Ashley Missed Landing Does Not Return

October 4, 2010

Owlets Come Out Of The Box

4D5Q0655 Ashley Landing Pad to Tree Next SF

Ashley Thinking About Leaving

4D5Q0654 Ashley On Landing Pad SF

Ashley Seaching Night Sky

4D5Q0630 Ashley Ready For Landing Pad SF

Ashley Getting Ready To Leave

4D5Q0642 Carrie Out Of The Box SF

Carrie Out of the Box

4D5Q0644 Carrie Out Of The Box

Carrie Looking For Ashley

Both Ashley and Carrie were out of the box last night. Ashley flew over to the landing pad twice. The second time when she tried to return she missed the landing and did not return. More than likely she in hiding under a bush or roosting in a near by tree.  We will see if she returns tonight? We will start looking for Ashley around 6:30 PM PDT or as soon as it gets dark.

Carlos, Donna and Austin.

23 Responses to “Ashley Missed Landing Does Not Return”

  1. Rita in DC Says:

    Thanks so much, Carlos (and Donna and Austin), for posting that account of what happened. It’s extremely helpful to those of us who missed the events last night and missed anything that you might have said about them on KOWL this morning.

  2. Thanks for the photos and update. We on EDT are missing all the night action.

  3. Sue Says:

    As always, these photos are beautiful! Thank-you!

  4. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    I trust that Ashley is hold up and okay, thanks for looking for us to reassure we who are worry warts :)

    Love the pictures of Carrie, esp peeking around OB to see where Ashley might have gone.

    As much as I am not looking forward to the cameras shutting done at the end of the month, I am excited for you both going to Hawaii, my favorite vacation place. Enjoy every moment.

    TY again.

  5. Becky Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Never sure what is going on until I read it from you. Beautiful photos!

  6. Candi Says:

    Thank you “Royal Family” for all you’ve given us with this awesome and real nature experience!!

  7. Candi Says:

    Thank you “Royal Family” for all you’ve given us with this awesome and real nature experience.

  8. Donna Simonson Says:

    We MODS all appreciate the updates each day to meet our many needs in loving both the Molly and Royal family. That Ashley . . . she’s kinda leaped past Max in dare deviling antics! I hope we find her back in the box this evening especially with the cooler weather we are now experiencing here in So.CA. Carrie does look amazing today standing all alone. Everyday is a gift from you Carlos and Donna. Thank you!
    Love, hugs and prayers “owlways”,
    “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  9. Kendra Linkous Says:

    Love everything about the owls. I have MOD really bad. Cannot imagine being without the owls daily.

  10. Makalani Says:

    Aloha Carlos & Donna ~

    If you choose to come over to Maui, would love to have a Molly meetup. Can show you where the day flying owl is in Kula, as well as where the barn owls hang out in Maliko Gulch.

    Maui is much more peaceful than O’ahu with other sights to see.

    Malama pono (take care) ~

  11. Simpatica Says:

    Thank you Carlos for allowing nature to work its course.

  12. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    Another bunch of great photos, Carlos, thank you. I didn’t get to watch last night but I knew there would be drama (what is actually nature happening is always made into drama in the owl box…lol). Anyway, good pictures, not worried about Ashley, she’s had “No Fear” stamped on her forhead since she came out of the egg.
    I was glad to hear the merchandise sites would be kept up and running…never know what I might need for a Christmas gift for someone.
    A Molly Watcher

  13. Breezy Says:

    I am ever so grateful to have found the owlbox and all of the wonderful members I have met there. I guess you could say that I am a MOD fledgling :*))
    Carlos, your photography is magnificent and I am very much looking forward to receiving your coffee table book.
    I appreciate your calming words this morning regarding Ashley. I tend to subscribe human emotions to all other living things, but I pray in this instance the owl is certainly wiser than I.
    Thank you and your family for allowing all of us to have this unforgettable experience.
    Warm Regards ~ Breezy

  14. Sue Couch Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carlos, for these stunningly beautiful photos and for the awesome gift of the MOD experience from you, Donna, Austin and all the others involved. I have been a daily “lurker” since the NBC news mention and have loved every moment (except when the two owlets died). I shall miss this connection when the owlets (and you) are gone, but hope to check in here for any news from the Royals.

    With best wishes for a fabulous picnic and thrilling travels,

    Sue Couch
    Nashville, TN

  15. Lajollaseal Says:

    Thank you for the update! I guess she can ‘play’ with Tauntz today!

  16. Candy Avera Says:

    Your images are stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing them and the experience with the world. All the best!

  17. Janet Says:

    Wow an early departure!! Yes hopefully she is ok and will be back tonight!
    Houston TX

  18. Monica Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos!!! I was wondering if Molly can pick up Ashley with her talons, and fly her up to the owl box? Has that ever been done before? I love all the photos!!!! My family is looking forward to the picnic!

  19. karen plate Says:

    Donna and Carlos,

    Thank You both so very much for all you do for all of us. In my heart I know Ashley is alright because she has too good of parents to make her not o.k. I will be checking for sure. Good Luck tonight on your search. I’m watching from the Finger lakes Region in Upstate N.Y. When I look out my kitchen window I am looking at Watkins International Race Track. It’s a beautiful time of year here:)

  20. cathair Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Thanks for taking such good care of those of us with and without feathers! You pix are beyond compare – you should call National Geographic. I keep loosing the chat when I try and sign in. I mailed you a check for Austin’s DVD. You should get it tomorrow or the next day.

  21. John Montesi Says:


  22. Maria Pugliese Says:

    Carlos and Chris

    May I have Carrie jumping in with both feet on Cafe Press as a framed pic, tile, coaster, anything?
    Thanks!!! Love you guts! Thank you for everything!

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