Magic Feather Monday!

September 27, 2010


Magic Feather Monday!

4D5Q0343 Head Out The Door Ashley SF

Head Out The Door Ashley

4D5Q0357 Should I Step Out Ashley SF

Should I Step Out (Ashley)

4D5Q0360 Ashley and Carrie Peeking Out SF

Carrie Wants Out Too!

4D5Q0359 Gag Shag Piling Up Ashley SF

If the gag shag keeps piling up I won't be able to get out.

Picture 150 SF

Why McGee Restricted Treats (We need Some Magic Feathers)

We are on day 52 and McGee thinks it is about time these two started thinking about coming out. Last night only one treat around 1 AM, McGee did this during the first clutch also. It seem they want them to get hungry so they will be more inclined to step out of the box in the next few days. During the first clutch Max stepped out to the perch on day 56 so we are now on an Ashley out of the box watch.

BIG SALE   MAGIC FEATHER MONDAY: Limited Signed Print by Chris Adams “The Magic Feather” only $75 until Sunday Oct 3rd.  Rocketman Creative 


Carlos, Donna and Austin

18 Responses to “Magic Feather Monday!”

  1. Jerri Weed Says:


    Glad to hear you this Morning but you Forgot to Put our Sound back in Box after your Morning Report. Could you Check it?
    You are a Doll.


  2. Joan Says:

    hi Carlos.. these pictures are so adorable.. you are a very patient and talented man to capture all of the wonderful poses… thank you for sharing them.. Joan from Colorado

  3. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Wonderful pics, Carlos, thank you!

    But how did you get the inside pic? I am still getting the dreaded “routine maintenance” message! No video, no chat.

    Nothing else has been up since around 1 yesterday afternoon. If Ustream is monitoring these messages, I run Safari on an iMac (1 year old) in Oregon and my provider is Quest.

    I just want to cry to be missing this precious time with our owl family.

    • Kevin Says:

      GeniaKnitz: Carlos took the inside pictures with the cameras that we see the owls with. You can take a screen shot with your computer just like carlos did.

      • GeniaKnitz Says:

        Kevin, I cannot take screen shots because I cannot get on to the site at all. I am still, after more than 24 hours, getting the “Down for Routine Maintenance” message.
        I was wondering how Carlos could see inside the box at all because I didn’t realize other people COULD see the site.

    • J.B. Says:

      People who still have trouble getting the OB1 & OB2 sites might try the direct links to the videos. I have been using these since they screwed up the pages so that they won’t display properly in Mozilla Seamonkey under Debian Linux. If I get the HTML right & it works here these should link to the videos:



  4. GeniaKnitz Says:

    P.S. I can get OB2, just not OB1


  5. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Just checking in to subscribe to day’s comments; didn’t realize earlier you have to sign up anew each day.

  6. Anne Says:

    I think we go to far when we attribute to McGee thoughts like “he wants Ashley to step out of the box and that’s why he delivered only one treat.” I think it’s better when we stick to observation: “he delivered one treat.”

  7. Diana Says:

    Carlos, I love your captions for the pictures.

  8. Mary B Says:

    Ashley and Carrie look like somebody rang their doorbell while they were shampooing and the suds are still on their heads. Wonderful pictures and great captions. Thank you for sharing this experience with the world.

  9. Sally Edge aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Thanks Carlos – these pictures are SO sweet!

  10. KeyMargo Says:

    The Legend of Owly Hollow…..the Headless Owl. LOL that last picture is a “hoot”.

  11. Katy Says:

    Carlos, your pictures tell it all. Those of us who just can’t stay awake know that you will have the latest and greatest breaking news!! Thank you doesn’t seem enough words to express how thankful and blessed we are.

  12. Liz Says:

    Genia, something may be “stuck” in your computer that is preventing you viewing the owlbox. Try clearing your Temporary Internet Files (IE)or Cache (Firefox)

  13. Susan Belloff Says:

    Please send me email updates


  14. Jo vista Says:

    Great pictures of Ashley. Thanks Carlos

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