M.O.D Molly Obsessive Disorder

August 7, 2010

Owl obsessed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Editor’s note: This report will air Saturday 8-7-10 on NBC Nightly News.

Anthony Galloway, Nightly News producer, writes: This morning at 4:30 PT I realized I had Molly Obsessive Disorder. Molly is the barn owl living in Carlos and Donna Royal’s backyard and MODs (those with Molly Obsessive Disorder) are the viewers who watch her every move on the streaming video channel dedicated to capturing the life of her owl family.  To get the rest of this story go to http://dailynightly.msnbc.msn.com

2 Responses to “M.O.D Molly Obsessive Disorder”

  1. Michaela Quinn Says:

    My Dearest Carlos, Donna & Austin,
    Today I received my DVD. It was so touching to say the least. When I saw Molly in the box for the first time, tears of happiness came to my eyes. Then she laid her eggs. Then the Owlets hatched. Each one had such a wonderful personality. They grew, and one by one they fledged. Molly and McGee were such wonderful parents. But McGee the great Provider. Austin you did such a wonderful job. This is such a moving story. All I can say is these beautiful creatures were sent from Heaven, to show us Love. And that they did. Carlos and Donna you are truly Blessed. This DVD is worth so much more. Not only did Molly and McGee get our attention, but it showed us there is more to life. We made lots of friends, and most of all we had FUN!
    I can’t thank you all enough…
    We have all been touched by a little bit of Heaven!
    Love always,
    Michaela Quinn

  2. Kungfukitten Says:

    I don’t have MOD, I have OWL NAP = Owl Watching Live Not A Problem! Thanks for streaming the second clutch. It’s so nice to see Molly and McGee again. For an insomniac this is a gift. XOXO

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