August 22, 2010

4D5Q9980 Molly Returns SF


4D5Q9997 Kestrel SF

Callie Calling for Mate

IMG_2769 The Owl Box Cake SF

The Owl Box Cake

For those that were watching last night you saw example of what I have been saying about guessing where they will land. Molly landed on the far right end of the photo posing ledge but I had the camera focused and pointing more to the left.  Molly was out of the frame, so we waited and waited and waited some more then finally Molly flew in to the box and just before she landed I was able to capture this Molly photo.

Callie the female kestrel returned again yesterday and we captured her on the owl box calling for a mate but so far we have not seen any male kestrels in the area. Callie was named before the dog next door showed up with the name Callie, so no the kestrel was not named for the dog.

Today Carrie is 2 weeks old; yesterday Ashley was two weeks old. Today we celebrate their birthdays with this Owl Box Cake that was sent to us by Richard and Barbara Blount and Family during the first clutch.  

Life continues to move forward.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

29 Responses to “Molly”

  1. Katy Van Note Says:

    Carlos! Thanks for the Owlbox Cake picture. I love baking these types of cake and now i have a new idea!! Watch for a “copy cake” by this “copy cat”!!

    As always, beautiful photos.

  2. Marie Batten Says:

    Carlos & family,

    Thank you all for your continued support of Molly’s Family. It has given thousands many hours of peace.

    With warm regards,
    Marie Batten

  3. FinnWV Says:

    Beautiful photo Carlos! As usual! Love the Kestral picture too! Happy Birthday to Ashley and Carrie! Thanks to the Blounts for the beautiful cake to celebrate!


  4. Paula Says:

    I adore your photos! Thank you for sharing them. Happy birthday to Ashley and Carrie :-)

  5. emeraldcher Says:

    This pic of Molly landing is absolutely FANTASTIC, Carlos! Kudos!

  6. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Carlos,Donna & Austin,

    Thank you so much for everything that you do.

    Huggs & Kisses

    Sherrie Pearl

  7. elsal lichman Says:

    gorgeous pics, thanks. e

  8. Susan L. Says:

    What a fabulous photo! Happy 2 week B-Day to Ashley and Carrie.

  9. Dave and Cheryl Says:

    Carlos, This doesn’t have to be posted – we just needed a way to share info with Carlos.
    We are loyal watchers from the first clutch. We believe the continuing heat is fatal to the owlets, and the remaining ones are not yet out of danger. The box acts like an attic that heats up quickly during the day, but has no way to dissipate the heat during the night. Attics can get up to 120 deg, while the house below is fine. The Owlbox now is acting like a closed up car in the hot sun. The temp you are reading outside the box IS MUCH LOWER than Molly and the owlets have inside the box – I’m quite sure. Could be 20 to 30 deg hotter in the box. We recommend 2 ASAP actions.
    1). Install a second, oversized, very well insulated roof on top of the existing roof. Only the South side of the box is currently insulated, allowing the sun to beat on all other surfaces. Build a second roof out of the same material (or even better!) that you used for the south side. Provide an extra 1 ft overhang to shade the east side and another extra 1 ft overhang to shade the west side. Join the 2 roof sections with duct tape for flexiblity during installation, and install on existing roof with glue or duct tape. With planning, you could perform in 15 secs. This will not look pretty, but will give them some daytime relief.
    2). For night-time relief you need more venelation to exhaust out the heat build-up inside the box. Remove the new camera you installed on the west wall to reveal a new opening and allow a cross-breeze between that hole in the west wall and their door on the north wall. You said you practiced so you could install a new camera in under 2 min.. Plan for this to be complete in much less time. M & M could respond to this “attack” on their box – particularly because when you remove the camera to expose the hole – she will be able to see you for a moment. Dress accordingly! Hopefully these 2 modifications will drop the box temp 10 to 15 degrees.

    Team Effort!! Dave and Cheryl Schaefer

  10. leslie Says:

    The owls’ bodies are so small under all those wings!!! Thanks for the great photos!

  11. Deb P. Says:

    Awesome picture of Molly coming in for a landing! Thank you Donna,Carlos and Austin for all you do and for sharing this experience with us! Love it! :-)

  12. Joyce Brownlee Says:

    To the person who wrote comment # 9, no matter whether the owls are in the box or in a tree the temp. is gonna be hot. This is nature and animals adapt to conditions. Like Carlos has said before he doesn’t want to mess with MOTHER NATURE. If it’s gonna happen it will, no matter what Carlos does. I for one appreciate all that Carlos, Donna and Austin and the rest of the gang have done in opening our eyes to part of nature through them.

    A great big hug and thanks for what you do.

  13. Katy Says:

    Ditto! A Tree opening does not have all that and in addition does not have the added ventilation that Carlos has already added.
    Thanks to the #9 post, but let’s let the box be as it is!!

  14. Carol Raimer Says:

    Love the photos! Such synchronicity- the clouds and the beautiful heavenly rays by the owl box yesterday. Amazing photo of Molly. The babies remind me of toddlers learning how to walk with such a waddle and look like kittens playing and rolling over. So delightful.

  15. Ann C Says:

    I wish I could help implement the ideas posted by “Dave & Cheryl,” but I’m too far away. I bet some nearby MODs would be willing to help.

    I don’t know if the heat is the cause of the owlet deaths, and the owl box definitely appears to cool down after sundown, but I think anything to reduce the build-up of daytime heat would be a wise move.

  16. RumbaRue/Shari Land Says:

    What a wonderful and delightful cake!
    I couldn’t eat that, too impressive.

  17. Ann C Says:

    I appreciate everything that Carlos and Donna have done and continue to do. I think they handled yesterday’s sad event with grace, and I don’t question their commitment to Molly & McGee one bit.

    I don’t think that modifying the owl box is messing with Mother Nature since human hands built the box.

    I’m not an architect, engineer or scientist, but it occurs to me that a nest in a tree is more shaded than a box in full sunlight. I could be completely wrong about that, though.

  18. Colleen (Colster in the chat) Says:

    I just wanted to take a sec and thank you and Donna for this whole experience (both clutches)Carlos.

    After watching the first clutch with all the hatched owlettes surviving and thriving, it was really difficult to experience Kelly and Jody not making it to fledge. Yes, Natures Way for sure, but still saddened by the deaths. When someone wrote in the chat that the OwlBox is like an analogy of life, they hit the nail on the head.

    Did you ever think that you would end up being grief counselor to all the MOD peeps? Great job on bringing the focus back to celebrating what is instead of crying about what has been.

    I loved the DVD that Austin did of the first clutch. Hope he was able to raise lots of funds for college. Woill he doing another of the second clutch? Also, I enjoy all of your photography. Such beautiful detail.

    Thanks again for shaing so much with the world Carlos.

    Colleen in Pennsylvania

  19. Lisa Tye Says:

    Gorgeous photo of Molly! Poor Carrie,,,too bad she can’t be an “independent women”. The cake is so cute! Happy Birthday babies!

  20. Sue in WA Says:

    I posted this in yesterday’s comments, but with so many comments posted, you probably didn’t see it.

    Could you please correct your typo on the post about Jody. You wrote: “but here I am shaking my head after seeing all there owlets bouncing around this morning, not believing it really did happen.”

    I think you meant “all three owlets”. I just want it to reflect sweet Jody one last time.

    Thanks. And thanks to Austin too. We loved the dvd!

  21. Kim Gorman Says:

    Perhaps Carlos could add two small holes at the opposite end of the box before the next clutch?

  22. Kim Gorman Says:

    Love the idea of removing the one camera! Wish I’d thought of that!

  23. Kathy Says:

    Carlos and Donna, I have enjoyed watching these babies. Thanks!

    Dave and Cheryl and others… if you will notice, the box has vent openings on the top that run the length of the box… both in front and back, I do believe. Besides, if anyone starts messing with Mollys nest, she may leave the babies, never to return. I don’t want to watch that either.

  24. Ronni Warshaw-Paphappy Says:

    I just love your photos of all the Owls, Owlets, Kestrels, and of course Tauntz too! :)

    I know how hard it is to lose one of our pets…and while the Owlets are not our pets, we still feel like they are part of our lives and cherish them as such.

    Thank you so much for giving me/us this amazing opportunity to watch nature the way nature should be watched! I enjoyed the first clutch and am enjoying this one just as much!

    With great affection,
    Ronni Warshaw…aka Paphappy

  25. MmeButterfly Says:

    I join Dave and Cheryl and Ann in being concerned about the heat and suspecting that the insulation on the south side, though helpful, hasn’t been enough.
    As for comparisons with other nest sites: Natural nests in trees and barns may get hot, too, but we don’t know the mortality rate in them, do we? In addition, a tree nest might be partly shaded by branches and leaves; a barn nest might not be right up against the roof, where the air in the barn is hottest.

  26. Maryland MOD Says:

    Absolutely fantastic pic of Molly landing! Way to go!!!

  27. Sally In Charlotte NC Says:

    hi! thanks for everything Carlos and Donna!

  28. Darlene Swank Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful site.

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