Owl Games

September 15, 2010

4D5Q0237 Molly In Flight SF (Moved)

Molly In Flight

4D5Q0218 Molly Brings A Mouse SF

Molly Brings A Mouse

4D5Q0219 Molly's Wing SF

Molly Leaps For The Owl Box With Mouse

Last night was another exciting night at the owl box with Molly and McGee playing games. Molly took off after McGee and then McGee knocked Molly off the top of the owl box. They then flew off together with Molly returning shortly thereafter. And if that was not enough excitement a Cooper’s Hawk landed on top of the owl box this morning. Everyone was holding their breath waiting to see what was going to happen next but after spending a few minutes on top and surveying the surroundings the hawk left as the owlets were sleeping inside not even aware of the impending danger. 

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

15 Responses to “Owl Games”


    Carlos, you need to put a screendoor up on the owlbox with a rope tied to the handle and down the pole to pull it open at night. That hawk worries me! ;-)

  2. Sue Couch Says:

    Hello, Carlos….Thank you so much for your phabulous photos and keeping us up to date on the owl goings-on. I would like to get on your list of those who would like the DVD but who are extremely limited in income. I am 75 and on a very fixed budget. I have already purchased the owl book, bookmarks, ornament and tile. That uses up my Molly budget. Thanks again, to you, Donna and all those who make this such a magical experience! It has been a highlight of my 75th year.

    Love flaps,
    Sue Couch,
    Nashville, TN

  3. Genia Potter Says:

    I think Mary went home and reported her find to her dad. Uh-oh!

  4. Joy Says:

    just wanted to let u know u r doin an awesum job with molly n mcgee n families .. my gf got me interested in watchin ur stream n we r both from hamilton ontario canada … keep up the great job u n ur family r doin .. Joy

  5. Barb Boedeker Says:

    I am hoping this is the way to subscribe to updates by email

  6. Cyndi_n_renonv Says:

    I ordered the Molly and McGee print for 50.00 and put in the save10now and did not get it. Wasn’t it not for the whole day?
    Thanks, Cyndi Holmes

  7. Tammy Smith Says:

    Wow, Molly’s wings are beautiful! Love that wingspan.

  8. kit Says:

    just wanted to let you guys know this experience with the Royal human and owl families has been wonderful and so much fun. I hope Molly & Mcgee continue to come back to the owl box for years to come and keep bringing nature their special owlets!


  9. Linda Stauffer Says:

    I purchased the Molly and McGee print last night for $40 with the $10 discount. What a great deal. I can’t wait to get it. Thank you so much for offering this discount.

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Nancy Neville Says:

    was that bunny Molly spied TAUNTZ!!…oh no, if so..he better watch his little bunny step now…
    amazingly beautiful photos…thanks…

  11. Gena Richardson Says:

    Just love the daily post on the blog.. and will surely miss all the activity.. Gosh how will my family cope with q clean house and home cooked meals again after all this time…

  12. cynthia fitzgerald Says:

    carlos i just love your photos. i love watching the owls. thank you for all. cindy

  13. Pat Christanson Says:

    Love the whole thing!

  14. Fran Murph Says:

    L O V E this site. Been lurking since Mar. haven’t joined in the chat. Being oxygen dependent, can’t do a lot of things, this helps me keep a postive outlook. Thanks to the moderators who work so hard to keep the chat room clean and safe for all of us, don’t have to worry about my 8 yr. old grandson watching and reading the chat. He has MOD big-time. So look forward to Carlos’ daily updates.

  15. Pat Mirley Says:

    Thanks for all you, Donna and Austin have done. “This was fun, and I was part of it – even though I was a lurker for both clutches, I really enjoyed myself. Best wishes to you and your family.

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