Chris Adams Design #2

July 31, 2010

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Be sure to check out the Black T-Shirt Design. Wow!

Carlos and Donna Royal

13 Responses to “Chris Adams Design #2”

  1. Kevin from Maine Says:

    Hi Carlos: We have a Barn owl Box and we have 2 different pairs of Barn owls that use the same box at different times. Both pairs look almost identical. How we found out that we had to pairs using the box was last summer right after our first clutch fledged 3 days later another barn owl started to lay eggs again which we new couldn’t be the first female. so we kept watching and we would see the first pair flying around right before dark. this was 3 yrs ago and ever since then we have had the same 2 pairs share the box. So I was wondering if your box could have a different pair of barn owls this time around. I have seen quite a few people post in social stream and in the chat room that M&M are acting very different this time around and that’s what made me wonder if this maybe could be a different pair and not M&M.

    • trisha Says:

      hi, i am another one who doesnt think its molly in the box, ive watched from afar very closely since the first clutch and noticed the night of bonding, she seemed extremely apprehensive of entering the box and uneasy on her feet. In my opinion it looked like an owl never used the box before. sorry guys..just my thoughts.

  2. GAIL Says:

    I love the glowz mug.. Got to see Glowz last night for the first time.. it was awesome and a mug to celebrate. I think i will have to get one!!. for sure.. Can’t wait for the other mugs..

    thank for making for special designs for Mods. cause no one else would understand the mug!!!…

  3. Lynn Says:

    Correction on OwlBox2 videos.. The one from last night recorded last with McGee leaving w/ treat, etc..over to the right says ” Recorded July 29th” and its actually the 08-01-10 tape when u look on the video at the time in the top.. and I noticed it was a different date on another one from last night earlier.. If this is something that you do for a code etc..and its done that way for a reason.. Sorry :( .. just thought you might not have noticed.. and trying to help. Thanks for letting us watch again. enjoying it immensely on nights when I am hurting and can’t sleep.. It sure helps to have the company and amazing owls to view..

  4. Lynn Says:

    Replying to Kevin’s post above.. just wondering.. why it couldn’t be the same mother/female owl that was back at her box to lay her 2nd brood of eggs..( which they often do have 2 in a season)..because if the others have fledged..she would be able to lay a 2nd clutch at that reason not.. This has also happened that close together at Starr Ranch barn owls..and they are banded so they could see it was the same ones that came back days after last owlets fledged..and started 2nd egg laying..

    • Kevin from ME Says:

      Reply to lynns’s post above. Lynn I know they can have 2 clutches in a season and our barn owls have had 2 clutches in a season also. What I was saying was that I have seen a different pair of owls use our box right after the first pairs owlets fledged. So what I was wondering was could this be a different pair and not M&M.

      • carlosroyal Says:

        No, Molly and McGee were there every night. They did leave in the day time but they were back every night. Molly and McGee really never left. I have no doubts that it is Molly and McGee.

    • Kevin from Maine Says:

      Lynn We know that it’s a different female because the first female has a long solid white patch on her chest on the right side and the other female just has spots on her chest.

  5. Alexe Hayes-Attebery Says:

    Great new design! Keep them coming! I will probably have to order them all when you are done. Great job!

  6. Cindy Says:

    I LOVE the spider mug!! Best one yet!

  7. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Very clever the way Chris incorporated the names of Molly & McGee into the spider web. The black T-shirt with Glowz makes quite a statement. It is a definite conversation starter. Can’t see the back–does it have the web with the names of Molly & McGee?

    Austin, you did a superb job on the Molly DVD promo. So fun to see over & over again.

    Thank-you again Royals & Co.

  8. Gail Says:

    Love the new “Chris” designs….dealmaker for me is that LARGE size mugs are offered. (The Transferit cup is way too small for me, and I probably wont use it for drinking)

  9. SMY0131 Says:

    Glowz mug is awesome! Love it!!!

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