Third Egg Hatches 8:38 PM PDT Named Kelly

August 11, 2010

McGee Watches from Outside

The third egg hatched last night at 8:38 PM PDT. Donna named the owlet Kelly, so we now have Ashley, Carrie and Kelly. The fourth egg is expected to hatch some time this weekend. If it hatches in 31 days like Carrie and Kelly then the fourth egg will hatch this Saturday.  The Nation continues to be on Molly Watch while waiting for the fourth egg to hatch.

New Shipment of DVDs expected next week. All orders prior to August 6th have been shipped.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

17 Responses to “Third Egg Hatches 8:38 PM PDT Named Kelly”

  1. Torri Cable Says:

    What a wonderful night! Thanks again for all you do Royals. Can’t wait for my DVD. I have a gift for you- a day at Sea World. Hope you can enjoy it during your staycation. Please let me know if you’ll be at the Elephant Bar on Saturday- I could drop off the tickets then.
    With gratitude and appreciation,

  2. Kim Gorman Says:

    What fun that was!! Thank you, Carlos. I hope you and Max had a great day watching the owls!!

  3. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    This has been a great day of viewing!!! Thanks so m uch for all you have done to bring us the owl story!!!

    It was great to see Max tonight. Love putting a face to a name!!! He was great!!!

  4. Joy LA Says:

    I watched the first “babies” grow and fledge – loved the whole experience and now “our” Molly has done it again! How nice to have a happy place to visit and watch such a sweet moment in time. Thank you Donna and Carlos.

  5. Linda B Says:

    I can’t wait to get my DVD! I ordered it a couple of days ago. I’m so glad that “Wake up Wesley” was included. That was the most precious memories!

    I’m enjoying watching Molly and her family so much! Thank you for broadcasting this second clutch. There are so many people who have missed out on Molly until now, but now they too can see how wonderful nature is.

  6. Paula Says:

    I’ve missed all 3 owlets hatching, d’oh! Welcome to the world Kelly <3

  7. Tina K Says:

    Thank you for everything, Carlos! I’ve been watching from the Sportsman site (usually over 5,000 views at a time) since February – right after Max hatched. You are all family to me now. Also, thank you to you and Austin on the amazing DVD. My three kids and I have already watched it at least a dozen times!

  8. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Missed the hatch by 45 minutes, but that’s OK. I was overjoyed to wake up this morning to the news of a new owlet named Kelly!!

    Thank you so much, Carlos and Donna, for giving us this taste of nature, sometimes more like a taste of heaven.

    Judy aka googyluvsmolly

  9. Wryly Says:

    Hope the last one hatches on Saturday – that’s my birthday! :)

  10. Susan Belloff Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to watch Molly and McGee’s second clutch. I had serious Molly withdrawal symptoms at the end of Season One. I was so happy with its fairy tale ending but so curious about what was happening in the Owl Box. You have truly given us all a gift by continuing to broadcast Season Two!
    I also love reading the blog and seeing all your beautiful photos. In fact, I am off to order my coffee table book of photos right now!

  11. Susan Belloff Says:

    I watched the recording of Kelly hatching 4 times last night!!!

  12. Cindy R Says:


    Please check your records for a DVD order for me, Cindy Russell. I ordered about a month ago. My mailing address is:

    1655 N. California Blvd. #323
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596

    Since I’m in the same state I figured it would only take a couple of days to get to me, but it’s been more like a week. Just want to make sure you have my order.

    Contact me if you need any more information,

    Cindy Russell

  13. Elsa Lichman Says:

    hi. i received a dvd a long time ago which was defective and put in my order before august for the replacement one. a mod suggested i wait till today, thursday, to let you know it has not arrived. can you send one or advise me? thanks so much. i can’t wait to show it to people! you all have had such a positive influence on my life. sincerely, elsa.

  14. Kelly Harold Says:

    I announced in the boardroom this morning that the newest owlet was named Kelly and everyone thought that was delightful!! Thank you for sharing your world with us, you are both awesome!!!

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    The work that you are doing is AMAZING, inspirational, and educational. Bravo to you (and to Mollie and McGee). But truly special thanks to Carlos and Donna for enriching our lives.

  16. Becky Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna!! I am enjoying watching Molly and the owlets and look forward to the hatching of #4!! I have a suggestion, and I really hope you don’t take offense with it! I really enjoy your chats and all the info you give all of us, and the new people in the chat rooms. Could you maybe get someone from The Dept of Fish and Wildlife to do a ‘guest’ spot? I know you get a lot of questions, and there are lot of rumors and people that worry. Maybe an ‘expert’ could answer some of those questions and put some people at ease!! Again, I hope I do not offend!! Thank you again for bringing Molly to the world!!
    Always, purdyfarmsBecky SPO Chat room

  17. BostonBirder Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna. I love this site, and feel I need to make a suggestion. You’ve got a couple more days of extreme heat coming up. You can keep the dark OB roof from radiating excess heat into the box by cutting out a piece of white cardboard to the dimension of the sunny side of the OB roof and taping it by the sides (long dimension). Ideally, the peak could use the white treatment too, but it might get Molly riled up. I think you’d be able to slide the main piece up there and tape it without her seeing you. Just an idea! It comes from having driven a white car and a dark car. Even with windows open, there’s quite a difference in the internal temperature during the summer.

    Thanks for all you do for the owls and for our viewing pleasure.

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