Free Goodies

August 29, 2010


Free Goodies (Business Card Template)

Molly Coming Out To Meet McGee

Molly and McGee did not see eye to eye last night. Molly will spend another day in the box. Molly and the owlets filled up just before dark so very little squawking for food. Look for lots of squawking today and tonight as I see no food in the pantry. Carrie’s eyes looked slightly better last night.

25Th Photo Winner League City, Texas

Liz a.k.a. NatureLuver is the winner. She is  in League City, Texas and was the 25th person to send a photo of her Molly Watcher and Vote Molly signs. She won a free copy of the Coffee Table Book by Carlos Royal, Molly and McGee. Congratulation Liz.

Look for more Free Goodies in the next few days. Chris says he has some Free Goodies he is going to sharing with all of us. Fun stuff.

Today is forecast to be cool again low 70’s. It should be a great day in The Owl Box.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

11 Responses to “Free Goodies”

  1. Mary Bellis Says:

    Another awesome picture of Molly, Carlos!!!

    Congrats to Nature Lover!


  2. Jeri Lynn Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin I think you are the greatest! What a sweet and generous family. And you set a wonderful example to our people here in Molly’s world. Another reminder of all the good that exists in the world. We all need that! Thank you so much for everything you do. Sincerely, Jeri Lynn of Crestview, FL

  3. Robyn Says:

    Thank you for every thing Carlos. I love your site and teaching.

  4. Lisa Tye Says:

    Molly is so photogenic! Congrats to NatureLuver!!

  5. Kim Gorman Says:

    Congratulations, Nature Lover! Even the cat is excited (as much as cats can be) !!

  6. Rita in DC Says:

    Another absolutely stunning photograph. Thank you, Carlos!

  7. Susan Belloff Says:

    Just printed my FREE Molly business cards and I love them!!I am going to keep one as a memento
    (well maybe a couple) and take the rest to my school libraries for my students and coworkers. Guess I’d better go print a couple more pages as I know they will go fast. My students loved Molly last school year. I think many will be surprised and pleased to find out she and McGee have a second set of owlets.
    Thanks for offering the cards for FREE. I have ordered several Molly items but everyone likes to receive something for FREE!!!
    Also congratulations to the winner of the coffee table book of Carlos’s photos. I have ordered my copy and cannot wait to receive it. By the way, the signs looked great next to a really beautiful home.

  8. Joy Windle Says:

    Is there any thought that the visiting male with whom Molly did not see eye to eye was not McGee?

  9. Ramona from Floyd, VA Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna: I am so happy that the coffee table is now a reality. I knew it would be because your photos are too beautiful for people not to want them and I cannot wait to get mine. I got 3 of the other book as well.

    I want to tell you how much I love my framed print & coffee mug of the owlet in the tree and would love it if you would put the two owlets in the palm tree on Cafe Press. :-)

    Also, I have another request…is it possible to have more of the women’s tee shirts listed for sale in colors other than white. I’ve ordered 4 tee shirts & had to get 2 of them in white to get different photos of the owlets/Molly/McGee. We women do like things in color. :-) If not, it’s OK as you already do more than enough for us MODs.

    Words cannot express the magic of this site and it’s all because of you, Donna & Austin. By the way, the DVD is the best on the planet. I love mine.

    Blessings to all of you,

  10. ginny Says:

    Carlos…I LOVE NOT hearing constant Molly songs and hearing instead the little sounds of the baby owls. Thanks for not filling up the time with hokey Molly songs and letting nature be heard!!

  11. Stephany Gaffney Says:

    Just signing up for email updates. Thanks for the opportunity to observe this wonderful family of barn owls!

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