Just Released

September 18, 2010


MOD For Life

4D5Q9753 McGee's Right Wing Tip SF

McGee's Right Wing

4D5Q0036 Molly's Left Wing SF

Molly's Left Wing

23 Responses to “Just Released”

  1. Susan Belloff Says:

    Thank you for posting the closeups of Molly’s and McGee’s wings. That is interesting. Maybe in your second life you can come back as a teacher! I think you would have made a great one.

  2. PegRod Says:

    What continues to fascinate me (and I think others) is how dynamic everything is in The Owl Box. Carlos (and company), once again, has provided something for everyone! The close ups of Molly’s and McGee’s wings will be useful for scientific studies to follow, and the fact that he was careful enough to denote that it was a “right” or “left” wing is invaluable for future studies. Like Carlos, I am an “observer”, and not an “expert” – what fun to be in the front row seat of this exciting saga! The gift that Carlos, Donna and Austin have given us – this window on the life and times of a common barn owl in San Marcos, California, USA – has allowed the world’s common “observers” to gradually become “uncommon” experts on Molly and McGee and their offspring!

  3. barb deihl Says:

    The wing closeups are a nice and helpful addition to the growing collection of excellent photographs by Carlos. It does appear, however, that we are seeing the top side of Molly’s wing and the underside of McGee’s. Perhaps an additional label would be helpful. Also helpful might be a couple more comparative photos and information: 1. same-side wings, showing the same view (from top or underside) ; 2. both a top and underside view of each owl’s left or right wing, or both. This would make the comparisons less “apples-to-oranges” and a bit more useful scientifically. However, it would probably involve a lot of PhotoShopping to accomplish these 2 things, as, luckily, we don’t have the actual wings of either owl to use, as they are still attached to the very-much alive Molly and McGee!

  4. gkwillow Says:

    I check Molly’s Box blog each day to see what fantastic new photos Carlos has taken and I’m NEVER disappointed!

  5. roger brener Says:

    Carlos, Have you heard from Wal Mart yet to set up a whole section in there stores for all the items you have for sale. It would make it easier for all the MODS to be able to do one stop shopping and see the things in person. You are a marketing genius. Hope to see you at the picnic.

  6. Shelley Says:


    I am wondering if you got my emails of last week regarding the DVD which I received but is defective. I have not had any reply since then and don’t know if you got the email or not. I tried to post this earlier this morning, here, but for some reason, it didn’t post.

    Please let me know

  7. Sylvia Says:

    Would like to subscribe by email to this site. Thanks.

  8. Sylvia Says:

    Would like to subscribe by email. Thanks.

  9. Torre Says:

    Great wing pictures!

  10. Linda Stauffer Says:

    I love the wing photos. Great pictures. Their wings are so beautiful. Thank you Carlos.

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  11. angowleyez Says:



    Thanks so much!

  13. Julie Stevenson Says:

    Once again, watching Molly has been wonderful! Thanks so much for broadcasting again. Enjoy your high school reunion! I wish I could come down for the picnic–last one looked like tons o’ fun!

  14. Val Harlow Says:

    I am so glad to have found this Owl Box filled with wonderful Chattererz like me!
    Memories being made daily as the owlets Ashley and Carrie grow, and friendships being made daily too!

    This is such fun, and I am so glad to be a part of it!

  15. Karen Thornton Brock Says:

    Just love you all, Royal family, Carlos, Donna and Austin. You are the most wonderful family to give us the wonderful entertainment and knowledge. We love wildlife in our home and this adds to our life in ways only you all can understand. Again, thank you all.

  16. Val Harlow Says:

    Beautiful wing photos too, thank you so much Carlos!

  17. Mary Perkins Says:

    Carlos, Donna & Austin – Thank you for all the joy you have given me. I appreciate you.
    Mary Perkins
    San Diego, CA

  18. Tonya Junod Says:

    Look forward to discovering new pictures and info on the blog each day. Thanks

  19. Francie Yarber Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos and Austin, Thank you for ALL of the wonderful pictures and for sharing your hobby and your talent.

  20. Linda Says:

    These owl always make my day brighter! Thanks a bunch Carlos, Donna, and Austin:)

  21. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    A true Mod here since first clutch. Love every moment of this! Think the world of Carlos & Donna Royal, for allowing us to share in this wonder of nature. I love The Owl Box! DVD just awesome! Thank you Austin!!! All products I have purchased could not be nicer. Please consider coming back…in the Spring?
    With great love and respect,
    Lisa from NE Florida

  22. Becki J Says:

    Updates/replies for blog

  23. Jo vista Says:

    Today Sunday Sept. 26. 2010 Can’t get on U Stream. Comes up with “under construction Notice” 2:59 PM PDT

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