9 Treats In 4 Treat Out

September 8, 2010

4D5Q0130 Molly Watching For McGee SF

Molly Watching For McGee

4D5Q0131 McGee Arrives With A Rat SF

McGee Arrives With A Rat

4D5Q0132 McGee Delivers Treat SF

McGee Delivers Treat

4D5Q0133 McGee's Happy SF

McGee's Happy

4D5Q0134 Owlet Force Shield Door Working SF

Invisible Force Shield Working, No Owlet Go Past Door

Last night Molly and McGee brought in nine treats and removed four. This is keeping the box clean and well stocked with fresh food. Also, there was concern that the owlets might fall out the door but I would like to point out that even though you can see the owlet on OB2 looking out the door they are actually inside the box as the photo above demonstrates. It is as if there is an invisible force shield at the door and even if they did stumble out there is a patio porch to catch them. 

This second clutch is much different than the first clutch because of the reduced number of owlets and the size of the food brought in. While there has been much concern about Molly and McGee not bringing in as many treats and that the owlets might not be getting enough food actually just the opposite has occurred. It is true that they have not brought in as many treat but the size has more than made up for the difference.  This is demonstrated by how many treats that Molly and McGee have removed from the owl box during the second clutch.  Only one treat was removed from the box during the entire first clutch.

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

13 Responses to “9 Treats In 4 Treat Out”

  1. Nora (couleedam) Says:

    I am so fascinated by both Molly and McGee this clutch. Being the late night moderator, I hardly ever get to see McGee anymore, he comes more early morning now. I love your photographs Carlos. McGee is such a beautiful owl. He really does look happy in the above photograph. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy Molly, McGee, Ashley and Carrie with you and the rest of the Owl Box viewers.

  2. Diana Says:

    I think the best upgrade on the owl box is the porch. Molly seems to use it a lot, and I just bet that the owlets will, too! Great job, Carlos!

  3. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    Wow! These may be some of your most breath-taking photos yet, Carlos!

  4. Torre Says:

    McGee is such a handsome guy – great photos!

  5. Phyllis Benson Says:

    Carlos, love your photos. Molly and McGee are beautiful owls!!

  6. Judy Ambrose Says:

    I never grow tired of your insight about Molly, McGee and our owlets. Your pictures of Molly and McGee are nothing short of outstanding!! Thanks for these. They make me feel like I can almost actually touch them.

    Thanks again for everything!! <3


  7. Rita in DC Says:

    Very handsome photos of a very handsome owl! :)

  8. Joan Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how Molly and McGee take care of every little detail that the owlets need. tLike “taking out the garbage” nature is amazing… this is fun and I have been part of it.. thanks Carlos

  9. Becky Woods Says:

    Carlos, love all you do! An idea came to me….How about candles…with pictures on the sides. Again, thanks for all your time and eforts.

  10. Ann Ragsdale Says:

    Thanks to the Royal family for giving almost eighteen million folks something truly amazing to look at. The love you are spreading around with Molly the Un-Common Barn Owl is a gift the world so badly needed at this time. Bless you for all that you are and all that you do to make this a more fun world. See you in the owl box. :-)

  11. Anne Rochford Says:

    Thank you for the countless hours of happiness that you have brought me watching these wonderful owls. I have enjoyed every minute of watching and I have learned so much!

  12. Carol Watt Says:

    Carlos and Donna I want to say thank you for the joy and knowledge you have shared. I never tire of checking in on the Owl Box. God Bless You for what you have done.

  13. Sue Toppi Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    Thank you for opening up your owlbox home and sharing it with the whole world. I would like to
    stay on your mailing (email) list.
    Sue Toppi

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