Another Just Released

September 19, 2010


Molly On Target

4D5Q0277 Molly SF


4D5Q0280 Molly SF

Molly Watching For McGee

4D5Q0288 Humongous Treat SF

Molly Humongous Treat

4D5Q0290 Molly Misjudges Landing SF

Molly Misjudges Landing

4D5Q0300 Molly Looking Back  Portrait SF

Molly Looking Back Portrait

4D5Q0304 McGee With Treat SF

McGee With Treat

4D5Q0307 McGee SF

McGee decides not to fling and fly

Last night was great for viewing with several treats being brought in, some humongous and some tiny. Molly flew off with McGee a couple of times plus spent some time on the kestrel box. It appears the games between Molly and the Owlet over eating all their food is over. It appears Molly won as there was no food yesterday today.

Jewelry Update: Last day to get introductory pricing. Eric said some of the jewelry had been priced incorrectly but the manufacture would honor the price until Monday. Prices will be increased on Monday, the earliest the webmaster can get pricing on site corrected. So if you want old pricing order today because tomorrow will be too late.

Molly The Owl Book: The rumor is the boat has docked in LA Harbor. We will confirm on Tuesday Sept 21, when Eric will be on live with Carlos at 10 AM PDT.  

Carlos, Donna and Austin

28 Responses to “Another Just Released”

  1. Lajollaseal Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    I can’t wait… if it were up to me I would be on the dock waiting for em’! haha!



  2. KeyMargo Says:

    Here’s hoping we have a threepeat in the early spring of 2011

  3. Debbie G Says:

    That rat is so big, how did Molly take off?

  4. Hangowlver Says:

    Looks like a hippapotamouse!!!

  5. Susan Belloff Says:

    Oh, man! It’s another visit to Cafe Press for me. I thought I was through shopping but I love the Molly on Target photo so much. Carlos! Stop taking so many gorgeous pictures!!
    Love all the new pictures. The one of McGee full frontal is great….especially since he is a little more elusive to capture in a photo. He doesn’t seem to be into posing as much as Molly.
    Thank you for the blog updates. I check for them faithfully everyday.

  6. LadyLaura1 Says:

    I got pics of Molly taking the Rat out this morning and then bringing it back .


  7. Cindy McNash Says:

    Carlos, really, do you have to take advantage of this poor little owl and her babies? You are making money hand over fist, and according to some of your biggest fans, not a penny is being donated to HOP, or any other animal charity. Shame on you. You are like the energizer bunny when it comes to selling out on Molly, you keep going, and going, and going…….

    • Jane Bossart Says:

      Shame on you Cindy! Everything that Carlos has done has been because people have asked for them!

      How do you know what Carlos is doing or not doing!

    • D.S. Langguth Says:

      Cindy, obviously you have not been with the Molly & McGee family for any length of time. If you had you would know, as Jane stated earlier, that all of the products that Carlos has made available to us are in response to multiple requests for momentos. Did you know that a percentage of the proceeds of Molly Merchandise go to the San Marcos Community Foundation? Carlos and others have worked so passionately to offer such wonderful products for us MODS.

    • Tina Says:

      “I have watched Carlos take this from a lovely, heartwarming love story between human and owl, to a mega-dollar enterprise for his benefit.”


      So, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  8. Linda Walbridge Says:

    I don’t think Molly misjudged the landing I think that rat was weighing her down! What a great Mommy.

  9. Laurel Burden Says:

    Your team has just been fabulous! Everything looks to be right on schedule and will be delivered as advertised. Well done, Owl Box team! If only the rest of the world could be so efficient.

    Best regards to the entire crew,
    Laurel Burden

  10. Jane Bossart Says:

    Thanks for all of the great pictures! Molly’s blog and the live feed is the first thing I do when I get home from work. It really makes all of my troubles go away. You have really changed a lot of people’s lives!

    This new picture of McGee is so beautiful.


  11. Holly Sue Says:

    The owls are enchanting and my deepest gratitude to you for providing this fabulous experience. The people on the chat are welcoming and kind to share information with those like me that only discovered Molly with their second family. The DVD is wonderful and the things from Cafe Press are first rate! I anxiously await the book and charms when they are ready. I love seeing and hearing Carlos during the day – it is like visiting with a dear friend. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for your time and devotion to Molly, McGee, their owlets and to all of us!

  12. J.B. Says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun[ny] if the owlets took the old carcasses and tossed them out the door onto the ground? I wonder if Molly would notice that…or maybe she’d think they ate the stuff and wouldn’t need any more. The tactic could backfire on the owlets.

    Could it be that they don’t like the old stuff because “day old rodent” is starting to dry out– kind of like day old bread?

  13. Janie Branison Says:

    Molly has taken over my life and I love it. Thank you, Donna, Carlos, and Austin!


  14. Deb Says:

    I am in love with Carrie’s “twitter”… have been from the moment she hatched. Any chance you’ve recorded that sweet sound?

  15. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Carlos, thank-you again for more marvelous photos. That McGee has a real “death grip” on that mouse. I, too, am going to have to make another visit to CafePress. :)

  16. Bonnie McNerney Says:

    Your pictures are just magnificent. This has been and continues to be a wonderful ride. Many thanks to you and Donna – and Austin too(I got his DVD) for all your hard work. Also kudos to Eric and “Rocketman” and “Vacadude”. I’ve enjoyed the comics so much and eagerly await the book’s arrival.
    Thanks again,
    Bonnie McNerney
    Costa Mesa, CA

  17. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Carlos & Donna, Austin and Eric – and everyone else that brought this magic into our lives!

    Thank you,

    Tammie & Tiffany
    Atlanta, Georgia

  18. Michelle Says:

    I would like to subscribe.

  19. Jill Davis Says:

    Thank you so much for this exciting ride!

  20. Vicki Stevenson Says:

    Just trying to make sure I stay tuned in to any information after the October 20th date. Saw that I needed to subscribe in the chat today.

  21. Earlene Brown Says:

    I love this blog! Yesterday afternoon and this morning I cannot access the Molly ustream site. I get an message that the site is under construction and this morning there is an error message on the site page. What do I do to fix it?

  22. Katy Says:

    Good Thursday, Carlos!! Have not been able to log on to The Owl Box for a couple of days! Ustream must be completely down!? Hope that things get worked out. You are loved by so many folks, I know that there are thousands of us who are suffering from “Lack of Owls”!!!
    Missing you!!

  23. I’ve really enjoyed lurking and watching Molly and McGee raise the babies. Maybe if there’s another clutch next year I’ll get brave and join in. Thanks for the memories, from Colorado!

  24. Russ Harold Says:

    Please subscribe me to the Molly Blog for email

  25. Alice Fairchild Says:

    Have loved and appreciated all your work. Thank you so much. Have watched since beginning of first clutch. Will miss this, but has been a great experience. I have Molly all over my office walls.

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