Molly Returns Wet

August 24, 2010

4D5Q9989 Molly's Wet SF

Molly Returns Wet

From all indications Molly played in someones sprinklers while out on her fly about because as you know it was hot and dry out last night. No rain. I guess that answers the question; do barn owls like water.

First Molly Watcher Sign Shows Up

First Molly Watcher Sign Shows Up  

Hi Carlos,

It occurred to me as I watched you tonight that I never told you the location of my sign.

I live in Southampton, New York on Long Island.  We are a rather famous resort area known as “The Hamptons.”

You are right about having fun!

You can join the fun too, Just put up a Molly Watcher sign and send us a photo. You can email it to Please put in the subject line Molly Watcher or Vote Molly.
Many in the Social Stream are getting into the Vote Molly by making Vote Molly Avatars. Gee, this is fun and I am a part of it.
Carlos, Donna and Austin 


7 Responses to “Molly Returns Wet”

  1. KatCanno Says:

    Thanks for this blog! I am at work going through Molly withdrawls because we aren’t allowed to access live streams. At least I can come here and see pics.

  2. francie bowers Says:

    Hi Carlos, thanks for the “hand holding” again tonight. I think I am a worry wart too but not on the Social Stream. Glad everything is “owl-righty”!! Francie Bowers

  3. Diane Says:

    During the first clutch, I read _Wesley the Owl : the Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl_ by Stacey O’Brien. Wesley liked to play in the shower with Stacey. So it doesn’t surprise me that Molly will play in a sprinkler on her nightime flyabouts.

    Thanks for all the updates! I enjoy them very much.

  4. Sue Conner Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    I thought it might be fun to have a Molly jack o’ lantern carving contest. What do you think?

    Sue Conner

  5. Mary Weber Says:

    So Molly didn’t get caught in your mister! Maybe it gave her the idea of looking for one that was on at night, watering someone’s lawn.


  6. Superdadu Says:

    Also, in the Wesley the Owl story, he liked to get in the tub and splash around and even duck under; she has pictures of him doing it. He would beg to do it. They think he was wanting to imitate who he thought was his mother. These BO’s are amazing; I so adore them.

  7. Mary Lockwood Says:

    Donna, Carlos, and Austin.
    A few friends and I just finished watching the video. We decided you should submit the video to the Sundance Festival. It might be to late for this year but there’s always 2011.
    Thank you from everyone in my household who has viewed this. You’ve all made my life a little brighter day by day. We’re “caring about the world around”.
    Again, thank you all for sharing this corner of your life with millions.
    Mary aka Maannie

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