The Owl Box Red Sky

August 3, 2010

Photo by Donna Royal

This beautiful photo of the Owl Box was taken last night by Donna.

Update: DVDs arrived on time today. We spent most of the day reviewing samples and we will resume shipping tomorrow. The plan is to have all back orders and current orders shipped by Friday. All shipping is First Class US Postal Service, so you should be watching your mail box.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

23 Responses to “The Owl Box Red Sky”

  1. Lajollaseal Says:

    wow! Donna, me thinks you are giving Carlos’s photo talent a run for his money! Beautiful shot!!!


  2. Karen in Sebring, FL Says:

    This is gorgeous Donna. Maybe you could have a coffee table book made, too! Thanks to Carlos for sharing your photo.

  3. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    Beautiful Donna! And yes, I’ll be watching my mailbox.

  4. Marie Says:

    I saw the camera flash early evening last night and wondered what was going on and now I know.
    The thing that makes this photo most beautiful is knowing that Molly is inside her box with her new yet to be born babies….and YOU have given us this gift to observe once again. Thank you both so much!


  5. Cindy Kay Rhye Says:

    Wow! Donna took a beautiful picture… :O) And we can’t wait to see the DVD!! Yahoo!

    Carlos and Donna ~ Thanks for SO much for allowing us into your lives… Molly has been a blessing to so many of us.

  6. Tresbien Says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs with us Donna. <3

  7. Victoria Says:

    Donna: I feel like I’m sitting on your patio enjoying everything about this owl experience. As Marie stated above, it’s special because Molly is in there, and we love her so much.

    Thank you for sharing the love with all of us. You guys have earned your wings.

    Love, Victoria

  8. D.S. Langguth Says:

    What a gorgeous photo. This one needs to go into the coffee table book. Carlos will share with you, yes?
    And as Marie said earlier, knowing that Molly & the eggs are inside the box makes it more special. Nature can just be so subtle and spectacular at the same time. :)

  9. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Wasn’t the sky gorgeous last night! I took a lovely screen shot myself. Great photo!

  10. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    What a talented family you have. Beautiful photos. I will send along an order to Austin as soon as my finances for fall semester are in order. That should be by mid-month. Going back to college at my age is pretty scary but that is what I needed to do. I keep believing that it is the right choice, and working hard and you all have provided the hope. Without it some days would be too long. So once again thank you for sharing and my order to Austin will be forthcoming. I promise.

  11. Linda Greene Says:

    Donna..Great picture!! So happy that the DVDs arrived! Thanks for all the work u folks have put in on everyone’s behalf!!

  12. Christine Peters Says:

    Wonderful photo, Donna. You have such an eye for this. Living in the East, we don’t see sunsets like that much. Very nice!

  13. VeeTX Says:

    Thank you Carlos & Donna – for everything you do. Donna, this is a beautiful sunset photo. You’re as good a photographer as Carlos! Texas usually gets the pink sunset in the fall – my favorite season of the year. Thank you once again; especially for streaming Clutch #2. If an egg hatches on VacaDude’s birthday please consider naming it Dude or Dudette in his honor.

    Blessings to you on this beautiful (but hot) day in Dallas.

  14. VeeTX Says:

    Oh, happy for the news about Austin’s DVD – looking forwarding to getting it. Hoping more folks hop on the band wagon to help Austin earn money towards his college education. He’s a special young man; intelligent and with a good work ethic. Go Austin!!!! Your Grandfather is a great mentor and filled with great advice.

  15. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Good Morning~

    Donna, your picture is lovely as always!

    I was thinking about the DVD snafu and what a great learning experience it is for Austin. Should he continue on his path in business, this valuable lesson about resolving issues related to his products will serve him well going forward!
    What wonderful Grandparents he has!!

    One of the MOD Squad,

  16. Roz Says:

    Fantastic photography, Donna! Arizona Highways material, if you can relate! What a talented family! Love Austin’s DVD! He’s on his way! A “sometimes” lurker just down the road in La Jolla, Roz

  17. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    Lovely photo Donna, you and your family certainly have great talents.
    I am happy to know the new dvds have arrived, thanks for letting us know about delay. I am quietly jumping up and down awaiting the arrival of my copy; I plan to share with my family and expect to be ordering more in time. I also will be showing at our local library and then offering to purchase some Molly info for here… I challenge other MODs to do same… your library would love to have this info. for their members.

  18. Gail Says:

    Love all the photos posted here! Can’t wait to get Austin’s DVD.

  19. Elaine Says:

    Wow, what a lovely scene that is! It is full of meaning to my daughter and me. Thank you, Donna. You and Carlos are so talented!

  20. SMY0131 Says:

    Beautiful shot, Donna.

  21. deborahjo Says:

    What a gorgeous shot! :-)

  22. Jo-Ann Giunti Says:

    Donna…. Absolutely incredibly beautiful!!!!!!

  23. Genia Potter Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photo, Donna. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

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