Molly Returns and Leaves for Another Day

August 26, 2010

Molly Returned


Molly Leaving

 Molly returned last night to feed her owlets after spending the day roosting off in a tree. McGee also brought treats. Molly has joined McGee in the hunt for food. She did this also with the first clutch. You may think she has left the box earlier and you would be right but not if you think in terms of the youngest owlet in the box. Molly left the box after Wesley swallowed a mouse whole during the first clutch, now she has left the box after Carrie again the youngest swallowed a mouse whole.  All is well and normal in The Owl Box.

From Toppsy in chat

La Jolla, CA

Near The Pool (a.k.a. DLMFL)

Binghamtion, NY

San Mateo, CA

San Mateo, CA

Vote Molly and Molly Watcher

Molly Watcher Sign

Thank you Molly Watchers for putting up your signs and sending them in. I will not be posting any more signs until #25 arrives which will be the winner of the Coffee Table Book Molly and McGee.

10 Responses to “Molly Returns and Leaves for Another Day”

  1. Susan Belloff Says:

    OK… So I think I have watched the video Molly Bobble by Owlet 15 times at least. Carlos, how did you get Carrie or Ashley to perform like that? She knew exactly when the music was going to end! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Nothing can compete with Jody’s hatching video, but this is another favorite for me!

  2. Mary Weber Says:

    I would love to see a photo of Spritz in action!

  3. Francie Yarber Says:

    Just wondering–
    Donna and Carlos, I first became acquainted with Molly and family (during the first clutch) from a friend linking me to, Live Owl Nest. Do you ever check out that chat room?

  4. OwlFan Says:

    Good afternoon, Carlos. I’ve been having a problem for two days now and have spent all afternoon with Ustream. Now they’re telling me to contact you. For two days when I try to get to theowlbox there’s a message that says Ustream is currently undergoing schedule maintenance, back shortly etc. But I can get theowlbox2 and other broadcasts too such as Vacadude although he’s not boardcasting right now. Also can get creative live, everyone but theowlbox. I’ve done everything Ustream suggested and now they say contact you. I miss my babies. I’ve been watching since the very first clutch of eggs. It’s been such a wonderful, fantastic experience. I think you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Debbie G Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    I’m not sure if you’d be interested in this, but there’s an artist exhibiting at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, whose work is created from barn owl pellets.
    Here’s the museum:
    the exhibit is Dead or Alive
    The artists name is alastairmackie; the artist also has a website:

  6. D.S. Langguth Says:

    I was in attendance when Ashley did her Molly Bobble routine. “Magical” is the only was to describe it. Moments like this and Jody’s hatching are priceless. Special thanks again for your effort and passion in bringing us “Scenes from inside & outside the owl box”.

    It is fun to see where the Molly Watcher signs are now living across the country. :)

  7. francie bowers Says:

    Hi Donna & Carlos, I just got my Vote Molly sign! I took a pic and sent it, hope I am #25 but I don’t think so…anyway, this is fun and I am part of it! Francie Bowers Somerset PA

  8. chris loust Says:

    Have watched since the site’s inception from the first clutch. Love it. Donna and Carlos are wonderful and so are the owls and owlets. I have learned so much about barn owls. This experience is indeed exceptional. Went to Cafe Press and had a hard time controlling myself. Owls Rule!!!

  9. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Wow those shots are great.

    Thank you for all that you do Carlos, Donna & Austin and have a great Labor Day.


  10. Lylette Roberts Says:

    This has been one of the best experiences of nature in my life. I’ve watched both clutches. Thank you Royals for setting an excellent example to the world.

    Lylette60 (chat name)

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