Molly Cleans Up Carries Eyes

August 29, 2010


Moms’ always seem to know best. Molly spent time cleaning and grooming around Carrie’s eyes this morning and now they are open and look great.  Remember, this is nature and these are wild barn owls. Our policy is simple: Enjoy but do not touch or interfere. We have a window into their life that does not give us the right to tell them how to live it. We are humans, they are owls. 

Carlos Royal

51 Responses to “Molly Cleans Up Carries Eyes”

  1. Amy Culbert Says:


  2. Katy Says:

    How splendid and thanks to all you MODs for watching and noticing! We continue to learn.

  3. Jan Lipert Says:

    I heartily agree!

    (Cardinal-head from the SPO chat)

  4. lyn licay Says:

    Thank you, Carlos. I watched Molly tending to Carrie this morning and it was a wonderful thing to awaken to. Are you part owl – you always have such wise words of wisdom yourself! =)

  5. Wanda Campbell Says:

    Love the blog and the ustream feed! Very intoxicating for some reason!!!

  6. Linda Says:

    Thank you Carlos. This is an amazing experience. God bless you.

  7. Diane Kirkland Says:

    Thank you, Donna and Carlos, for this wonderful opportunity to see into the lives of this owl family. It helps us all stop our hectic lives for a while (or most of the day!) to watch some of God’s creatures in their quiet ways.

    I would love to get blog comments via email! Thanks again.

  8. bettyboop32 Says:

    so appreciate carlos’ updates. look forward to them every day

  9. Carrie Haverty Says:

    Thank You to Carlos and Donna and Austin. What a great site to watch. Watched all of first clutch now blessed to see second clutch.
    Thanks for my name sake lol, I`m Carrie

  10. Peggy Martin Says:

    Such a wonderful website. Thanks to the Royals

  11. Sunshine Says:

    Well said Carlos, I was so surprised to see Molly clean so carefully and lovingly all around Carrie’s eye areas this morning. It was truly a beautiful and magical scene. (Her eyes look so much better so Nurse Molly is helping her).

    I am learning something new each day about these beautiful birds.

    Carlos & Donna, thank you so much for brightening each and every day for me.

  12. Janet Huston Says:

    So well put, Carlos! Thank you for all you do to make this such a wonderful experience for all of us. I so enjoy observing Molly and family, and I enjoy you and your enthusiasm. I particularly love it when you laugh. I catch myself smiling and laughing right along with you.

    Again, thank you!

  13. Cathy Mueller Says:

    Please notify me of new posts via email

  14. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    I totally agree! Thsank you soooo much for allowing us to watch nature take its course…..BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Torre Says:

    the little babies look so cute! Yea Carrie!

  16. Cathy Mueller Says:

    notify me of new posts please

  17. SARose69 Says:

    Please add me to the blog update via email. Thanks.

  18. noralee Says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  19. Weone Says:

    Well said.

  20. Nancy Neville Says:

    that’s right…look but don’t touch.

  21. francie bowers Says:

    hi Carlos, you know how happy we MODs are with one less thing to fuss about! My vote for Molly sign is out, it is slowing traffic as they think our house is for sale…

  22. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    EGGcellent,I had faith that mommy Molly would take care of her Carrie. Thank you for update.

  23. Laurie Bishop Says:

    What a nice thing to read that this morning. I was trying to be practical about it and wait, but this is a big relief!


  24. chris loust Says:

    Carlos, thanks so much for the reminder. I too went a little nuts with CAD (Carrie anxiety disorder) but tried to put the matter into perspective. Reminders of reality are always important and yes, Molly does know best. That’s why she deserves our vote.

  25. Joan Says:


  26. barb deihl Says:

    Molly always opens our eyes, too!

  27. Deborah Says:

    Enjoy but do not interfere . . . just eggsactly like Star Trek’s Prime Directive. :D

    Molly Fanatic <3
    Star Trek Geek <3

  28. Lisa Kinman Says:

    I never doubted Molly she is a Mother and Mother’s know best

  29. Mary Kowalski Says:

    Once again thank you so much Carlos (and Donna) for calming the worries and reminding us that we are a privileged audience to what must be taking place in owl boxes and nests all over the world. Mothers of so many species tend their offspring using the right combination of TLC and education to raise them until they are ready to fledge. I echo a previous comment about your wisdom and infectious enthusiastic good humor. Please don’t hesitate to come on and give your thoughts to those of us who lurk or speak in the chat. We always appreciate it. MaryLFK

  30. Allen Cook Says:

    Carlos, Great job at reminding us all that Mothers do know best what to do. Thanks for keeping us informed.


    I am glad to hear Molly took care of Carries eyes. My Ustream Owl box 1 has been out since Friday. I do have box 2. Am I the only one not getting it?
    Thanks so much for all U do Carlos & Donna!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      I see you have AOL there is a problem with AOL and Ustream and the chatroom and the Social Stream. I think they are working on it.

  32. Kim Gorman Says:

    Molly for President!!

  33. Karen Liner Says:

    Carlos, would you give the info on the article that you just mentioned? Thank you!

  34. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    You are so right we humans forget since we are all like mother hens and worry far to much about the owlets.

  35. Angela Davis Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna, just wanted to say thank you both for everything you are doing for all of us to be able to watch this remarkable experience. I am really enjoying the owls. Carlos, might you be able to add more of the beautiful photos you have recently taking of Molly and McGee to Cafepress? The ones with Molly and her wings up are just stunning and would be great on items that are available in Cafepress. If it is a possibility, I would appreciate it. Again, thanks for all your efforts and hard work!

  36. Rita in DC Says:

    Thank you for the update and the wisdom.

  37. cherry daniel Says:

    Thanks for OWL you do. I have been here since March and love the chat room people! Thanks for the Carrie update.

  38. Deb Says:

    I’m so happy that Carrie’s eyes are better. Nature is a wonderful thing. Molly knows what to do and is a great mother.

    Carolos, love it when you come on and chat with us. I enjoy watching how excited you get with everything. Your face just lights up. At times you have me laughing so hard. This site is very educational and entertaining.

    Thank you so much for bringing Molly, McGee and family into our lives.

    ~Deb from Ohio~

  39. Ruth White Says:

    Molly knows best…Thank you for your updates. I checked them everyday.

  40. macmollymom Says:

    Thanks for the info. I was able to get box 1 on Internet Explorer. It’s funny U stream is advertising AOl but I can’t get Molly box 1 on AOL now. But I have watched it since April on AOL. Thanks I really miss watching the family.

  41. Tammy Smith Says:

    So Molly took care of Carrie’s eyes. What a great mother she is.:)

  42. APPLAUSE, Carlos and Donnaand Austin.You are so gracious and generous to allow us a window into your lives and the lives of our furbabies. You have brought me immense joy. I wish there was a way to know when you are back on the air,or if there was a process for the viewers to locate your past dialogues,it means so much to us,you are educational, but more importantly you have a gentle way and a joyfulness so needed in todays journies.
    With gratitude,
    Eileen E. Curran,Lancaster,Pa

  43. Carlynne aka littleguys Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the statement that they are owls and we are people. Well put. Too many of us try to humanize our beloved animals. So many in fact that there is a term for it, which of course I cannot think of.

  44. So well said. Molly knows best.

  45. Susan Belloff Says:

    So happy to read that Carrie’s eyes are better. Your comments were right on the mark, Carlos. I think we all occasionally forget that we are observing a wild barn owl family. Molly, McGee and their owlets have become so dear to us, we want to do for them what we would do for our pets or even our family members. Sometimes it is hard to stand back and let nature take its course. Even though this second clutch has been so different from the first, I am so glad I have been given the chance to observe it and learn from those observations. Thank you, Carlos, Donna and Austin for that opportunity. And I heartily agree with those who commented on the smiles Carlos brings to their faces. So many times I have sat here and had a laugh “with” Carlos either at a joke he has made or at something funny he has done (although not always intentionally). Thanks, Carlos, for the willingness to share yourself in that way and the ability to laugh at yourself.
    “Gee, wasn’t that fun?” It certainly has been and I am soooo glad I have been part of it.

  46. DotRot Says:

    I’d like to recommend PhilJustPhil (Phil Phillips) to receive a DVD. His address is P.O. Box 880933 San Diego, CA 92168

  47. Debbloom Says:

    Just wondering if I can create an embroidery pattern from a Molly and/or McGee image or is it copywrite protected? These could be used to sew on fabric. Was thinking of making things like bookmarks and keychain/keyfobs. But they could be used for many things. Please let me know about using any of these images. Thanks so much.

  48. LadyLaura1 Says:

    Carlos I got a screen shot in the daylight perched on the Kestral box..

    The hawk ….

    What is this

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