Free Official Owl Box Lexicon

September 8, 2010


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14 Responses to “Free Official Owl Box Lexicon”

  1. Nancy Miller Says:

    Wowl. This is terrific. Thank you so much. The treats just keep on coming.

  2. 1skatr Says:

    Happy Feet! We love lexicons almost as much as

  3. Ricki Says:

    Thanks so much……this is wonderful. I tried to keep track of the “lexicons”, but DotRot is the champ!!

  4. francie bowers Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna and Austin…more fun…it just keeps on coming. The next one will have to include “Ashzilla”…boy is she growing!

  5. DommyDomsMom Says:

    This is absolutely hysterical! Love it. I was laughing so hard when I read it that I thought I’d fall off my chair. Thanks so much for all your continued talent, fun, creativity, etc. etc. — oh, and a BIG thank you to Molly & McGee without whom none of this would even exist!

  6. Kim Gorman Says:

    This is wonderful!!!! Thank you, DotRot (fellow KC’ian), Eric, Chris, Carlos, Donna and Austin. These are precious!! I learned a bunch of new ones :).


  7. Fun! Thanks for all these freebies. My current desktop is the “coming-in-for-a-landing Molly”. (I switch the desktop pix depending on my mood.)
    BTW, did you know that there’s another Lexicon started by the SPO MODs during the first clutch? Find it here on the wiki site:

  8. Rosemary Says:

    Ah, is this funny or what. Everything Molly is
    just super. Who ever thought we could all be so
    happy following the antics of an OWL Family in
    San Marcos?

    The Owl Box Lexicon is to die for…

  9. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    This is such a wonderful Treat for we humans… Dot and Chris did a HORK up job of it, made me remember and laugh all over again. TY all for the great job.

  10. Nita Says:

    Lovin’ these owls! I’m kinda new to the Molly experience. I stumbled across the website just as the 2nd clutch started to hatch and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks for the Owl Box Lexicon. Now I’m up to speed!!

  11. D.S. Langguth Says:

    How fantastically fun is this lexicon. Thanks to DotRot, Chris and all other involved for their talent and time. Another special gift for us MODs. :)

  12. Nancy Harp Says:

    The lexicon is just wonderful! What a very special treat for all the MODS. I just couldn’t wait to get mine printed and to start reading. Some great laughs, memories and much to learn. Thank you to everyone involved with putting it together and especially Donna and Carlos for putting up an Owl Box and sharing the adventures of Molly and McGee with the world.

  13. jeninboston Says:

    This is the funniest read ever – thanks so much!

  14. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you so very much DotRot. I’m new to the Owl Box. I was having a terrible time trying to figure out what some of the Mods were saying. You have made it so much more fun! Lots of laughs.

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