Owlets Feed At The Door

September 24, 2010

4D5Q0321 Molly With A Mouse SF
Owlets Feed At The Door
4D5Q0322 Molly Checking on Owlets SF

Molly Checking on Owlets

4D5Q0324 Molly on Perch SF

Molly on Perch

4D5Q0323 Molly Leaving SF

Molly Leaving

The owlets have gotten brave enough to stick their heads and bodies out the door while waiting on Molly or Mcgee to bring them a treat. Today is day 49 since Ashley hatched, it has been noted in some books that the owlets have stepped completely out of the box by day 50, but most usually it is between day 60 and day 66. Since Ashley has developed so quickly it will be interesting to see exactly when she come completely out of the box.  Plus the owlets typically don’t fledge / flew away from the box until at least day 72 but with Ashley we will just have to wait and see.

Moon and Jupiter: This morning there was an extra treat for up a 4:30 AM PDT they got to watch the moon and Jupiter pass over the owl box live. If the sky remains clear we may get to see this happen again in the morning so set your alarms.

DVDs Molly’s Story a documentary are being shipped now same day.

2011 Calendars are now available for purchase on the Cafe Press Store.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

27 Responses to “Owlets Feed At The Door”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    Beautiful shots Carlos, and thank you…watching Molly is better than watching CNN. We get the most resent events via Carlos photos and posts than we could ever get on CNN… Yeah

  2. Sue Toppi Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    I was just amazed by the 41 sec. video of the moon, Jupiter and Molly bringing in a treat.
    It was just beautiful and wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Sue Toppi aka inthewoods77

  3. 1Skatr Says:

    Carlos, we don’t even own a TV, just Molly’s Owl Box and your remarkable film and photographs. Have to admit we sure love it when you get on, too, because your enthusiasm is infectious and KOWL as much fun as any of the ads you show, although everybody really misses “The Molly Bobble” song. You and Donna are soooo loved!

  4. rockinowl Says:

    Happy to report that connections, with and without logging in, to OB1 and OB2 have settled down as of last evening and are operating as expected – my thanks to all who had a hand (at UStream) in fixing the problems. And thanks to Carlos for the awesome photos of “our” owl family.

    Judy C

  5. Joan Says:

    HI carlos… I sure love these updates and the pictures are wonderful thank you for all, Joan

  6. Sandra Everest Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures; you all are the best. Even tho I don’t chat, I’ve lurked since the beginning of the adorable “twosome”. I will join all the MODS and be very sorry to see them fly away. But, we all grow up and try our wings!

    Thanks for all you do.


  7. Torre Says:

    what sweet little faces – just adorable – both Mom and baby. What an opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close!

  8. Holly Sue Says:

    Thank you for these beautiful photographs! How delightful to see an owlet at the door – such exciting things ahead for the two little ones! The moon sequence was wonderful, too. You are so appreciated!

    Fondly, Holly Sue

  9. Colleen from SPO Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna. A very knowledgeable photographer on our SPO chat, James, questioned if “Jupiter” on OB2 by the moon, was really Jupiter at all or just a reflection of light that the camera was picking up. I know you would just have the video to go off of the first night as you were asleep, but for the last two nights have you looked out your window and viewed Jupiter live? If so, you would have noticed if what was showing on OB2 was in fact Jupiter or a reflection of light. Please let me know if this has been a mistaken image so we can let the chaat know the correct information. Thank you so much also for the opportunity to view the nest box and the friends that have been made because of that.

  10. Kerry Yates Says:

    Good Morning Carlos,
    I am a fourth and fifth grade teacher in Marysville, CA, My students are participating in the Disney Planet Challenge which is an cross curriculum environmental project. We are focusing on keeping our levee system helthy from burrowing animals by using owls as natural predators.
    I saw an interview you did on Good Day Sacramento a few weeks ago and I remembered it when my students chose this project. I am writing you to see if you can help us with this project, either by passing on information about building the box, streaming the video online or possibly talking to the class via skype. I thank you in advance for your help.


    Kerry Yates

  11. Jeannie Necessary Says:

    Have enjoyed Molly and hope to see M&M again in the spring

  12. Dianne Shoffner Says:

    Love the Royal family and Molly and McGee

  13. Blanche Fedor Says:

    Just signing up for updates so I don’t miss anything in the future.

  14. jacquie Says:

    Please subscribe

  15. Garyofaeo Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Thank you so much for the pics, the live streams, and all of the effort you, Donna and Austin have invested. Molly Owl, McGee, and the 2nd clutch experience has been a very positive milestone in my life. I am so thankful to be observing. I am looking forward to more of this adventure and so hope you will want to continue with your leadership. If I can help you, will you please let me know. Sincerely,
    Gary in Atlanta, GA

  16. Rene Thompson Says:

    Thank you for 2 out of this world experiences. I have gotten totally absorbed into each clutch and what a pleasure and stress reliever to just sit and stare at the babies and Molly when she was in the box too.
    Your time, effort and pleasantries have made this site complete.

  17. Tiana Tackwell Says:

    Please notify me by email of blog updates.

  18. Tiana Tackwell Says:

    Please notify me by email of site updates.

  19. Donna Says:

    Please keep me updated.
    Thank you

  20. Betty Husted Says:

    Carlos and Donna you both are the best, I was always a lurker and spent many many hours watching the first clutch. I was so fond of
    Westley and cried when they all fledged. I hate to even think about this broadcast ending so soon. Thanks to both of you for bringing so much joy into my life and hope that next spring you will reconsider and broadcast again as I’m sure Molly and McGee will be back!

  21. Jackie Says:

    Please keep me updated. Thanks so much!

  22. Fran Murph Says:

    Carlos & Donna
    Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
    Being oxygen dependent I can’t do a lot, don’t get out much, this has made many many bad days into good days for me these past 8 months. May God Bless both of you & your family. You are so generous to all us. God Bless

  23. Marge Miller Says:

    Please keep me updated if/when you, Molly or the kestral’s return; meanwhile enjoy your wonderful well-deserved vacations and Happy Howlidays too! Many, many grateful thanks to you from the LabLadyFL.

  24. Barbara OBrien Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for letting us share this experience with you and your family. I missed the 1st clutch, but definitely have MOD with the 2nd clutch. Your photos are amazing and I’m looking forward to receiving the coffee table book. Austin’s DVD was fantastic.

  25. Patsy Butler Says:

    please keep me updated on molly and mcgee just love these owls and owlets too! Carlos and Donna you are the best.

  26. Cindy Ray Says:

    Want to subscribe.

  27. Joanne Murray Says:

    Have watched both clutches. What a privilidge to watch these wonderful birds. What am I saying, “birds”? They feel more like family. Thank you so much. Many Blessings to you and your family , feathered and human.

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