Hatch Watch Starts and Design#3 Owlets Four Available

August 5, 2010

Molly Does Yoga

Molly does yoga exercise getting ready for first hatch

Today is the first day of the offical Molly Egg Hatch Watch. Owl eggs usually hatch in 30 to 34 days. Today is day 30 of the brooding cycle. Our projection is that the first egg will hatch on Sunday, day 33 because with her first clutch 3 out of her 4 eggs hatched on the 33rd day, but one never knows for sure so we have started the Hatch Watch.


Design #3 in the series is available

Chris Adams’ third design in a series of 5 was released today…The Owlets Four. If you have MOD or are an Owlchoholic then you will definitely want one of these. Just click on the image above to go the our CafePress site. 

Update: We shipped all the replacement DVDs yesterday, so check your mail box. We are back to shipping orders and expect to have all orders filled by Friday, so like I said, start checking you mail box for Molly’s Story a documentary DVD.   Or you can go to www.Austin4media.com and order your copy.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

14 Responses to “Hatch Watch Starts and Design#3 Owlets Four Available”

  1. Chris Boucher (whitedog01) Says:

    Carlos- I have a message for you from one of the chatters- Twoclubs has sent in for an order and ordered more and would like the remaining to go to Austin’s College fund. I have her name. Thanks.

  2. francie bowers Says:

    Now the excitement starts! Wishing all the best for Molly & McGee and the new brood, thanks so much Carlos & Donna!!

  3. lisa hurylovich Says:

    Carlos, I’ve noticed people asking the same question as I have wondered. A ways back, you mentioned that you can hear little peeps from the chicks in the eggs. Is that really true (not to question your knowledge) because it seems like it gets stronger sounding each day.

  4. Pat Harris Says:

    Is there any news on the coffee table book? Cannot wait to order one. Thank you, and blessings to you.

  5. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos, the new platform is seeming to be much appreciated by Molly and Mcgee.. I am sure that they thank you for all of your kind efforts.. Joan

  6. didinp Says:

    Carlos has NBC said yet when the exact date of the airing of your interview? Please let us know

  7. Jane Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Twoclubs here (Jane Ross). Chris left you a message earlier. Here is why: I mailed you a check for $75.00 asking for Austin’s dvd and some tee shirts and mugs – but I found out how to order the mugs and tees so don’t bother with them at all. Why don’t you just send two dvd’s and the remaining $24 can go to Austin’s College Fund.

    Does that sound nice? Thank you Carlos for all you do to bring Molly to us.

  8. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated about the DVDs. Excellent customer service.

    Another wonderful photo of Molly.

    Let’s hope the egg hatches on the 8th. The number 8 is very lucky in Chinese culture (so 8/8 is extra good).

    “The Owlets Four”–sounds like the name of a rock band. :)

    • Kevin from ME Says:

      The cup looks like it says “The Owlets Four” but if read the right way it says “The Four Owlets”

  9. rockinowl Says:

    In response to a question discussed in the Chat Room around noon today (8/5/10), I called the local Project Wildlife (Carlsbad, CA): “Trish” said the occurrence of two embryos in one egg is “highly unlikely, extremely unusual” and the prognosis for success is very slim. She’s happy to hear that we are such great Molly fans.

  10. Tammy Smith Says:

    This is exciting! New owlets soon! I can’t wait.

  11. Lajollaseal Says:

    Wow…was sooo cool tonight to see a possible owlette come home! Can’t wait to see your pics! Loved that Donna was updating on the blog while you took pictures! What a team!


  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    I don’t know if you have heard this one yet, but you guys should do stuffed animals of Molly, McGee, and the Owlets. I would buy them in a heartbeat!


  13. Grace Shaw Says:

    Will the coffee table book have different photos than the ones that have been posted on the blog and elsewhere on the Internet?

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