San Marcos Horkers

September 10, 2010


San Marcos HorkerS

I Hork, therefore I gobble

“Horko, Ergo Edo” (I Hork, therfore I gobble)  This comes to you from The Official Owl Box Lexicon Book, which you can download for FREE

16 Responses to “San Marcos Horkers”

  1. 1skatr Says:

    Want a football jersey with this on it! Love this rockin’ freebie lexicon stuff…are we having fun yet?! Can Cafe Press make this into a baseball shirt or something? Go Team Molly!

  2. francie bowers Says:

    wow, this would be a great bumper sticker, I don’t do sports but I love Molly, this would look great on the other side of “hork if you love Molly”!! thanks again Carlos and family for all the fun…go Zilla!!

  3. Ramona from Floyd, VA Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna and Austin:

    This definitely needs to be on a T-shirt. PLEASE put some new photos on Cafe Press (like the 2 owlets in the palm tree) and more shirts in COLORS. I’ve bought 6 shirts, among numerous other things, and need some new photos to buy. Love the two owlets in the palm tree. Please!!!! Love, love all that you do.

  4. Carolyn Dancey Says:

    If Carlos has a dollar or two left from all these saleable items, he should consider sponsoring a local kids team called the San Marcos Horkers with the logo on their shirts.

    baseball, soccer,etc.

  5. Ramona from Floyd, VA Says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!! The mail just came and I got my Keepsake Box with the owlet in the palm tree and it is stunning. Already had the 4 owlets on one, but this one is FABULOUS.

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin. :-)

  6. Kevin Says:

    Shouldn’t it say Edo Ergo Horko. which means I gobble therefore I Hork. They need to Gobble before they can Hork.

  7. DotRot Says:

    Actually, Horko Ergo Edo works as well, if not better. We’ve all seen them sitting in the box, looking at the food, but not eating, because they’ve not yet horked up the last meal.

  8. browntabby1226 cheryl Says:

    Great job and thank you.

  9. cheryl logan Says:

    Love the photos of the wings. Really shows the difference between the male and female owl,
    Thank you Carlos

  10. Anne Martin Says:

    wow! love the wing shots!!!!!My favorite picture is Donna’s mimosa tree–I framed that poster with a light pink matting which makes the blooms pop out–thank you Donna for sharing your tree with us.

  11. Carol Liddicote Says:

    Please send me updates

  12. Lois Hostnick Says:

    Carlos & Donna, thank you ever so much for the time and heart you have put into entertaining us with the Owls. Watching them makes me so happy. We all have been so Blessed. Your photography is A+. My husband & I take allot of wildlife pictures down at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge down here in Florida. Again thank you for sharing your Owls, your home and your kindness with us.

  13. elsal lichman Says:

    hi, i would like to become a subscriber , as the chat will be ending. thanks so much

  14. Astrid Johnson Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Thank you for this wonderful gift of sharing these wonderful hours of these precious owls with us. It is just so amazing to me to be so attached to the ” Owl Box” the way I am, almost like an addiction.
    I always loved nature and have raised two baby birds to go back to the wild (Mockingbird & a Thrasher), but never was able to experience the natural bird family raising there little ones. So wonderful. Thank you so much. God Bless, Astrid.

  15. elsa lichman Says:

    correcting spelling of my name

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