21 Days To Go

September 30, 2010

4D5Q0469 Molly Has A Mouse SF

Molly Has A Mouse

4D5Q0470 Ashley Got The Mouse SF

Ashley Now Has The Mouse

4D5Q0472 Molly SF

Molly Up Close

4D5Q0487 Ashley SF

Okay, so I need to exercise

4D5Q0491 Carrie and Ashley SF

Maybe tomorrow night I will come out

4D5Q0522 Callie On Tallest Palm SF

Callie On Tallest Palm

Mister Has Company

Mister Has Company

4D5Q0504 Is That A Barn Owl SF

Is That A Barn Owl


4D5Q0509 Wren Western Bluebird Towhee SF

Wren Western Bluebird Towhee

Another night of Carrie staying inside while Ashley continues to come out for the fresh air and get the majority of the treats. Carrie could come out tonight but most likely Friday or Saturday night since owlet typically step out between day 55 and 60. Ashley stepped out early on day 52 but has not ventured beyond the front porch. She looks like she still needs to slim down a little which they do as they begin to exercise their wings.

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

47 Responses to “21 Days To Go”

  1. Liz Needham Says:

    Will Carlos broadcast if Molly and McGee have another clutch in the spring? I have not heard. I sure hope so!

    • Kevin Says:

      No carlos will not broadcast if Molly and Mcgee have another clutch in the spring. I asked the mods the other night and they said that carlos said that he will not do it again.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Love these photos Carlos.
    Ashley sure looks like a butterball. Maybe it’s all fluff :0)
    You better wear nose plugs when you clean out this gag shag this time!

    Happy day


  3. Janice Veteran Says:

    Please add me to your email distribution list.
    Thank you

  4. Argo Says:

    Hilarious caption on the fourth one.

  5. Treva Roberts Says:


  6. Anne Jones Says:

    Love the pictures, Keep them a commin

  7. Sandra Everest Says:

    Your pictures are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing; won’t be long now before these two little ones are flying to find their own space. Will hate to see them go.

    Many thanks for everything Carlos, Donna and Austin – you all are the best!


  8. Susan Says:

    Incredible photos!

  9. francie bowers Says:

    thanks so much Carlos for the great photos, I was away for a couple of days so I missed the actual stepping out for Ashley. I still have a couple of questions…1)do your neighbors sit in their yards and watch them at night? 2)can you hear them all night squawking? 3)do they throw stuff in your yard? This has been a magical trip…thanks for all you do (Austin and Donna too…she is “owl wife of the year”!!) xxx000

  10. Jill Maddalone Says:

    nubspeace <3

  11. Jill Maddalone Says:


  12. carol ogden Says:

    gee this was part of it, and i had fun :>

  13. Beezy Says:

    Carlos, your photography is excellent. I check daily to see the nightly pictures yu have captured. You keep getting better and better!
    Thanks for all you do for the owls and us.

  14. Anne Says:

    This just in, from Ashley: “I’m not fat; I’m fluffy!”

  15. grams3cs(Tamera Howard) Says:

    The pictures are totally amazing. Don’t know how Carlos does it when it’s so dark. I am really going to miss all of this when our babies fledge.

  16. Janice Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much both my husband and I have enjoyed these owls. I can’t thank you enough. Not only has this created an awareness for one our most beautiful creatures but an appreciation for the good heart of the Royal’s and crew. Hope you have a wonderful “time down”. And yes, Ashley is fluffy! not fat! GRIN

  17. Rita in DC Says:

    Carlos, your photos have been *scarily* good lately! Thank you.

  18. didinp Says:

    Looks like the gag shag is expanding to the porch

  19. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Carlos — once again you keep us entranced with your spectacular photography. Thank you so much for all of it. I agree with Comment #7–“a magicial trip”.

    Speaking of trips, you and Donna have a super time at your reunion. :)

  20. Sheila Young Says:

    Absolutely amazing pics.

  21. Pennie Garvin Says:

    Many thanks and blessings Carlos and Donna – This has been a wonderful experience.

  22. Carlos, Your photography is just magnificent! Still don’t know how you get such crisp, clear pix at night! Thank you for all you do for us. I just can’t imagine not being here anymore but understand you need a brake. Love you and Donna so. God Bless you both.
    Love, Diana

  23. Ann Ragsdale Says:

    Thanks for the excellent pictures of the “bonus birds” today! The one of the 3 bluebirds on the mister is my favorite. The pretty blue sky and white clouds make an excellent matting. The shots of our girls just get better all the time!!

    hugs to all, arags

  24. Jeannie Necessary Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful photos. I have not been able to get onto Owl Box 1. UStream indicates they are down for scheduled maintenance, to check back in a few minutes. This has been going on for 2 days. I am missing all the activity.

  25. Kathryn Says:

    subscribe please

  26. barb stegun Says:

    Hope to hear from you before winter. Have a nice time away, you deserve it. Thanxz for all you’ve done. I don’t think many people realized the natural wonders around us. Molly and all were quite wonderful. Come talk to us on Vacachat. Barb

  27. Gwen Rollo Says:

    Thank you so much, Carlos and Donna for all your hard work in sharing the beauty of these owls. Your photography is outstanding! Watching your broadcast has been fascinating and educational. I do hope you continue with the broadcasting of future clutches next year after your well deserved vacation.

  28. Robin Corti Says:

    I would like to receive blog updates by email. Thank you. Much against my better judgement, I have become a MOD!

  29. Donna Simonson Says:

    Loved today’s pictures and captions! Is that a barn owl is my favorite! You capture so much with your camera lens as seen through your eyes. A good shot of Carlos is needed daily for all us MODS! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do.Love, hugs and prayers, owlways!
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta,CA

  30. Katy Says:

    So sad that I still do not have Owl Box 1 feed. I can watch OB2 but only get a “teaser” for OB 1 and then it goes black. I have notified Ustream and can only hope it comes back before they fledge.
    I am grateful that I watched the first clutch fledge and know what the wonderment is. Thanks so much for the photos and videos, Carlos.
    I have a Mac and an iPad for what it is worth….
    Catbird22 (waving to chatters…)

    • Kevin Says:

      Katy: Everyone has Owl Box 1 feed . So it must be something on your your end that is stopping you from getting it.

      • Katy Says:

        I am going to try to re-load my Ustream App, but that is powered by AT&T and my Mac by my phone carrier, so it doesn’t make sense.

  31. Terri McKirdy Says:

    I love the pics of Ashley looking like she needs owlwatchers to lose weight.

    Please add me to your distribution list.

    Thank you for such a fantastic experience. I now have MOD.

    TerriBoo >^..^<

  32. Tina Cushman Says:

    Wonderful pictures, Carlos!!! I look forward to every day just to check – Thank you so very much for all your time and patience with all of us on the OB1 & OB2. You are the highlight of a lot of people’s day, I know you were for me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was fun, and I glad I was a part of it!!

  33. TXTKCush, Carrollton, TX Says:

    Please subscribe me to your blog – Thank you very much!!

    This was fun, and I’m so glad I was a part of it!!…..again!!

  34. Barb Murphy Says:

    Please put you on the e-mail update list. Thanks for all your hard work!

  35. Ceci Says:

    We’ll all need this after they fledge. Love you guts!

  36. Linda Says:

    Wonderful pictures and information, I’m so happy to have been a part of this since February!

  37. Marilee Fillion Says:

    Would love to get email and stay in touch, have a great time at the reunion!

  38. Carole Kramer Says:

    I’ve been a quiet, loving lurker since early in first clutch. I’m a MOD and will need follow up help and therapy when site goes blank.

    I’ve loved this experience and will miss all the lovely people associated with it especially Mr. and Mrs. Royal. Lovely, just lovely.

    Please keep me updated with blogs, pix and whatever else. SO many thank yous.

  39. Jeannie Necessary Says:

    look forward to next spring.

  40. Catherine Lyon Says:

    I have been an on-and-off lurker for 7 months now, never having discovered how to get into the chat stream! What a great pleasure you have added to this year, Carlos and Donna! The Season of the Barn Owl.
    Many many thanks.
    Catherine Lyon

  41. Sandy Dunn Says:

    Please add me to blog updates. What a great, informative and caring site.

  42. Kathy Van Buskirk Says:

    I’m a rehabber for Project Wildlife in San Diego raising orphaned baby Raptors. I’ve learned so much from Molly on feeding and care of owlets from hatchlings to fledge. Thank you so much Carlos and Donna for this wonderful and educational experience and allowing all of us to be a part of it.

    Please subscribe me by email to the Blog..


  43. grammiesammie Says:


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