September 13, 2010

KOWL where you get the latest owl box updates

22 Responses to “KOWL”

  1. Kim in San Diego Says:

    How cute!!! I think the “announcer” should have glasses like Carlos does. LOL

  2. Ronni Warshaw-Paphappy Says:


    You are making this very difficult for me! lol I love the San Marcos Horkers design…now you added this one! ARGH!!!! What do I do now! I know…get both! Or should I wait to see what else you’re going to add?

    Oh what to do…what to do???

    Ronni – Paphappy

  3. Diana Says:

    Hi, Carlos~ I was so thrilled to see the KOWL come to pass! I kept saying it and I guess you figured it was good enough to do something with it! I feel pretty honored and humble. Thank you.
    And thank you every day from the bottom of my heart for the Owl Box. It is so amazing to be able to see what really goes on in this one little segment of the natural world we live in.

  4. Kelly Harold Says:

    What a great icon!

  5. francie bowers Says:

    Wow Carlos, another home run! The creative part of MOD sure is a hoot, endless ideas and endless fun!thanks!

  6. Nancy Harp Says:

    This is so much FUN! Thank you so very very much. What a joy to come here and see all the wonderful, creative sharing. Molly and her family have brought so much joy it is difficult put all of my feelings into one word of Thanks!

  7. Roger Says:

    Love the Logo and also agree that the announcer should have glasses!

  8. D.S. Langguth Says:

    I concur with all of the above comments.

    The world of M&M just keeps getting better.

    Thanks again for all you, Donna & Austin have done to give us these wonderful months of nature and good people. :)

  9. francie bowers Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna & Austin….the Mod community seems to be reaching a creative frenzy, I just found “The Daily Hork” thanks to the chat room. We love all this, but of course none of this would be possible without you…king of MODs! thanks again!

  10. Mary Says:

    Thanks very much for being so responsive to our requests for the “Owlet in the Palm Tree” keepsake box. I received mine today and all I can say is “Wow!” It is gorgeous, substantial, and the quality is amazing.

    Surprisingly, it also arrived carefully bubble-wrapped and Cafe Press had included a sturdy gift box and tissue paper too! I now know where I am doing my Christmas shopping this year. Any chance you might also be putting “The Owl Box and 4” (where one owlet has outstreched wings flying over the owlbox) on a keepsake box before the holidays?
    Many Thanks Again,


  11. Dawn Says:

    So cute.. bumper sticker on order.. Thanks to all who have made all these goodies avaliable..

  12. Larry Clark Says:

    Hi Carlos, There were two photos on the wall behind you, one was an F-18 going supersonic and the other one was a ship. Were you in the Navy? An old retired Chief notices little things like that.

    Larry Clark

  13. Michelle Shedoudy Says:

    Love the chat room – wanted to know how to post to the blog.


  14. Julie Says:

    Hello Carlos!

    Just curious if KOWL is still an active radio station in Tahoe? Hope they are now defunct and you can have the name forever!

    Please come and visit the poor orphaned SPO folks. We have lots of fun, jokes AND pictures!!!

    Love ya’s,

  15. Brenda Says:

    I love the KWOL station….Carlos keeps us informed and we have so much fun! Gee, this is fun and I’m a part of it!

  16. A2cat Says:

    love this site…thank you Carlos and Donna

  17. Katz250 Says:

    Please keep me informed!! Thanks for the look into nature!

  18. Breezy2 Says:

    subscribing to blog

  19. Mary Besinger Says:

    TROUBLE getting OB2 tonight.

    Using Google Chrome.

    OB1 just fine.

    11:28 pm EST Sept 22


  20. Mary Besinger Says:

    HELP HELP HELP!!!! I cant get either Owl Box Live OB1 or OB2!

    On google chrome and msn/dell

    12:35 pm EST 9/23/10

  21. Jane Duckett Says:

    I am coming to the picnic and bringing one person.

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