Carrie Swallow Whole Mouse Molly Out For The Day

August 25, 2010

4D5Q0010 McGee Mouse SF

McGee Has Mouse

Shall I Give To Them

4D5Q0013 Molly Full Moon SF

Molly and Full Moon

McGee brought in mouse which Carrie consumed in a flash. Molly returned to check on the owlets but decided it was okay to take the day off. Both Ashley and Carrie have swallowed a whole mouse this appears to be the trigger that tells Molly she can leave the owlets and roost outside the box. During the first clutch when Wesley swallowed a mouse whole Molly left the box for 22 hours so this appears to be normal.

 Last night the moon was full so I took a photo of the moon and put it in the photo with Molly.  A composite of two photos.

Molly Watcher Sign Missouri

Molly Watcher Estes Park, Colorado

Molly Watcher Sign Port Orange, Florida

Molly Watcher Cross, SC

We are having Molly Watcher Signs showing up across the country Coast to Coast. Join the fun send us your Molly Watcher or Vote Molly sign photo. You can email it to:

Here are some of the comments:

 I have been so glued to this video stream for the last few months; my neighbors have been threatening to call in the mental health people!  LOL!

Thank you both for allowing me the privilege to be a part of this. And yes, this is FUN!


aka “broota”

Hi Donna and Carlos,

We just received our “Molly Watcher” sign….we are excited!  It is beautiful!!

You, Carlos and Austin are the GREATEST!

Thank you for sharing Molly and McGee and their family with us, all.

This is the nicest gift, ever!

“Gee, isn’t this fun, and we are a part of it”

Elaine and Alan

Port Orange, Florida

Hi, Donna,

Today is my husband’s birthday and I surprised him with the Four Owlets picture.  He is thrilled and loves being a Molly Watcher as much as I do.

The fabulous picture will remain in its place of honor in our living room and is sure to give us warm feelings all through the coming chilly months.

Thank you and Carlos for the pleasure you have given millions of people everywhere. Your dedication and care are truly owlsome!

All the best,

Jennifer “spoonbread”
Estes Park, Colorado

I couldn’t wait for the yardman to mow before I sent this. I couldn’t even wait
to be # 25. ;-)

janie2  in Missouri

If you are the 25th person to send us your Photo of your Molly Watcher or Vote Molly Sign you will win the coffee table book Molly and McGee Photos by Carlos Royal

It is going to be hot today. We will have the mister going early.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

10 Responses to “Carrie Swallow Whole Mouse Molly Out For The Day”

  1. Debbie Everets Says:

    Fantastic photos as usual!

  2. francie bowers Says:

    I just ordered my Vote for Molly sign and can’t wait to send you the picture…I will put my barn owl carving in with it…double whammy! Francie Bowers

  3. Diana Schleicher Says:

    Great! Fun,Fun!

  4. Ann C Says:

    I love the beautiful photo of McGee. He’s a shadowy figure to me–I only catch occasional glimpses of him, and then he’s in and out so fast that I never get a good look at him.

    Your photographs are excellent!

  5. MmeButterfly Says:

    Thank you so much for adding the Molly Mister. It’s a lifesaver. Yesterday it was hot here, a few hundred miles north of the owlbox, and I wished I had a Madame Butterfly Mister.

  6. KatCanno Says:

    yipee!!! I just got an email from CafePress. My order is ready to be shipped – except for the Molly Sign!!!! They are still working on it. Looks like everyone is trying to get the big prize. At least I will be getting a mug and picture in the next couple of days.

  7. Mary (Grrammy724) Says:

    Has UStream changed? I am no longer able to access UStream — it starts to load and then freezes each of the three browsers I’ve used. At least I can come here to the blog to find out what’s happening with this incredible adventure we follow. Is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Anne (postina) Says:

    This whole journey has been an incredible adventure!! And to have an encore performance. WOW! Couldn’t ask for more!!!

  9. Jo Says:

    Just wanted to sign up for blog updates. I loved watching the 1st clutch and the 2nd clutch is just a bonus!!!

  10. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Beautiful pic

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