Ashley Has Head Out The Door

September 26, 2010

4D5Q0343 Head Out The Door Ashley SF

Ashley Has Head Out The Door

We are on day 51 counting the hatch day and Ashley has her head out the door, the question is when will she come completely out the door. Normally the owlets will come out of the box between day 60 and day 66.

Temp: It is going to be hot one today, mid to upper 90s, so the mister will be turned on.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

40 Responses to “Ashley Has Head Out The Door”

  1. JKW Says:

    Whoa, great picture, thank you Carlos. Blessings, Janet

  2. Jackie N Says:

    Great pictures, as always. Thanks for making this possible.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I can never thank you enough for this incredible experience! Please keep me posted via email. You are wonderful people! Thank you.

  4. Renda Grimm Says:

    please send updates

  5. Susan Warren Says:

    Like to subscribe

  6. Susan Warren Says:

    would like to be updated

  7. Carol Robison Says:

    please send updates

  8. Susan Belloff Says:

    Wow! They are growing up too fast to suit me! Just like children…you turn around and they are grown. Will treasure these last few days…
    Great picture!

  9. GeniaKnitz Says:

    One of the mods said Max came our of the box on day 55; does that agree with your records?

  10. Katy Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful picture. The days just fly by!

  11. Kat Says:

    I love all that you are all about. thanks carlos and donna for your love of nature and people. wonderful site and awesome people

  12. Madeline Barlow Says:

    She’s getting ready to try it.

  13. Pat Says:

    Thank you for your broadcasts and pictures. It made it a very special summer. Hope you will do it another time.

  14. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for the glorious owlbox! It has brightened my days! I have learned that owls have such similar behaviors to Asperger’s which my son has. It is very interesting and a blessing to watch these awesome birds!

  15. Judy Says:

    please add to updates thanx

  16. Carolyn Waedlich Says:

    Thanks for another outstanding picture. The weather has really been crazy this year. If weather on the west coast is like weather on the east coast, I bet it will cool down if you reinstall the mister. If I am going somewhere and want to be certain it will not rain, I take the umbrella. Since we are eight inches down on rain, I have permanently left my umbrella in the closet. Thanks again.

  17. Carolyn Waedlich Says:

    OB2 did not come up when I logged on. You were ahead of me and already connected the mister. Thanks.

  18. Sharon Hammond Says:

    Have a great vacation! Thank you …… you have shown light in many people’s lives. Memories for a lifetime.

  19. Tammie Says:

    When will you be moving the camera position on OB2 at night? It’s hard to see the owlets and what they are doing in the doorway–even when you expand OB2. Last clutch it was awesome–we could see their movement and faces much more easily.
    Thank you for the consideration!
    Tammie Fehn

  20. Judy Sackson Says:

    I can’t get over how fast Ashley and Carrie are growing!.It seems that they are getting stronger faster than the first clutch!.
    I have enjoyed my DVD and I love to check on the new photos on the blog. (I even peek in sometimes at work).
    Being just a lurker, I don’t really know any of the other MODs but I think I’ll bring my granddaughters to the picnic. It looks like such a good time!
    Thank you, Carlos and Donna and Austin, for a truly memorable time(so much to see, so much to learn!)
    I hope to meet a lot of the streamers at the picnic!
    Judy Sackson
    Tujunga, CA

  21. CJ Says:

    It is 3:27 and have not had chat for the last 15 minutes, anyone else having difficulties? Thanks for the update Carlos. I am not sure if I am ready for them to go out yet? They are still babies to me. I know that I will be happy to see them take those big steps though.

  22. Kathy Says:

    I’ve been trying to log on for 30 minutes and get a page that says ustream is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Is anyone else having this problem?

  23. Jerri Weed Says:


    Just wanted to Tell you that I can NOT get on Ustream at All. It states Ustream is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.

    I’m with Cox internet in Phoenix,AZ.
    e-mail is
    KSBORN-Jerri Weed

  24. Katy Says:

    I can’t get on ustream either. Glad to know that it is scheduled maintenance. Thanks

  25. Sue Toppi Says:

    It looks like she is trying to squeeze out! ;)

  26. Sandra Everest Says:

    That Ash is like a precocious child – way ahead of her time! I’m no expert but I bet she tries that flying maneuver before too many moons. She makes me laugh with her antics.

    Thanks again for sharing and doing all you do.

  27. Joanne Borle .. aka Joanne51 Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Wow that little Ashley is a fiesty one! I bet she doesn’t waste any time getting outside to spread her wings :0)
    We’re counting the days now. Thanks again for everything you and Donna have done to allow us to enjoy this wonderful experience.
    Joanne Borle aka joanne51 in The Owl Box

  28. Kathleen Says:

    Can’t get on to Ustream since yesterday. How long under maitenance? Tried several times.

    • Katy Says:

      I have the ustream app for iPad and it is very unreliable of late. Best and most successful views of owls lately has been thru Sportsmans Paridise site. Just miss the usual chat.

  29. Holly Sue Says:

    How exciting to see Ashley’s little head peeking out at the big wide world! I’m sure that there will be quite a few of your beautiful photographs as the owlets step out and practice flight. Thank you for everything!

  30. Bonnie Says:

    Donna thank you so very much for wanting an owl box. Thank you Carlos for putting it up and adding cameras. Thank you Austin for being such a fine young man. I’m proud of you.

  31. Gingersnap Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna…we are so grateful…

  32. Just wanted to send a big “thanks” to Donna, Carlos, and Austin for everything you have done for so many people around the world. It has been such an adventure for everyone and we are all so blessed to be part of this. So many people have met and become friends and gee, wasn’t this fun? and we have all been a part of this.
    Regards to you all

  33. Tracy Craig Says:

    Love all the pictures. Thank you for all your time!!

  34. BonnieKay Says:

    This has been such a wonderful experience. THank you Carlos and Donna. Hope to see you back in the future!! Bonnie

  35. Diane England Says:

    Would appreciate any follow-up notifications.

  36. cyndiman Says:

    I got it…finally. Abaolutely love the pics. They are gorgeous

  37. Sandy Says:

    Thanks so much for all you do. I am going to be so sad and lost come Oct. 20th. You and Donna deserve a much needed vacation. I am hoping come spring we see you broadcasting again. You are the King and Queen of Nature at its BEST!

  38. Janet Brum Says:


  39. Debbie Says:

    Please add to update list.

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