
    Gloria Whitfield

  67. Thank you for all you do. Your generosity is amazing. Have a wonderful class reunion!
    Gloria Whitfield

  68. Thresa Granger (TByrd) Says:

    Carlos, it’s great to see Ashley with Carrie today. You, Donna and Austin are the best and I hope those naysayers don’t discourage your enthuiasm. You brighten our days when you come on to the stream and you also answer lots of unanswered questions we may have. Bless you and your family and enjoy your time away. I only wish we could be there for the picnic but unfortunately Florida’s a long way from California. By the way I’m on the SPO site and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people thanks to you. The Royals, Molly, McGee and the kids rule! Thank you.

  69. Patsy Says:

    I’ve always loved owls, but now I have a better understanding of them. Donna and Carlos, you are the best!

  70. Ericka Says:

    Thank you for this great opportunity. You’re the best.

  71. Candy Says:

    Thanks Carlos and Donna for allowing us to share in the adventures of Molly and McGee and their 2 clutches. You are the best and don’t forget it.

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