Second Egg Hatchs as Molly Makes NBC ToDay Show

August 8, 2010

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We were totally surprise at how quickly the second egg hatched. Molly was being shown on The Today Show on NBC and we heard peeping and shortly there after out came Carrie. Donna named the second owlet after our favorite singer Carrie Underwood. Carrie and I are both from Oklahoma. The first egg was earlier than we expected too, just in time for NBC’s Nightly News Story. In the entertainment world they would say Molly has timing. Two down two to go.  The third egg was expected to hatch on August 13th but who know now, it could be anytime.

Carlos, Donna and Austin.

4D5Q9859 McGee and Molly SF 11X 85

Molly Defends Her Owl Box

Molly defends her owl box from visiting female owl as McGee watches.

24 Responses to “Second Egg Hatchs as Molly Makes NBC ToDay Show”

  1. Paula Says:

    I can’t believe I missed Carrie hatching too! I’m so pleased we have 2 healthy owlets and hopefully 2 more soon :-)

  2. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    That is our Molly! I was fortunate enough to see it.

  3. Helen Erickson Says:

    Great shot Carlos. Exciting

  4. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    both are great pictures. Molly sure looks serious… I would run from her too. LOL
    Thanks again.

  5. Torre Says:

    what a picture! Just heard in the chat – sometimes you get lucky – that’s the way it is with photography!!! Good for Molly – what a great defense she is!

  6. Carol Says:

    Go Molly!

  7. Teresa Wood Says:

    Hi Carlos, Thank you and your source for the pic of Carrie. I don’t see the pic of Molly in protect-her-nest mode, though. Is it too soon? Did the Save button not work?
    Thanks again, beautiful photos.

    For me, it is hard to compare the visiting owl to Wesley, who was still pretty fluffy at fledge time! Doesn’t matter to Molly, that’s HER box! LOL

  8. Teresa Wood Says:

    Okay, now I see it – spoke too soon! Sorry!

  9. Molly in defensive mode is a great capture Carlos~ Yes very lucky and important to have in your Molly collection. Congrats! Hope you stay this lucky with the OwlBox pics.

    Thanks for sharing. Isn’t this fun?

  10. Ann Says:

    “Carrie” could turn out to be “Cary” as in Cary Grant. The second owlet could be as musical as Carrie Underwood, or as suave, sophisticated, and debonair as Cary Grant. Time will tell…

  11. Mary B Says:

    “Molly Defends Her Owlbox” because McGee doesn’t seem interested. Is this confirmation that the intruder is one of the adult kids? McGee would surely be aggressive toward an unfamiliar owl, wouldn’t he? I wish the new clutch would be fitted with color-coded leg bands for future ID but I know Carlos said “no” to this idea on the 1st clutch. This would have to be done by a wildlife official, of course.

    What a great learning experience this has been and continues to be. Thank you, Donna and Carlos.

  12. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Woooo!! Hoooo!! This is just amazing, Donna and Carlos. Thanks again for all your hospitality.

    Judy from Buffalo, NY
    aka googyluvsmolly

  13. Katy Van Note Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly Ashley has grown in just over one day? Compared to Carrie, she is huge! Even her vocalizations are more hissing than peeps. I was watching during the big discussion about the second owl sound. Molly sure did hide it from us!!
    Thanks so very much, Carlos. Wish I had known about the Today Show. Must not have paid attention.
    Happy Sunday and here’s to more hatches.

  14. jessica Says:

    Congrats!!! And Thanks!!!

    Thought maybe a suggestion of theme song,
    for 2nd generation MOD’s:
    Dolly Parton- Here you Come Again :)

  15. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    What a wonderul & surprising thing nature is, today is my B’day so I was hoping one of them would hatch today but looks like thats not going to happen since carrie already made her entrance.

  16. Cat Says:

    Carlos, I’ll bet you were so excited when taking that shot of Molly defending (and McGee just sitting there being a lump). What a great opportunity. Did you get any with all three owls?

  17. Judy Says:

    Love the name – Carrie. Also a big Carrie Underwood fan.

  18. Jan Lipert Says:

    Stunning shot, Carlos! Great photography is all about being in the right place with your camera — and then staying there until the right time comes around!!! Donna, that’s a lovely name; my sister’s name is Carrie!

  19. Ramona from Floyd, VA Says:

    Fabulous name…Carrie and she’s my favorite singer too. :-) Thank you so much for allowing this marvelous opportunity again to see God’s creatures and how wonderful they are. Loved the NBC feature and I hope they’ll be as addicted as I am and have been for months. You are the best!!

  20. Tammy Smith Says:

    I come home from work & Molly has another owlet! If Carrie ends up being a boy they could always be renamed Cary.

  21. emeraldcher Says:

    Thanks for sharing the great news…….2 down 2 to go!

  22. edtNZ Says:

    Carlos, Can you please update the hatch date info at the website
    Since the NBC news item the cams are getting lots more hits. Nearly 5,000 viewers last night.
    New folks keep on asking how many hatched and when.
    Ty for your excellent work. regards from a miserable wet cold winters day in New Zealand.

  23. Barbara Says:

    Can anyone tell me what happened last night after it got dark? Was that another female owl intruding into Molly’s nest. It was a royal battle. Doesn’t McGee do anything when this happens?


  24. Tresbien Says:

    Another spectacular photo. Thank you for sharing this and so much more.

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