New Keepsake Boxes

September 6, 2010


McGee In The Moon Keepsake Box


Max In The Palm Tree Keepsake Box

If you want one of the new designs for the Keepsake boxes just click on the image and it will take right to the CafePress Store Site. Chris said he also fixed the wallpaper Feather Design so it downloads the feather image.  He also added the large mug to the The Great Beyond section and will be adding new items for this section.

DVD Update: If you purchased donated DVD when we process it, you get notice that is has been ship. It will not be coming to you though. We ship those to schools, libraries, nursing homes and to people that need a little help.  Also, please ignore the email that says it was shipped UPS, all DVDs are shipped First Class Mail. That is just a glitch in the paypal system.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Holiday.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

5 Responses to “New Keepsake Boxes”

  1. Louise Says:

    Thanks, Carlos!

  2. Kim in San Diego Says:

    It’s a wonderful thing you do Carlos & Donna. I use your picture of the 2 owlets in the palm tree for my wallpaper…every time I see it, I smile.

  3. Lynn Judd Says:

    My kids and I really enjoy this site. Thanks Carlos!

  4. D.S. Langguth Says:

    These are 2 great choices for the keepsake box. Thanks so much for making them available.

    As always Molly & Co. is first rate.

    The pictures of Molly in the previous blog are once again special.

    Thanks for it all. :)

  5. Linda Shenck Says:

    Suggestions for distributing Molly Business Cards:

    -Place one in EVERY piece of outgoing mail
    -Post on Business card boards in restaurants, retail stores, etc.
    -Local wildbird stores

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