Molly Watcher Yard Signs

August 18, 2010

Molly Watcher Yard Sign

Join the fun let the world know you are a Molly Watcher. Over 10 Million Unique Viewers have watched Molly.  As of this morning 16,471,412 views of The Owl Box.

Molly Thinking "I guess I should go back in"

4D5Q9938 Molly In Studio SF

Molly on Photo Posing Ledge

Everyone Needs Some Fresh Air

After a difficult day yesterday, most Molly Watchers are joining Molly in moving on with life. This is nature. We are just watching and observing. It does show us just how special the first clutch was when all the owlets that hatched made it to fledge. If you missed the first clutch there is Molly The Owl, a children’s book written by Etic Blehm and illustrated by Chris Adams. It is a keepsake.  It is going to be a hot one today, but a cooling trend is on its way starting tomorrow.

DVD Update: New Shipment of Molly’s Story a documentary DVDs arrived. We are packaging and shipping. All shipping is by first class mail. If you recieve a notice that says it was shipped UPS that is just a glitch in the system. Please ignore. We expect all orders will be filled and shipped by Friday August 20, 2010.  Start watching your mail box. Proceeds from sale of DVDs goes to Austin’s College Fund.

At this point we have three healthy owlets in the owl box. Food has not been an issue so far. McGee has been bringing in fewer treats but larger treats when compared to the first clutch. It is not quantity but size and weight that counts. Owlets get their moisture/water from the food they eat. 

The Owl Box will be down for an hour or so around 10 AM PDT for system and program updates. Chat room and Social Stream should still be up and there are lots of videos to watch. 

Carlos, Donna and Austin

12 Responses to “Molly Watcher Yard Signs”

  1. Julie Beith Says:

    Thank you – everyday – Carlos and Donna for this truly amazing adventure you have provided the world around. Nature is nature, but I truly had a very heavy heart yesterday – like I lost one of my own pets, but moving on and looking forward to each new day with the owl family.

  2. Sheesh Says:

    After the very sad event of yesterday, I went home to find my DVD had arrived. Took a little while to get to me, because I am up in Canada, but boy-oh-boy – was it worth the wait! What memories is brough back of my countless hours spent in amazement in front of my computer watching the first clutch. Your grandson Austin did a wonderful job on his first production and you and his parents must be very proud of this remarkable young man. And I loved your narration throuhout the DVD Carols!

    As speical s this experience has been for the countless folk of all nationalities around the world, what a very special event it has been in the lives of two wonderful families in San Marcos: the Molly & McGee family, and the Royal (and extended) family. This Canadian thanks you so very much for your dedication and generosity is providing us all with an absolutely unique experience and some stunning visual images. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    With very best regards,


  3. Linda B Says:

    I love that Molly Watcher sign! Too cute! I would be afraid to put it out though in case another MOD decided to steal it! I found out the other day that my next door neighbour (in my apartment building) has some serious MOD too!

  4. Julie Beith Says:

    Oh yeah, forgot, I’m a photo lover and am in awe of the pictures you take. I would love to be able to take those. There is a barn owl – very similar looking to McGee – on the next street over – lives in the palm tree! Although, he’s been disappearing every now and then the owner tells me.

  5. Torre Says:

    Hahaha – Molly looks like I do when I have to go back to work after lunch!!

  6. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna,

    Thank you again for all that you do and share with us.

    I think that after the babies fledge it might be a wonderful memorial in Kelly’s honor to bury the gag shag that you clean out of the box in Kelly’s honor.

    Sherrie ( Sher67 )

  7. Tricia Young Says:

    God bless you Carlos and Donna. This webcam experience has changed my life and given me such a respect for barn owls and other winged creatures. So sorry for our loss of wee one Kelly but as you say, that is the owl way and nature. I love Austin’s DVD, my Molly mug from Vacadude, and the Molly mouse pad… I am MOD to the max…. With great respect for you,


  8. Cindy Says:

    I like the halo around Molly’s head while she’s posing on the ledge!

  9. AnnInSDtoo Says:

    Thank you, Donna and Carlos, for this wonderful experience, from watching the first clutch, to the San Marcos Fledging picnic, to the surprise of the second clutch and hatching. But mostly, I thank you for the honesty and caring that you show, in good times and rough ones. You both are shining examples of how we all should treat others and get the most out of this life we are given.

    We love our dvd, and look forward to Austin’s next project – he is very talented!

    May God bless you all richly.

  10. nancy Says:

    Thank you, Donna, Carlos, Austin and everyone involved in the Molly Project… you’ve given us all an unusual opportunity to see a bit of nature (the good with the sad) that most humans don’t get to experience. Your time and efforts donated on behalf of schools around the world and to patiently answer endless questions, is a fabulous gift to all of us!

  11. KatCanno Says:

    Just ordered my Molly Watcher sign – can’t wait to get it and take a picture of it in my front yard. I might just hang it from the trim on the garage – so everyone will be able to see it as they drive by.

  12. Lorraine Paulhus Says:

    Just joining in the comments in order to subscribe to the blog.

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