All Is Good In The Owl Box

September 1, 2010

4D5Q0041 Molly Landing SF

Molly Landing (Click for Free Goodies)

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While there has been much concern in the box recently with first Carrie’s eyes and then Ashley’s beak, nature seems to have taken care of both issues and all is well in The Owl Box. Molly has returned for another day, we are not sure if that is because it has gotten cooler or Molly just decided that since the treats are large this time of year that the owlets need more help in eating them. The owlets can swallow a small mouse whole but seem to have a hard time getting a large gopher or rat down to size. They are not strong enough or big enough to strip these large treats into bit size portions. Molly continues to help.  Temperature last night was 49 degrees.  High expected today is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Molly Story, a documentary on DVDs: All DVD shipments have been shipped/mailed as of August 30th.  DVDs are mailed first class mail so check your mail box. 

The hardcover book Molly The Owl has been printed and is being shipped to America by cargo ship. It is scheduled to be ready for distribution in October as planned. There are still a few copies available. Make great gifts.

Molly The Owl

For fine prints of the illustrations in the book

Carlos, Donna and Austin

3 Responses to “All Is Good In The Owl Box”

  1. rockinowl Says:

    I noticed on the Barn Owl Trust “growth chart” that one of the measurements is noted as weight in grams but the other is displayed as “WL” in millimeters. I sent an email to the Trust and asked what the “WL” referred to – their quick answer — “Wing Length”. The writer also noted that US measurements are most likely different in the US.


  2. Kevin Says:

    The chat room had it’s problems last night. I tried all night to get on and couldn’t. It’s 6:00am and I still cannot get into the chat room. Hopefully Ustream fixes the problem soon.

  3. Cat Says:

    What a contrast between the two Molly photos – eminently graceful and skilled in the first, kinda pitiful in the second. I would love to know more about whatever she’s doing off in the sprinklers.

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