Owlets Just Keep Growing

September 21, 2010

Picture 96

Ashley and Carrie

Picture 104

Ashley anc Carrie

70 Responses to “Owlets Just Keep Growing”

  1. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    HELP – ustream seems to have stopped working. Going to OB1 or 2 just brings up an under construction page!!

    • hbladybg (Sue) Says:

      Have OB1 tonight so far (cross fingers) ~ OB2 brings up this:

      Error: Page cannot be displayed. Please contact service provider for more details. (6)

  2. francie bowers Says:

    Great pics of the precious owlets! thanks Carlos & Company!

  3. KimTwister Says:

    awww im gonna miss yu carlos it was such a loving experience with you and the crew please come back

  4. Kim in San Diego Says:

    I also get the Under construction site when I try to get to the owlbox. I’ve tried my bookmark(s), typing url in myself & I even restarted my computer with no success. If this was going to happen, I didn’t know about it, & I apologize for bothering you…I was on this morning with you & Eric & I always keep the site up (at least til I go to bed)..Thanks for all you do Carlos!!

  5. Joanne Says:

    Ditto with the “under construction” page when I try accessing the site through Internet Explorer. When I use AOL as my browser, however, at least the streaming video does come up. For right now anyway. No Chat column through AOL … but Social Stream people are on. Maybe the blog is the best place for Carlos to provide information/update on this frustrating problem?! Thanks so much.

  6. Ricki Says:

    Same problem for me w/ ustream as Elizabeth and Kim.
    8 o (

  7. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    I too am getting a ustream home page that says “under construction”when trying to access the molly site. What is going on? Thanks for all you do Donna & Carlos?

  8. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    we all may notice weird things today and tomorrow, we are experiencing a sun flare. Nothing serious but it does interrupt electronics from time to time.
    Meanwhile, I LOVE the images today Carlos, Carrie can’t seem to keep his/her head on straight LOL
    I am pleased you have set a shut off date, although we would love to keep going forever, you both must get away from it and we understand.
    Meanwhile, we love all that is happening and what you do for us.
    Heart u guts.

  9. Sandra Everest Says:

    Super picture of those two adorable babies! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kim in San Diego Says:

    I just switched from firefox to IE, and was able to get on with live stream & chatbox…don’t understand what the problem is with ff..oh well, glad I’m back with the babies!!

  11. emeraldcher Says:

    Great pics of the two. Thanks Carlos and Donna, but I have to say I think it is REALLY time to shut it down and get on with YOUR lives beyond this. October 20 sounds perfect. I hope you will keep Molly’s Blog going and that will be my updates to whatever happens. Your still shots are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to reading the blog and seeing your posts when you CHOOSE to post. With the nice Fall weather, hubby and I are getting our RV ready to “hit the road” as well. It’s a lovely time of the year and the kids are back in school so most sites are available and just “calling our names!”
    Best regards to Donna and you.

  12. cathair Says:

    I can’t get on at all. I just get under construction site. I’m on Google chrome.

  13. jacque Says:

    babies owlets are so cute I had so much fun with Royals family. I know its over due; enjoy High School Reuion,and long over due trip Ill miss all of you Ill remember That was fun ,I was apart of it. love always Ms Jacque Green

  14. Becky Says:

    I have truly enjoyed the owls, the mods and the pics since this all started in Feb. Thanks for all you do Carlos.

  15. Tammy Smith Says:

    I love it when the owlets turn their heads sideways! So cute.

  16. Lorna Cane Says:

    I can’t log in to the owl box the way I used to.
    How do I get to Chat ,please?


  17. Susan Belloff Says:

    I couldn’t watch the Eric and Carlos Show live as I was working but I watched the video right after school. It was great! Eric is a real go getter just like you, Carlos. I loved the owl puppet sets and the fun you had experimenting with them.
    I downloaded the lesson plans but couldn’t get them to open. I was disappointed because I am so anxious to see them, but one of the tech people at school may be able to help me figure it out next time she visits the library.
    Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to the Owl Box…I have enjoyed it so much.

  18. edt Says:

    Hi Lorna, Many folks are having problems either viewing the webcams or connecting to chat today. Its a Ustream problem carlos thinks. Be patient and they will sort the problem.

  19. Genia Potter Says:

    Wow, thank heaven I’m not the only one with the Under Construction message. Under both FF and Safari.

    People, the OB doesn’t shut down until OCTOBER 20, this is just some ustream hork, I think.

  20. Genia Potter Says:

    Sure do wish it were possible to contact Ustream and ask what’s up and when they expect to fix it. Very, very frustrating. Sob

  21. Donna Simonson Says:

    Carlos and all,

    Whenever I need a smile I just go to the Owlbox and there will be an owlete or two just hanging out in their Royal palace looking just too cute and sweet for life! You are an amazing individual Carlos along with Donna, Austin, Eric, Vacadude, and Rocketman. I just simply love you all for giving us MODS the very best of a beautiful common barn owl named Molly who’s not so common anymore. We’ll all miss each and everyone of you, human or owl. I pray your journeys are safe and fun and that come early spring 2011 we’ll all meet up again for “sights and sounds at the Owlbox in San Marcos CA!” Love, hugs and prayers owlways! See you at the picnic October 17th along with a few hundred of your other closest owl friends. :)
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  22. aljcm/amy Says:

    i think they just can’t get any cuter–and poof they do. thanks for this experience.

  23. Joanne Says:

    Thank you ALL for the confirming comments about Ustream — and it’s STILL icked up! When you have no idea what is going on (after realizing others WERE able to get in chat etc) it’s helpful to know it’s a more widespread problem. After navigating multiple pages on the Ustream site, I could not find a regular, ordinary way to even contact them … little person in a big world, but then the owls are too!

    • GeniaKnitz Says:

      Joanne, you are so right!
      This is so intensely frustrating. Tried everything I could think of, on every browser I have access to. Last night got site under construction method – not even a contact page. This morning can’t even get that.

      Wish there were some kind of a message here.

      Are the owls and owlets OK?

  24. Sandra Scott Says:

    Ustream doesn’t want to anger a bunch of MODS. It won’t be pretty. :(

  25. Cissy Says:

    I’m another one unable to get to the owl box. I even tried clicking on the link on this page. I noticed that the URLs on this page aren’t ustream.tv. They are ustre.am/

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin and everyone else for the wonderful experience of watching nature and chatting.

  26. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Not only have I missed all the evening & night-time activity because of the ustream problem but I wasn’t home to see Eric & Carlos with their version of the HSN. I was looking forward to watching the recording. I still haven’t been able to do that either!!

    We’re preparing for the lights to go out on October 20th but this was so sudden, unexpected, and upsetting.

    Please post something here to let us know what you know (or don’t know).


    Just adorable–owl faces now!


    Just adorable–owl faces now. Thanks Carlos.

  29. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    Paula you are lucky. I am totally unable to get a picture, chat or anything. Just a black screen where the owls should be and a blank white screen where the chat should be.

    • Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

      Sandra – I think Paula’s comments are about the pictures posted here. I don’t think ANYONE can get into ustream although there were reports last night of people being able to pull it up on their iphones (images; not chat).

  30. Carla Flanders (morromoon) Says:

    There are reports on the internet of sun flares. They can interrupt electronic transmissions. Perhaps that is happening. See a previous post about that in these comments. I am on central California coast and have had no problems. I use Firefox and Charter cable. Hope it clears up for those of you with problems. Carlos and Donna do so much for us, Thank you Carlos and Donna

  31. angowleyez Says:

    Have been down for 14 plus hours now. Was getting the Under Construction page. Now getting an Error- Contact Your Service Provider Page. Please ignore that message, it is NOT your service provider. It is Ustream. Those of us who still cannot get on are just on the unfortunate side of the cyber coin as ustream pulls more of its connections through. Patience for now : ) It does not matter which browser you are using, it is the luck of the draw at this point.

    • GeniaKnitz Says:

      Thanks, angowleyez.
      Finally have video, still no chat.
      Carlos says contact Ustream, but can’t even do that.
      Will try to be patient.

  32. Lynn Says:

    Carlos!!! Feel better!!! I have chronic back pain because of RSD.. horribly painful..so I actually ‘feel your pain’! Get better soon.. cooler weather changes don’t make it any better!!!!
    Lynn (OwlYouDoin)

  33. Tresbien Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna,
    This screencap isn’t the quality of yours, but I did catch this moment yesterday when both were standing side by side, showing how they’re closer in height now.
    Thank you both and Austin for sharing Molly’s family with us.

  34. Marcia Goset Says:

    I have loved every minute of this wonderful experience. Thank you so very much for enriching all of our lives, Carlos and Donna. We are so grateful to you.

  35. SoCalKat Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! I’m so frustrated!!! My battery died and when I tried to open ustsream back up I got “the message.” Please, ustream, get it fixed. I miss my owlets!

  36. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Only way to let you know that at 1:21 PDT, there is still no chat –

    Wish there were some way to let Ustream know directly, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that.

  37. imNOTaustin Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    I’ve been having horrible trouble with UStream today. I was able to get in long enough to hear you when you talked about this. My provider is Roadrunner (nc.rr.com). I’ve gotten the ‘under construction’ page. I’ve been sent to a general UStream TV page that doesn’t have any reference to the owl box or other personal streams. I’ve pulled up the Owl Box site but only Social Stream was working. And I’ve pulled up the Owl Box site when nothing was working – just mostly white space. Thanks for passing these messages on to UStream. I miss my owlets and my friends!! :)


  38. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Well, I was finally able to get onto ustream this afternoon. I was able to open a “pop out” window into the owl box and, thankfully, it is still working from that connection time.

    When I had the full page open I could not get into the chat but I was able to open and watch the HSN video from yesterday. After that, however, I was not able to get back to the current page again. Currently I get text and links on a white background with no video.

    Whatever is going on with ustream, it is not completely fixed at this time. At least for this CDN viewer.

  39. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    It is almost 4:00 San Marcos time and here in Nebr. I still can’t get on to ustream site using my internet explorer.
    I have to go to my AOL server to get on to ustream and into chat.
    Just reporting in as it seems there is still a problem.

  40. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Still not getting owls or chat at 7:01 in Oregon, altho did have the occasional brief video shot during the day. Never chat. Notice that I could not access any of the other ustream videocams, either.

    Don’t mean to nag, just updating Carlos since it seems there is no way to update Ustream (that I have been able to find).

  41. Ann Says:

    Can’t get into chat. Windows Vista, IE8. Just now was able to get on owl box and see Carlos. Else I haven’t been able to get in all day.

  42. elsa lichman Says:

    is this where we make comments re ustream issues? my ob2 lost the popup featurs. i have internet explorer, comcast. thanks much

  43. Ann Says:

    My provider is Time Warner – Road Runner. Northeast Wisconsin.

  44. Michaela Quinn Says:

    I also have trouble getting on the website…
    I get “under construction”. Other times I don’t see chat and I do not see the Owlets, Black Screen…
    I have Charter Cable.

  45. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    I’m using IE8 and my ISP is Sympatico/Bell in Canada. I still have the pop-up window open & working from earlier this afternoon. I also have OB2 open and working. Access has been intermittent trying to get into http://www.ustream.tv/theowlbox however. I just tried a few moments ago and got:
    “Error: Page cannot be displayed. Please contact service provider for more details. (6)”
    This is rather bizarre as, at the same time I was listening to & watching Carlos in my pop-up window!

  46. Diane England Says:

    I haven’t been able to get on owl box or owl box2 for two days. Yesterday, I received the construction site and today I could view the owl box for a few minutes and then it quits. The chat has only worked one time for a few minutes. I did see and hear Carlos tonight and then it went to a white screen that says “Error: page cannot be displayed. Please contact service provider for more details”
    I have Windows 7 and use Internet Explorer with roadrunner as provider in Kansas City, MO

  47. angowleyez Says:

    Cuteness overload:
    sept 19 8 a m chilly am in SM

  48. LadyLaura1 Says:

    Hey Carlos,

    I was ask to send you these 2 pics we got this morning..

    Molly and the moon

    Incoming Molly w/ treat

    They ask to post them on the FB but I don’t have the new one..


    • PegRod Says:

      LadyLaura – Thank you so much for posting your great screenshots! You captured a moment in time that will never happen again!

  49. Jim Shoemaker Says:

    Maybe if the Ustream.tv execs would spend more time at the office and less time travelling…they could be more “hands on” and more aware of the problems since the change over…uh hum…Brad

  50. GeniaKnitz Says:

    LadyLaura, what great shots! Thank you for sharing. Appreciate seeing them here, so I don’t have FB, and am shut out of site.

  51. Paula Says:

    I missed the first clutch but so excited i got to see 2nd one.They are just tooo cute! TY for everything u have done so we could enjoy this too. Yowl are owlsometastic!!!!

  52. Lorie Fisher Says:

    Carlos, Thank you for making this all possible. It was a magical combination that combined your “twinkle” and great personality, your fantastic family, your technical know-how, the wonder of nature, and the memorable story of Molly and McGee. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I am so grateful that you give this to us. It was a real “gift” to the world.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  53. Nancy Brown Says:

    Ashley sticks head out of box, 9/21/10 SPO Chat room captured photo. 9/23/10 10:45 pm Social chat captures owlet with head out door.SPO 2:53 am posted series of photos. 9/24/10 4:19 am appears it was Carrie this time that stuck head out of doorway. Not long before owlets will test out the patio, yeh!

  54. Gale Neihart Says:

    Love Molly!!!

  55. Joy Says:

    Carlos, please continue this web cam when molly comes back in the spring.

  56. Andrea DeRosa Says:

    Thanks for all the enjoyment!

  57. Jan Caron Says:

    I have enjoyed this so much please come back for the spring clutch

  58. Linda Joiner Says:

    Subscribe by e-mail to this site.

  59. Tricia Angelica Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful experience.

  60. Carmen Sanville Says:

    Would like to be kept informed after chat line shut down Oct. 20th. Have loved this site sooo

  61. Carmen Sanville Says:

    Subscribe to email via this site.

  62. M Kaufman Says:

    This has been an awesome experience
    thank you Carlos Donna and Austin

    John and Mirthia

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