Show Your Spirit!

August 20, 2010


Show Your Spirit


4D5Q9963 McGee Make Delivery SF

McGee Makes Delivery

4D5Q9962 McGee Lift Off SF

McGee Lift Off

Yesterday was slightly cooler than the day before and today is supposed to even cooler, only in the mid 80’s. Each day the owlets continue to grow and get stronger. McGee continues to be a great provider bringing in large treats at night and early morning. When watching Molly and the owlets remember there are seven days between Ashley and Jody, so Jody is smaller because she is younger by seven days. Think of it this way in seven days Jody will be as big as Ashley is today. 

We continue to see the female kestrel and she has been calling for a mate. So far we have not seen any male kestrels in the area. Twice now she has had lunch, a lizard on top of the owl box. In anticipation we have installed a new camera to give us a closer view of the kestrel box. Gee, it could really be fun to have kestrels nest.

DVD Update: We hope to have all DVD orders filled and shipped as of this afternoon. Please watch for yours to show up in your mail box.

With the elections coming up we have decided to have some fun. Chris Adams, illustrator of Molly The Owl Book  has created “Show Your Spirit” Vote Molly The Owl. No she is not really running for office but we thought this might help get out the vote. So Show Your Spirit and have some fun. Let people know you are a Molly Watcher.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

12 Responses to “Show Your Spirit!”

  1. Joyce Brownlee Says:

    My husband and I were sad to see that little Kelly has gone to a better place (owlet heaven to see Dudley). I can only imagine that it could’ve been a underlying problem or possibly the heat. It’s hard to see Molly and the little ones in the heat. It’s been hot and humid in El Cajon and it’s hard on me, and especially those with health problems. We so enjoy our monthly meet0ups at the Elephant Bar and have met some really nice people that are also owl crazy. And that’s a good thing. We love you all. Joyce Brownlee & Mike Harris El Cajon, CA.

  2. 1skatr Says:

    WOW, Carlos, I LOVE THESE! What refreshment for the spirit and soul during these politically charged negative ad campaigns to be able to make a BEAUTIFUL, HEARTFELT, SWEET, FUN, WHIMSICAL STATEMENT about what really matters in LIFE!
    Thank you! May LOVE RULE!

  3. Ruthful Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    I found this on you tube and thought you might enjoy it.

    Thanks for everything,

  4. Tammy Smith Says:

    Love the campaign stuff! Those are really good.

  5. pendaisy Says:

    Carlos, any word on when the hardcovered “Molly the Owl” books will be ready?

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Thank you so much Austin, Carlos, and Donna for the Molly DVD donated to me. I am so thrilled that I get to relive the magic and joy of Molly and McGee and the first clutch.
    You have truly brought a smile to my face. I will cherish the DVD.
    Austin, you did a wonderful job on the DVD.
    I wish you all the best with school.
    Thank you Carlos and Donna for everything you have contributed.

    God Bless all of you!

    Love, Vanessa
    (A big Molly fan with MOD)

  7. VeeTX Says:

    I am really saddened by the female kestrel calling for her mate. They do mate for life also, right? This makes me wonder if the male is still around. Would she accept another male should one show up? I feel so sorry for her. Thanks for installing a camera in the kestrel box Carlos. It will be exciting because you said they are not nocturnal so we could watch the kestrels in the day and owls in the evening.

  8. elsal lichman Says:

    wow, kestrel eats lizard atop the owlbox! pretty cool. thanks for the updates and pics. el

  9. Kathy Says:

    Hi Royal family! Forgive me – I am re-posting as I am not sure if you saw my previous message, it was during the NBC festivities, and so much was going on! Anyway, I would like to request that a DVD be donated to one of my MOD friends from the social stream who has been watching from the beginning. She has been unemployed, searching for work, for the last two years, not unlike many people in the last couple of years. These owls have helped to sustain her happy spirit, along with the interactions with owl friends on the social stream. If you find it possible, I would be grateful if you could send a DVD to her. This is her name and information.

    Cindy Elliott
    1480 Marline Ave,
    El Cajon CA. 92021-5931

    (I have provided this address with her permission.)

    Sincerely, Kathy Stansbury, Okemos, MI

  10. Betty Mitchell Says:

    McGee is one beautiful bird! In fact, all of the owls have proven to be quite photogenic. We are all so blessed that you share these amazing shots with all of us.

  11. D.S. Langguth Says:

    How fun are these campaign items. I just love the message. Ruthful–thanks for the utube link with Thumper. He is just too cute and his message is one we all should remember.
    The Molly Message just continues to inspire. Something for everybody. Good job.
    Glad to hear the weather will continue to cool.
    Donna & Carlos appreciate your dedication to the MODs. The people I have met throught this experience have all been the best. :)

  12. Tarsie Says:

    Carlos – the campaign artwork is great – I think Molly would do well in the White House!

    Someone suggested you need to put a Kestral Box for rent sign on the Kestral box. It worked for the owl box!

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