Molly To Be On NBC Nightly News Saturday

August 6, 2010

4D5Q9812 Molly 85X11

Molly Shows off Her Wing Span

Molly Out For Some Fresh Air

4D5Q9845 Visiting Owl SF

The Owl Box had a Visitor

4D5Q9850 Visiting Owl SF 11X85

Could this be Wesley???

Molly to be on NBC Nightly News
Be sure to check your local listings for time.  Here is the message I received from NBC
Hi Carlos- Watching your webcast now. We will air Saturday at 6:30 pm eastern/5:30 pm  central/5:30 pm in most west coast cities.
Be sure to let your friends know Molly is making the National News on NBC Saturday Night.
The Owl Box had lots of excitement last night. We had a visitor…another female barn owl. The question is was it one of the owlets from the first clutch or was it just another female barn owl looking for an owl box to call her own. I have posted photos above. I have also posted a photo of Wesley so you can make a comparison. Now it is up to you to decide. Is it Wesley? Of Course we will never know for sure but isn’t this fun.
Austin shipped over 800 DVDs in the last two days so check your mail box. He expects to be current with shipments by the end of today.
Hatch Watch
No baby owlets yet. We are on day 31 of the brooding cycle and day #2 of the Hatch Watch. We are still projecting that the most likely day for the first egg to hatch is Sunday, day 33.
Carlos, Donna and Austin
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28 Responses to “Molly To Be On NBC Nightly News Saturday”

  1. Janet Says:

    Carlos how eggciting!!
    I bet that was indeed Wesley!
    Cant wait for the eggs to hatch this time
    I will be able to see things from the beginning!
    Thank you as always Carlos for your wonderful
    Janet McD ox

  2. Rita in DC Says:


    I still can’t figure out which photo above, if any, is a photo of Wesley. Thank you!

    Fantastic photos as usual!

    • Linda B Says:

      Wesley is the fuzzy one at the very bottom of the photos posted.

      • Rita in DC Says:

        TY, Linda. Either I missed that photo completely or, as I’m convinced, it hadn’t shown up for me yetwhen I posted my comment.

  3. Rita in DC Says:


    Me again! A photo of Wesley just showed up for me. Please disregard comment no. 2. Sorry.

  4. Susan / Suey Pit Says:

    Good Golly, Molly! Molly on NBC! This I plan to see!

  5. Donna Says:

    Fantastic photos.

  6. Lisa Smith-Godfrey Says:

    I think we all hope it is Wesley.

  7. I missed ?Wesley’s visit. Did she make any attempt to see Molly or did she stay on the roof? Is there a better picture for comparison purposes? I would like to think that it IS Wesley and the she is happy and healthy. Kudo’s for the NBC news, eventually the whole world will know of our common barn owl who has captured the hearts of so many!

  8. Bo Says:

    Thanks again Carlos.
    Can’t wait to see the story on NBC tomorrow.
    Have been lurking since Max hatched. So glad you are sharing this with us again.
    Hope NBC gives you and Donna the much deserved credit for all you have given to all of us.

  9. Tammy Smith Says:

    I love Wesley! I hope it was her.

  10. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Great pics! Last night was sure exciting. I kept hoping you would come on and give us your opinions on the strange behavior of McGee and arrival of the visitor. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. Thanks again!

  11. Gabrielle in Houston Says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the MALE owl chooses the nesting location (box) and then persuades the female to come? I too think that the visitor was one from the first clutch, but as Carlos said, we’ll never know for sure.

    Carlos, after the visitor, when the owl went in the box and took away a treat, Molly was kind of aggressive. And there was chirping beforehand, just like the visitor did. Could you tell from the video whether it was McGee or the visitor who stole the treat?

  12. SactoSylvia Says:

    I was intrigued when McGee stayed around to “chat” for awhile after the first bonding. Actually I’m not sure which owl was doing the chatting, but his staying in the owl box for a few minutes sure was a change from recent behavior!

    Carlos and Donna – many, many thanks — again — for doing this again. It is fun and then some!

  13. Kit Says:

    This is so cool! Can’t wait to see our girl on NBC! Thanks C & D!


    PS Other lady owl sure looks like Wes, maybe she’s waiting to see her new sibs.

  14. Gates 2057 Says:

    Given that Wesley had such a hard time leaving the box in the first place, my vote is that she was last night’s owl visitor. I was so happy to be watching that happen–what exciting entertainment they gave us last night!

  15. I have my DVR set to record NBC in case I am not home yet from the dog show. Can’t wait!!!

    As for the visitor, hard to tell as owls kind of look alike

    JMO, but I think McGee stuck around, in and outside the box because he was aware of the other owl who may have been lurking. I think he and Molly were chatting about it in the box before he stepped outside. Why he is taking away treats is a mystery to me, he did not do that last clutch.

  16. Sarafam Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Our family is enjoying the 2nd broadcast!! Can’t wait for the owlets to hatch. I sent you a comment about our DVD that is defective and was wondering if you got my message that I need a new one?

    Thank you for all you are doing for us!!

  17. Linda Scroggin Says:

    What a exciting night with Molly, we can just hope it was Wesley, we all love her and hope she is well.

  18. Karen in Sebring, FL Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photos! Lots of excitement last night but it’s sure hard to know if it was Wesleigh or not, isn’t it? I hope it was.

  19. Eyzrbrn Says:

    Kinda looks like Wes to me.

  20. Jan Sessions Says:

    Please keep me updated, and
    thank you for all you do to make this such fun!

  21. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Have my DVR set up and ready to record NBC’s Nightly News tomorrow night. We are making the BIG TIME now!!!

    I was watching last night when the visitor came in. My thought is it was Max. Checked back thru some old photos and Max seems to have more spots on the lower belly than Wesley.

    Watched the interview with Eric. I will be ordering the Coffee Table book today. Heard about the 300,000+ new viewer count. I think a lot of those new computer are ones replaced because the old ones fried during the first clutch. LOL

    Thanks so much for all you have done!!! I am so enjoying ALL of this!!!

  22. Shireen Says:

    Question, perhaps someone could answer it?
    I’m watching the video of the owl visitor at

    Molly’s in the box. Theres a second owl perched outside and Molly has not chased it away. Is that Wesley or Max, or MaGee? I can’t tell from the video.


    • Debbie (debimac) Says:

      Hi Shireen,

      I was watching last night and saw the whole visitor incident. McGee is the owl sitting out on the ledge while Molly is in the box. He came for a visit and bonding, stayed in the box for six minutes chatting with Molly, then went outside and sat there for an hour and a half. During that time the visitor owl arrived on the roof, slowly moved down to the lower roof and then to the camera ledge. McGee just watched it but didn’t chase. Molly finally came out when the visitor got to close for comfort, and though she didn’t chase it, she definitely let it know it wasn’t welcome. After that she went back into the box. McGee just sat there on the ledge the whole time. He eventually went into the box and chatted again for a short time, then grabbed the rat he had delivered that morning, and took off with it. Not much later he reappeared with a new rat. It was such fun to watch it all unfold.

  23. Nancy Brown Says:

    Carlos & Donna we can not express how much we appreciate all the effort you are putting into this sharing of Molly’s Box. We are glued to it with MOD’s , entrenched as everyone else. “We” is the Ustream site: Just a twinge deep down (and allot of responders that no Carlos does not monitor this site so he will not see your question)when you mention the twitter on Molly’s blog and the “Black sheep” social chat site. This site is with you all the way, could not bare to close after the fledgling left and was already in place with a cheer that was heard the world around when the cameras came back on. Our thoughts and best wishes to all. PS Enjoyed my Austin DVD, there is never to much of seeing these wonderful owls.

  24. susan Says:

    Oh my goodness! It certainly looks like our sweet Wesley doesn’t it.

  25. Blanche Fedor Says:

    Carlos-this is an article from Africam in re to putting tag on baby eagle-very sad, but eaglet lived-goes on to tell about going on with life just as Molly did

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