Molly Out Of Box

September 11, 2010

4D5Q0168 Molly and McGee SF

Molly and McGee

4D5Q0167 Molly Defense Mode SF

Molly Defense Mode

4D5Q0170 Molly 11X85 SF

Molly Watching

4D5Q0178 Molly SF

Molly Watching San Marcos HorkerS

4D5Q0180 Molly Stretch SF

Molly Getting Ready For Owlyoga

4D5Q0182 Molly Owl Yoga SF

Molly Doing Owlyoga

Last night was very interesting in that Molly would not leave the outside of the box. Instead she waited for McGee to bring in the treats and hand them off to her.  These fling and fly hand offs were fun to watch. In one case McGee used a double clutch hand off, he gave it to her, no he pulled it back like a fake hand off, and then he gave her the treat. You can see this on video on The Owl Box2. Just check out last nights videos. It was also interesting to see if Molly learned from her mistake and not make a late delivery. She did not. She left before day break and did not return, so she will be out of the box today.

Today Ashley turns 5 weeks old. Look for flying feathers to start showing up big time now and more wing flapping inside the box. Carrie will be 5 weeks tomorrow.

DVD Update: All shipments have been mailed as of September 8th. Check your mail box. Please when ordering make sure you are in the right section. Many have ordered Donated DVDs when they intended to purchase a DVD for themselves. Over half of those that have asked about not receiving their DVD had donated a DVD not purchased a DVD. If you donate a DVD we ship it to a school, a hospital, a nursing home or a library.  Check your receipt if it says DONATE then you donated a DVD not purchased a DVD for yourself. If you let us know immediately we will issue a refund and you can reorder, it is not a problem. It becomes a problem if we don’t find out for a month and we have already shipped the DVD to someone else because that is what we thought you wanted. So please check your orders carefully.

12 Responses to “Molly Out Of Box”

  1. DianaJoe Says:

    I love the pic of Molly in defense mode.

  2. jacquie Says:

    love it!

  3. Debbie G Says:

    If you look at the “owl box doorway” in Molly in Defensive Mode, you can see Ashley looking out: she was right there to back up Molly! Brave girl… and a big girl next to Carrie.
    Thanks again Carlos for these great photos

  4. njomo48 Says:

    Last night’s photos are just fabulous, Carlos.
    Thank you!

  5. Suzanne (Ping1) Says:

    Your photos just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait for the coffee table book to arrive. Thanks, Carlos.
    QUESTION: Would you mind giving us your opinion on the blog as to whether Ashley is larger than any of the other clutch at the same point in time?

  6. William Gregory Says:

    Received our new DVD of Molly. It was absolutely fantastic! Austin did a wonderful job producing it. A bit of Grandpa in there added a wonderful touch also. Thanks Carlos, Donna and Austin

  7. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Love the pics keep them coming.

  8. Kevin from ME Says:

    Carlos did you mean to say that Molly did learn her lesson. You wrote that she did not. She did not make a late delivery or come back to the box in day light.

    (It was also interesting to see if Molly learned from her mistake and not make a late delivery. She did not. She left before day break and did not return, so she will be out of the box today.)

  9. Wendy Says:

    I ordered a DVD back on August 16th its on my bank account that the money has been taken out but yet I haven’t received a DVD and my email account deletes emails after a couple of weeks but I’m pretty sure I bought the DVD and didn’t donate it. Is there any way to check on this?

  10. Sandy Rice Says:

    Thanks so much for all you do Carlos and Donna. You truly changed Ustream for over 18 million people all around the world.

  11. Deb Says:

    I have enjoyed learning about owls and love the great pictures

  12. Dee says Says:

    These are wonderful photographs

    I have so enjoyed watching the babies

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