McGee Delivers a Treat Molly Not Home

August 10, 2010

4D5Q9891 McGee Holds a Treat SF

McGee Holds a Treat


McGee Delivers Rat

McGee Looking and Waiting for Molly

Molly Returns

Early this morning McGee came in with a treat but Molly was not home. She was out on a fly about. He delivered the treat and left it inside next to the babies. Then he waited outside the owl box until Molly returned. Molly then fed her baby owlets. All is well in The Owl Box.

After Molly was featured on NBC Nightly News we had over 14,000 people log in.

We want to thank NBC Nightly News for giving the world some good news like Molly.  We also want to thank Anthony and Mara the two that put the story together.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

23 Responses to “McGee Delivers a Treat Molly Not Home”

  1. I do believe that this is the first time McGee has seen such young owlets? I loved the way Ashley used the rat as a pillow.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

  2. joym13 Says:

    Beautiful pictures of Molly and McGee! I’m glad you were up and able to get pictures and witness from the outside what went one for this delivery, since there were some that thought maybe Molly hunted for that rat.

    The NBC stories were extremely well done, such a great, feel good story. I’ve been sharing it with anyone I can!

    Thanks again Carlos and Donna for being so dedicated to showing us the M&M family.

  3. Stephanie A Says:

    I wish the story was a bit more detailed and longer. It felt rushed, but still neat to see….

  4. Maureen Says:

    This whole thing is just amazing! I am totally and completely addicted to it all! I’m so glad I’m “part of it” as Carlos likes to say! Thanks to you Carlos and Donna – the wonderful karma you have achieved will come back to you many times over!

  5. Marjon Veerkamp Says:

    Beautiful pictures again.

    marjon & Raya

  6. Genia Potter Says:

    Ah, sweet McGee for waiting until Molly came home before leaving. And glad he had a chance to see two of his tiny ones.

  7. Joan Says:

    thanks for sharing the love story yet again :-) I can only imagine what a thrill this is for you and Donna to watch in person..

  8. Nancy Says:

    Carlos, that third picture, the one of McGee looking back over his shoulder, is priceless! What a great shot! Loved watching their love story on NBC and I wrote and told them so. Thanks from all of us!

  9. Ruth White Says:

    It must be so cool to sit on your patio at night and watch Molly and McGee and their owlets. Alot of time and effort go into all that you are doing. We all appreciate it. It’s all very exciting and amazing each day. Love your pictures.

  10. Kim Gorman Says:

    Carlos, thank you for the gorgeous shots of “our” McGee. He has a lot of family, you know :). Sharing the owl box with thousands of newcomers is challenging, but their excitement is good for us, too. Blessings from Missouri!

    Kim (eyedrkim)

  11. Torre Says:

    awwwww, what a good dad McGee is – what a handsome fella!!

  12. Tammy Smith Says:

    I got online early this morning before work & saw Molly feeding a rat to her babies. I guess that’s the rat you mentioned in the entry.

  13. Tammy Smith Says:

    Carlos, I haven’t received my Molly DVD yet, & I was wondering if there was a problem with my debit card. I had to change the number of my card recently because of a change in bank. Please e-mail me at

  14. Paula Bullinger Says:

    What would happen if something happened to McGee? Do you think Molly would hunt herself and feed the hatchlings best she could?

  15. Mike Biasin Says:

    Carlos you are providing a great service and I appreciate it greatly. I am legally blind from birth and don’t get to see nature up close like this very often. When I have some extra $$$ I will get a DVD and download that AWESOME song. I look forward to more awesome video and appreciate the information you provide when you come on the microphone. God bless!!!

  16. LJ Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos for sharing the wonder of owls with all of us.

  17. Audrey Payne Says:

    Watching your videos has been a great joy for me these past 6 months, and I was overjoyed to see it on NBC Sun. & Mon. I thank you for all your efforts – you have made the world a little better place by bringing Molly & McGee’s love story to us. I will be watching the owlets’ lives every day!

  18. Diane Morris Says:

    Will Molly and McGee mate for life?

  19. Judy Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    I posted on the blog the other day but don’t know if I did that correctly. I wanted to thank you for all the positive difference you are making in so many people’s lives!!

    My 8-year-old son and I have been watching the owl box since early April and have enjoyed countless hours. My son has spent a lot of time working on Molly/family comics, doing other illustrations of the owls, and writing stories about them. (We sent a card to you in June, and he drew some great pictures on that.)

    We would love to get the DVD but have not been able to order it yet. I am a self-employed writer and editor, and my business has been pretty seriously affected by the economic downturn. I am also a single mom on a really tight budget.

    I think you had said you don’t post these “DVD request” notes on the blog, but just in case you do, I haven’t included my address here, for security purposes. If you’d like to write to me, I entered my email address in the field above this comment.

    Thanks again!!

  20. Mike Biasin Says:

    Carlos, just before you went offline I put a question in chat about the audio. As someone interested in technology, music, and audio in general, I’m curious where you placed the microphone for the audio feed. Is it behind that hole in the ccenter of the box? I’m just curious. Also, will Molly & Mcgee have another clutch after this do you think? I hope this continues for a long time. Oh I just am hearing another Molly Song. It’s great but the one by the kids is the best! God bless!

  21. OhioCheryle Says:

    Carlos, it’s 4:50 here EST, I want to thank you so much for playing the Molly Bobble song while my husband was actually in the house, wow………..he loved it and so do I. What a great song, ty OC

  22. Sherrie Says:

    I received Austin’s DVD on Monday, but didn’t have a chance to watch it until today. (I’ve been kinda busy watching Molly’s house) Austin did a super job, you must be so proud of him. I enjoyed it tremendously and am so glad to be able to watch the kidz again. It warms my heart. Thank you for sharing. Sherrie Coughlin

  23. elsa lichman Says:

    hi. chosse said she had posted a poem for kelly on the blog, and i don’t see it. also, can you tell me if i can post a poem here? thank much. elsalynda

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