The Games Mother’s Play

September 12, 2010

4D5Q0196 McGee In Flight SF

McGee Leaving After Treat Drop Off

4D5Q0198 Molly Removes Old Treat SF

Molly Removes Old Treat

4D5Q0200 Molly With Field Mouse2 SF

Molly Returns With Fresh Field Mouse

4D5Q0206 McGee With A Mouse SF

McGee Returns With Fresh Mouse

4D5Q0207 Molly Landing SF

Molly Comes In To Check On Food Supply

4D5Q0202 Molly Hopping Over SF

Molly Decides To Hop Over To Photo Posing Ledge

4D5Q0203 Molly SF

Molly Posing for Photo (This is my best side)

Molly spent most of the night playing games with her owlets taking food in and out. Many times she would take the same treat out of the box only to turn around and bring it back in as if it was a fresh treat. Molly was trying to trick the owlets into eating all the food not just the fresh treats. Both Molly and McGee share in bringing in the food for the owlets. Even though Ashley was 5 weeks yesterday and Carrie is 5 weeks today, Ashley is at least a third bigger than Carrie. Most are speculating that Ashley is a female and Carrie is a male. With barn owls the females are larger than the males.

To the relief of Molly Watchers the juvenile Cooper’s hawk did not return but Callie the female kestrel was back on top of the owl box for lunch… a small lizard. Callie has been looking for a mate but so far no luck. We have not seen any male kestrels in the area. Molly horked an owl pellet on top of the kestrel box night before last as far as I know it is still their. Many say she did that as a warning to the juvenile hawk but I think it was just time to cast a pellet.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

39 Responses to “The Games Mother’s Play”

  1. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    I love your sense of humor. I helps me out a lot.

  2. 1skatr Says:

    Carlos, your posts and photos continue to amaze as M & M mystify us! Especially your “Molly Hop” pic:
    WOW! How are you going to justify NOT publishing yet
    another photo book of 2nd clutch NOW?!

  3. Betty Mitchell Says:

    I agree with with 1skatr. Fabulous photo’s!

  4. francie bowers Says:

    Carlos your photos are amazing…I know how Callie the kestrel feels, I would love to have a Molly buddy here in south central PA…alas no response to my bumper sticker!! PS I love you guts!

  5. muttsfan Says:

    I flipped on my sound recorder during the hawk episode and recorded the owlets hissing – thanks to Tresbien I was able to upload it. Hope you enjoy!

  6. Cornichon Says:

    The title of this entry should be “The Games Mothers Play,” NOT The Games Mother’s Play.” Apostrophes are NEVER used to form plural words.

    • Susan Belloff Says:

      Are you an English teacher? I minored in English for my undergraduate degree in education and I often see many grammatical errors in the posts that are made by everyone who participates in the Owl Box comments, chat rooms etc. I am sure I have made my share. But don’t you think it would be nicer to correct someone’s post in a more private way? Or better yet, why not just enjoy the information posted and let the grammatical errors go so as not to embarrass the writer. I, for one, am more interested in what the blog says than if it is 100% accurate grammatically.

  7. Susan Belloff Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. I absolutely love the one of Molly hopping and the one of her best side as well as the two of McGee. I agree with 1skatr…you need to publish them!! I, too, love your humor. That is one of the reasons I hate to miss your live commentary…it always makes me laugh or at least smile!
    Thank you Royals for sharing yourselves with us.

  8. Carlos,
    I just love the shot of Molly hopping to the photo ledge. Great action catch!
    Mary Pat

  9. arags Says:

    Excellent new pictures from last night….thanks, Carlos. M & M have become family – not by blood, but by choice and because of your generosity.

    As to the kestrel and her search for a mate – keep your hopes up. Our daughter waited on top of the box (so to speak) for a long time. It was worth the wait – her prince finally came!

    Best regards, arags

  10. Genia Potter Says:

    I love these owls so much; thank you, Carlos.

  11. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Thanks for the great photos. You’re pics are amazing!! Can’t wait to get my photo book. That will definitely be on my coffee table for others to share. Thanks again


  12. Susan Says:

    Love, love, love the daily narratives and photos, does my MOD good. Especially as no Ustream at work. A BIG TY to Carlos, Donna and Austin.


  13. Suzie2 Says:

    I never cease to be amazed by your beautiful photos, Carlos!

  14. Michele Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for once again bringing us beautiful photos of Molly and McGee. I continue to be amazed at their beauty and athleticism. Many of us really appreciate the time and effort you put into this! And the information you supply is valuable for all of us MODs as well.

  15. Tammy Smith Says:

    Wow, I’ve come to the conclusion that owls are really smart! No wonder they say things like “Wise as an owl”.

  16. Donna Simonson Says:

    Oh Carlos your photos are so outstandingly beautiful of Molly and McGee. They are the “Ken and Barbie” of the owl world! Your family and Molly’s are forever in our hearts. You are a man of great wisdom and generosity to the world we see; “to care about the world around”! Love, hugs and prayers to you and yours owlways!
    “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  17. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    Fabulous images, I love the first one, the wings are amazing.
    thank you again, for sharing and all you two have done to keep this event happening.

    Hugs from Cat aka catsmommy

  18. Elaine Pontious Says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog and listening to you live on Ustream. Also love the wonderful photographs you share with us. And your captions! Seems as though Molly cannot take a bad picture. ‘I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.’

    Elaine & Tati

  19. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Carlos, I see more candidates for the 2011 calendar — can’t wait. Thanks so much for keeping us updated and sharing the photos. :)

  20. CarlosnDonna, The picture’s are so amazing. watching the owl’s is awesome. Thank You both for caring enough to still be doing this.

  21. Carolyn Dancey Says:

    I want to be notified by email of new postings on this site

  22. Terri Echel Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Watching the second clutch has been absolutely amazing to me. Thank you for allowing us to watch Molly and McGee raise their families. The photographs are amazing!!!! I would like to be notifeid by email of new postings on this site

  23. Terri Echel Says:

    Will you notify us if another nesting happens in the spring?

  24. Pat Says:

    Please notify me of new postings.Thank you

  25. Joy LA Says:

    To Carlos and Donna Royal
    I just want to thank you very much for all you have done in bringing the wonder of Molly and Magee to the world. I have personally loved every minute of the experience.

    I hope you both enjoy getting back to the real world and living your life once again. Truly.

    Hope you know we MODS will miss you both very much. Carlos, your morning updates and smiling face will be sorely missed ;)

    Hope you will visit us all sometime in the not too distant future.


  26. p.perkovich/lurker Says:


  27. Pellora Says:

    Thanks to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for all your time and effort and fun! It has been a real treat to experience and learn all about barn owls. Most people rarely get to see and watch. There are many other bird cams to watch from around the world. So much to see! Thanks again. Have Fun. Be Well. Go in Peace.
    Pellora Linda in Reno

  28. Darlene Olson Says:

    Thank you so much for the joy you have given all of us by sharing The Owl Box with the world. May God shower you with his richest blessings!

  29. Nancy Says:

    I love Molly!

  30. VeeTX Says:

    I was just “kicked out” of the chat room and don’t know why. A red box suddenly appeard at the top of chat and said I was kicked out of the chat room. I said nothing offensive, used no “bad” words, did not abuse anyone with a post – in other words, followed all the Chat Room Rules! I’ve been on this board since before Max was hatched in Clutch #1.

    My screen name is VeeTX. Will someone please help me. I still get the streaming video but no chat – just a ringo.

    Thank you.

  31. Sandra Wallace Says:

    Watching Molly, McGee, and their offspring has been a real joy

  32. Sandra Wallace Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for giving so much back and asking for so little

  33. Elaine Says:

    Please notify me of new postings on this site. Thanks.

  34. Cowliflower Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful experience, Carlos and Donna and Austin!

  35. Anne Martin Says:

    I just love the new charms! Thank you Carlos and Donna for all you do!!

  36. Anne Martin Says:

    I love the new charms! Thank you Carlos and Donna for all you do.

  37. Anne Martin Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for all you do.

  38. Linda Faires Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thanks so much for The Owl Box. I have been watching (and mostly lurking) since the beginning. It has truly been a wonderful experience. Enjoy your trip to your high school reunion!


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