New Moon Coming

August 2, 2010

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Molly’s Story DVD Update August 2, 2010

We received notice that the DVDs were shipped from Arizona last Friday and we should be receiving them August 3rd, which means we will be able to start shipping on Wednesday August 4th if they arrive on time. We are going to be bringing extra help and hope to up to date on all shipments by Friday August 6th.  We appreciate you patience in this matter.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

19 Responses to “New Moon Coming”

  1. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos ..thank you for keeping us in touch with Molly.. this has been such an incredible love story between Molly and McGee… It is like a fairy tale.. your pictures are so beautiful… I send my warm regards to you and Donna… Joan from Colorado

  2. Karen in Sebring, FL Says:

    Dear Carlos, I want to thank you for bringing Molly and McGee to the world again! Postponing your vacation! Donna is a sweetheart, too! You have a wonderful partnership together. And I’m sure Austin knows he has absolutely wonderful grandparents. God bless all of you. Love, Karen

  3. Pat Canada Says:

    Thank you for Molly, all the pictures, and keeping us up to date on the DVDs. You and Donna are such great people. I hope Austin appreciates what truly wonderful grandparents he has. Love Pat Canada

  4. Susan / Suey Pit Says:

    Pretty pic.

  5. Christine Peters Says:

    Thank you for the update. I ordered two and plan to give them for gifts. I have one of my own and just love it.

  6. Becky Woods Says:

    Thank you so much for all your time and effort! You are wonderful people and are appreciated by so many. We all realize the time and effort put into this project. Thanks again, hugs to you all! Becky from Arizona..we come to San Diego often…now I truly feel it is my “home away from home!”

  7. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my DVD. Tell Austin to start snipping tape now. We will want part 2 and the hard part will be done. More money for his college fund!!!

  8. leslie Says:

    LOVE that show with the moon! Gorgeous!

  9. leslie Says:

    Er, shoT with the moon. I need sleep. Thanks for all the great pics and updates.

  10. Maria Pugliese Says:

    Carlos, Donna , Austin
    I have had some trouble with DVD. It stops sometimes like its stuck but truly I can live with it. Its up to you guys. I know I got the fist pay pal order(you wrote on the box!) but I hate to see Austin lose money! If the company is replacing for you at no cost then you can send me a new one

  11. forrestsong Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Received the lovely DVD and have enjoyed it very much.
    Just wanted to let you know that there is no duty or taxes charged to Canadians for this shipment.
    So feel free to pass that along.
    Thank you. Good Job Austen.
    ~Forrest Song~

  12. emeraldcher Says:

    Great pic of box and new moon, Carlos! Great! Thanks for being our lifeline to watching Molly, McGee and their families! It’s so generous of both of you.

  13. Rita in DC Says:

    I just realized that the photo shows a waxing moon, not a waning moon, so it can’t be the current moon phase–unless the image got reversed somehow. Regardless, it’s a lovely photo.

  14. Penny Says:

    Hi…love all your Molly & McGee photos and watching the owl box has been a learning experience. Thank you so much. Have you considered Molly note cards? I would especially like Molly inspired Christmas cards to send to friends.

  15. Michaela Quinn Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Could we get the photo of the Owl Box and moon on a Coffee Cup? Or even note cards?
    Thanks for all you do!
    Michaela Quinn

  16. lisa hurylovich Says:

    Carlos, if it’s around 85 outside, how hot would it get in Molly’s box. I see her trying to cool off by “panting” and opening up her wings abit. Also, do they need water???

    Lisa :)

  17. flukestail Says:

    As usual, Carlos…beautiful photo of owl box w/ crescent moon.

  18. Carl Partridge Says:

    Carlos & Donna: There is a young lad named Alex Garcia just on Soc Stream with following story:
    Alex (13) and his dad were out driving in dads Ford pick-up when they saw an owl get hit by a car. They stopped, took owl to a zoo where owl was fixed and became part of zoo. Alex named him Ford. Alex is allowed to visit Ford at zoo anytime. We told him how proud we were of him for doing that and he asked me to tell you folks his story. Wasn’t that great? Carl Partridge

  19. ethger Says:

    Hi, Carlos,

    Here’s an example of visibly Skyping during a broadcast; I don’t know if you’ve tried it lately, but I remember you mentioning wanting to figure it out during the school events. Maybe Blake, the interviewer in this video, would share his technique with you.


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