One Day Sale

September 14, 2010


Save $85 Today Only!


One Day Sale! Here is how you can save $85 on Large Framed Print “Molly and McGee The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls,” CafePress is offering $10 off any pruchase of $50 good through September 15th, 2010 and we have priced this large framed print regularly $125 at just $50 so with the two discounts your net price is just $40. But hurry this is good for one day only.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

6 Responses to “One Day Sale”

  1. Diane Gade Says:


    I can find the discounted print, but I can’t find a code to get the additional $10.00 off. HELP. I only have another 22 hours to finish the sale!



  2. Carolyn Waedlich Says:

    I started to order this print, but the site shows nothing about the $10.00 discount.

    Is there a code we are supposed to use for the discount?

    Thanks and thanks for the deal.

  3. Carolyn Waedlich Says:

    Thanks for telling me where to look. Hope everyone has a great day.

  4. Tammy Pittman Says:

    Hello I thought I ordered the print. Went to pay with paypal and hit the confirm button. Then the whole page disappeared. I did not get an email from cafe press or paypal confirming my purchase. I can not afford to order two as I am currently unemployed. Or I would have just re-ordered it. I am a huge fan of Molly and would love to have the print and it is such a great buy I would hate to miss out. Can you please check to see if my order went through or not. Thanks Tammy

  5. Rebecca Jo Scherr Says:

    I missed this discount and was so disappointed. Will there be another discount? Also wondering if a 2011 calendar is made why not have pictures of the second clutch included.

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