Molly Is Back In The Box

August 28, 2010

Molly (Click Photo for Free Molly Business Card Template Download)

Watching Owlets Thru the Door


Molly returned and is spending the day inside the box as the weather cools down.  High today is forecast to be only 74 degrees with a low of 55 degrees overnight. This is a big change from the past several days of heat into the mid 90’s. 

Yes, it appears that Carrie has a problem with her eyes as they are not open as they should be, this may clear up or it may not. We don’t know at this point. 

DVD’s Shipments: All DVD orders through August 26th have been shipped first class mail. Start checking your mail box. It takes two weeks for Canadian orders to arrive. We ship only to US and Canada. 

Molly Business Card FREE! You can now down load a FREE Molly The Owl business card template simply go to  Have fun passing them out. Donna and I do all the time and it is easier than trying to tell someone the URL of where they can watch Molly, McGee and the Owlets. 

Carlos, Donna and Austin

13 Responses to “Molly Is Back In The Box”

  1. DianaJoe Says:

    Carlos and Donna, If Carrie has vision problems she would not survive in the wild. Could a wildlife rescue group help her?

  2. Deb Says:

    Was so happy to see Molly back in the box with her babies. I miss seeing her with them. I know this is the process. I am sending love and light to Carrie’s eyes that they will be healthy.

    Deb from Ohio

  3. Cindy McNash Says:

    Carlos, yu have said many times you will not interfere. My question is, if little Carrie turns out to be blind, will you let her die? Or will you call a rescue? We have lost enough out of this clutch, don’t you think?? I mean no disrespect, truly, but I would rather stop watching now before I get even more attached to her, if she might pass on. I’ve had too much of that in real life and here, couldn’t take another one.
    With much respect, and gratitude,
    Cindy McNash

  4. shirley wingate Says:

    Hi, I can’t get the link for the business cards to open. Thanks.

  5. Susan Mayer Says:

    Carlos, Donna, & Austin,
    KNOW u are 3 biggest MODS out there…understand also that you are in touch with TRUE experts and counsel. Thanks to you for staying strong and following your heart as well as your head. I apologize for the “less enlighted” that insist on perpetuating the continuous angst and toxicity in the owl box. Hopefully the light bulbs will come on and the real MODS can come back! Best regards, Susan Mayer

    • Cindy McNash Says:

      Susan, if you are referring to me and my comment, 1st let me say, I was here for the entire 1st clutch, so I think I qualify as a MOD. 2nd, if by asking a question I am perpetuating the “angst and toxicity” in the owlbox, you are much much to sensitive. Carlos has said repeatedly he will not interfere, all I was asking was would he make an exception in this case since Carrie would have 0 chance of survival.

  6. Gail Loveless Says:

    First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to watch these magnificant birds. I recieved my DVD yesterday and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing it. I had noticed Carrie’s eyes the other day and mentioned it to my husband. I lurked during the first clutch and became fascinated with them. I have ordered the books and am anxious to get them. Carlos and Donna have you contacted anyone from the San Diego Zoo regarding Carrie’s eyes? Thank you for all you have done and God Bless both of you. A former SF bay area resident now living in Indiana.
    Gail Loveless

  7. ruthie'smom Says:

    Just pondering the situation..
    as I’m Sure you are..
    IF, Carrie remains basically healthy until fledging.. But there Clearly appears to be an ocular condition that Will prevent her/his life continuance-without the ability to hunt..
    Might you consider that she/he would be valuable in wildlife education program?
    This actually Might enhance the whole experience.
    But, understand Any/All hesitation to interfere.
    r’s mom..just Trying for reasonable balance

  8. Sue Ascher Says:

    Hello Carlos & Donna,
    I have been a MOD since the first clutch. I want to thank you for all you do to make this the most enjoyable and educational experience of my life. I’ve shed tears of joy and tears of sadness sitting at my computer. My first tears of joy were when Max took her first step out of the box. This has been life-changing for me and I will never forget you or this experience. I am so happy to have the DVD to watch, when I get sad about this being over, and I have a coffee-table book ordered, so I can always life the experience over and over.

  9. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    Carlos, I hate to be a bother but I am going to be… my purse was stolen a couple of weeks ago and I realize that inside was my memory stick and on it was my copy of the Ecookbook!! who can I contact to get a new copy??? again, sorry to bother.
    Thank you,
    from Cat Perry in Canada

  10. Marilee Says:

    My DVD order was from the time of the defective ones. I received a defective one and left a message here about the problem and have been waiting to receive a new one; but has not been received.

    Marilee Godsil
    118 Lakeview Drive
    East Galesburg, IL 61430

  11. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    I’m not getting any updates to the Molly Blog Site, what else do I need to do?

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