October 1, 2010



4D5Q0524 Molly On Mister SF

Molly On Mister

4D5Q0494 Ashley Showing Off Wing Feathers SF

Ashley Showing Off Wing Feathers

4D5Q0495 Ashley Almost Ready To Fly SF

Ashley Almost Ready To Fly

4D5Q0496 Time To Go In SF

Time To Go In

4D5Q0499 Four Bluebirds SF

Four Bluebirds Can we rent the box?

4D5Q0540 Ashley SF


4D5Q0543 Ashley Portrait SF

Ashley Portrait

The Magic Feather Fine Art Print Signed and Numbered

Yesterday was strange weather with rain, wind and lightening since the forecast was only 20% chance of measurable precipitation.  Carrie still has not stepped out of the box but tonight could be a different story as Carrie approaches 55 days. Normally, owlets will step out between day 55 and 60, so we are getting close to anytime now.

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

23 Responses to “SYMPTOMS OF M.O.D.”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Your wonderful pictures are such a boon to those of us who cannot stay up to see the night action. Thanks so much for the total experience which we have been priviledged to share.

  2. Joan Markert Says:

    our babies are growing up, thanks for sharing such great pictures.

  3. janice gillette Says:

    thank you for all the great pictures , it has been great.

  4. Joan Ballou Says:

    Love all the pics

  5. K. E. Says:

    Love the blogg! Unable to view owl box 1 on upstream from iPad or IPhone. No owls or chat. Just posting a message here for others who are in the same boat! They make look it loke like owl box 1 is down.

  6. Ellen Says:

    Your photographs continue to amaze me as well as this entire experience that you have been so kind to share with all. I can’t begin to thank you enough for this unbelievable journey.

  7. maggie Says:

    As a perpetual student of photography, I look forward each day to seeing the outstanding images posted by you.

  8. Connie Johnson Says:

    Once again, awesome pics. Love the shot of Ashley’s wings. Laughed til I cried reading Mod symtoms. What a live long memory! Thanks Carlos

  9. Jodimaher Says:


  10. Jill Says:

    Add to blog update list please

  11. Bethie57 Says:


  12. sharon cullen Says:

    Is this how I sign up for the emails

  13. Carolyn Sertich Says:

    subscribe to this e-mail site

  14. Kim Brady Says:

    Thanks for posting regular pictures. It’s wonderful to see the changes in the owlets.

  15. Jennifer Warren Says:

    Your dedication has created an experience that I will never forget. Thanks!!

  16. Lucy Says:

    Please subscribe me to blog updates.

  17. Superdadu Says:

    One reason Ashley may have stepped out early is that wonderful “porch” you added on to the box. These photos show that she has really been able to fully stretch and exercise those beautiful wings on the porch. Thanks so much for the photos!!!

  18. Karen Sims Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin,
    This has been such a fantastic experience! Thank you so very much for sharing Molly, McGee, the owlets, your knowledge, and your photography with the world. Thanks too for taking such great care of nature!!

    I’m going to have owl-drawals when the cameras go off 10/20!


  19. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    wonderful pictures. Ashley certainly has wings with which to fly…. beautiful.

    TY for sharing.

  20. Virginia Magboo Says:

    Thanks so much for this experience!

  21. Sandie Miller Says:

    Thank you for posting these beautiful and the wonderful memories. This is the BEST site and looking forward to seeing it again next year.

  22. Jeannie Necessary Says:

    Thank you so much for the fantastic experience. I have gotten my grandkids interested in owls from watching “The Owl Box’ Great teaching tool.

  23. velvetred Says:


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