Molly Has Arrived (Second Clutch)

August 23, 2010


Molly Flying In

So many of you has asked for items using photos from the second clutch. This is a photo from the second clutch. We (you and I) took this the other night when I was explaining what all was involved in taking a photo at night in the dark. We set the camera up first, picked a spot to focus and then waited. As you can see, we did good. Of course, a little luck with the timing helped.  Have fun shopping.

Heat: The forecast is that it is going to be hot and get hotter. We have placed a mister above the owl box to reduce the temperature. This should cool the box down 10 to 15 degrees.  

Vote Molly and Molly Watcher Signs: Be sure to take a photo and send it to us. Put in the subject Molly Watcher or Vote Molly

Second Clutch Special: The Large Framed Print of Molly Flying In will be priced at just $59.95 for 10 days. Regular Price $125

Carlos, Donna and Austin

35 Responses to “Molly Has Arrived (Second Clutch)”

  1. Pat Williamson Says:

    Donna, Carlos, and Austin,

    You know you spoil us all with your thoughtful updates on the owlets and with your clever changes to the environment!

    Thanks so much for all that you do everyday. Molly’s Box has become an important part of my day as we all watch the “cycle of life” unfold. It’s an activity that makes everyday much more meaningful for me and millions (literally) others around the world. Such fun to be a part of the most wonderful reality nature show…the greatest show on earth!

    PS. Austin: I’m really looking forward to the DVD clips for the 2nd clutch…you know we will all want all those wonderful and emotional clips to go with all the great Carlos & Donna photos.

  2. donna Says:

    Thank You Carlos for the mister for Molly and her babies, just checked and they look much cooler. I love the new stuff you have out, ordered the Christmas ornament and coffee table book. Thank You, Carlos, Donna & Austin for all that you do, watching Molly has helped me through some tough times. pinkdove

  3. Jeanneen Says:

    THANK YOU so much for putting a mister over the box. I can tell that Molly is not as heat stressed already today. I know Molly would give you a big kiss if she could!!!

  4. Amy Culbert Says:

    Yes, It IS WOW. What an incredible photo! “WE” did good! hee hee…you Rock, Carlos!

  5. The newest picture of Molly is fantastic!

    Thanks a million for putting the mister in for Molly & the kids! It has been a tremendous help.

    You guys are outstanding! Keep up the good work.

  6. Tammie Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for placing the mister above the owlbox. It will surely help our darling owlets and Molly. You have done a wonderful job doing whatever is necessary to help them. Many, many thanks to you!

  7. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    absolutely wonderful, I am going to order goodies with this image for sure. All your photos are great but this one really touches my heart. Thank you for all you do.

  8. mike Says:

    hi mr, carlos, owl look much cooler , great job thanks i heard you mention something about a tile, where would that be found , found the keepstake box, thanks for showing molly and the babies again, sorry for the lost of the other two, you are doing a great job, now i will have to start christmas shopping early,

  9. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Two thumbs up Carlos. The misting seems to be working. Hope you know how much you are loved!

  10. Lori Says:

    Thankyou so much for doing this, they don’t seem to be half as hot as yesterday. Way to go Carlos!

  11. Ann C Says:

    I’m so happy to see the mister! I just looked in on Molly and babies and they look relaxed and comfortable. To show my support (and because I really want one) I’m going to buy one of the new tee shirts.

    Terrific idea! You have made many MODs happy today.

  12. Diana Says:

    Just ordered my yard sign! Yea for Molly She stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way!!!

  13. Sharon Johnson Says:

    Carlos & Donna you are so good to us and the owls & owlets…installing a mister none the less!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sharon Johnson

  14. Debbie (IBINAZ) Says:

    You must have read my sister’s mind, Carlos. We were talking yesterday and she was commenting about how hot it was in your neck of the woods… she lives in Fallbrook. She mentioned she thought a mister would help. SOOOO happy to hear that’s a reality now – Molly, Ashley and Carrie DO look much more comfortable. OK, so “we” have to “help” nature sometimes….. we’re allowed :)

  15. NatureLuver Says:

    Hot Diggity Dog!!!!

    LOVE that picture of Molly! Soooo glad that you put it on merchandise. I finally bought a journal, one of the box’s, another yard sign (will look good next to the four owlets) and a magnet for my locker or refrigerator (haven’t decided yet.)

    Saw the mister this morning and could tell that it seemed to be helping. Some might think that it is interfering, but so what. At this age I don’t think it will affect them in the long run except maybe keep them alive and I’m all for that!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
    League City, TX

  16. Clara saunders Says:

    Carlos and Donna please your heart for adding mister for Molly and babies
    Love everything you do

  17. didinp Says:

    Misting Monday I see

    Thank you Carlos & Donna ! molly

  18. KW Says:

    Carlos and Donna, What a great idea to put a mister up! That will definitely help. You both are such great and caring ppl for taking such great care of these beautiful owls and their adorable little cotton balls! They looks so happy right now! You both are awesome! {{{{Carlos & Donna}} KW

  19. Debbie (IBINAZ) Says:

    Re: Comment 13. My sister just called and is beyond excited. She was in the chat room last night when Carlos was and asked if he had considered misters. Carlos is a hero AGAIN. Thanks for ALL you do…. for us (peace of mind) and for the owls (cool comfort).

  20. Victoria Says:

    Thank you for putting up the mister for Molly and her owlets. You have stepped forward again to meet a need. Bravo!

  21. Diane Says:

    Thanks so much for the CafePress items with the great picture of Molly from the second cluth! I ordered my “Molly Has Arrived” Molly Watcher yard sign, and I’m looking forward for it’s arrival next week.

  22. Dave and Cheryl Says:


    A big “attaboy” to you for installing the mister for Molly and her owlets! Great idea! We were simply concerned about the little owlets because of the upcoming heat wave.
    Thanks to both you and Donna for all you have done, and are doing, to educate and entertain all of us. Best wishes,

    Dave and Cheryl Schaefer

  23. Joan Says:


  24. Marcia Morrison Says:

    Wow! That is a gorgeous photo of Molly coming in for a landing!

  25. Debbie G Says:

    Angowleyes told me to send you my slogaN:
    Owloticz; IT’S FOR THE BIRDS!

  26. Kim Gorman Says:

    Carlos, you are the best!! The mister seems to have given the owls some much needed relief!!! THANK YOU!!! I showed Mr. Spritz off to my husband as soon as he came home and he loved it, too.


  27. ibinfallbrook Says:

    The mister is wonderful and so is the latest photo available on so many fun CafePress items – just ordered a ladies long sleeve t-shirt – hopefully I’ll be wearing it to the next fledge picnic!

  28. Tammy Smith Says:

    Thank you for the mister! The owls seem so comfortable now.

  29. Jane Says:

    Molly and family are the luckiest owls in the world to have you Carlos and Donna.

  30. Ree Thompson Says:

    Molly and family are very luck to have you two, Carlos and Donna. Thank you for the TLC you are able to give them and still manage to let them live “wild.” You are the best.

  31. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    Thanks so much for the new Molly picture….such a great photo capture of her in flight. Love the fact we can get it on merchandise now. I could go broke with all the fun stuff to

    Love all that you do, Carlos and Donna

  32. Donna Simonson Says:

    There’s a saying, “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.” Well I say, “We also have a Father Nature in you, Carlos and don’t mess with our Father Nature us Mods and Molly have in you!” Seeing Molly, Ashley and Carrie yesterday seemingly so much cooler was all to your Royal Mister and love and concern for these beautiful barn owls that you share so unselfishly with the world. We the world and Molly’s family are blessed continuously by the efforts of you and Donna and your family. We are all the lucky ones to be a part of your extended family. Blessings to our dear Royal family always! Love, hugs and prayers, “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA.

  33. Mark Haynes Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you so much for doing this for all of us. Your generosity has allowed the world to observe something that is truly wonderful. We have fledged over 50 Eastern Bluebirds in our box and know the feeling of “parenting” a clutch of wild birds. Truly Beautiful.

    Mark and Lisa Haynes

  34. Barb Deihl Says:

    What a wonderful, multifaceted experience this owlbox has been for such a diversity of people. And all because of the generosity, dedication and unending good ideas and spirit of “Mister” and Mrs. Royal (Carlos & Donna) and family, a host of participating people and organizations, stellar self-management in the SPO chatroom and, of course, “some owls” whose uncommonly special lives in and out of the San Marcos Owlbox, have been shared with, literally “the world”, in such an upbeat and sensitive way. This is sure to set the stage for more such ventures, opening up the world of nature to more and more of us. And perhaps, with our greater understanding and appreciation of these birds and other living things, some of us will be inspired to more actively support our natural environments, without which, we are nothing.
    I sure feel fortunate to have been able to be a part of this unique and fun experience. Thanks to ALL who have participated – even the not-so-positive participants have brought out the best in the rest of us :-) “Boid”

  35. Kim Says:


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