Glowz is becoming a Star

July 30, 2010

This is a typical spider found in our yard.

This is not Glowz but Glowz could be the same type of spider. I took this photo a few years ago in our yard and it is typical of the spiders we see usually in the early morning or we walk into their webs at night.  I look for both Chris Adams and John Vacadude to illustrate Glowz since he/she is becoming such a main character in this second clutch.  It should be fun. If you have suggestions let them know.  Have you ever wondered why 7 times in your life you wake up not feeling good? I may have the answer. Last night someone posted in the chat room that the average person swallows 7 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping. I don’t know if that is true or not but I put a mask on last night.

I have not taken any photos the last two nights because McGee has decided he is not coming in until after 11 PM PDT and I have gone to bed. He did this during the first clutch also coming in as late as 1 AM. Once the eggs start to hatch I look for McGee to start coming in early again. I think the reason that McGee is not bringing in as much food is that Molly is not asking for it. During the first clutch when it was colder at night she squawked all night long, now with the warmer weather she hardly squawks at all.

It will also be interesting to see if Molly gives us the same clue she did in the first clutch as to when the first egg was about ready to hatch. She switched from swallowing her food whole to ripping off small pieces. So keep a close watch for this to happen. We are only 7 to 10 days away from projected first egg hatching.  If I remember correctly, all the eggs except Max, hatched during the day time, mostly noon to 6 PM. To be honest I had thought most of them would have been born at night to give them more protection but that didn’t happen.  We will see if that continues to be the case.

DVD Update: DVDs, Molly’s Story, are to be shipped to us August 5th so it look like they are going to be close to the 10 days they said. We will start shipping as soon as we receive them.  Austin is still taking orders just shipping has been delayed.

 Carlos Royal

P.S. I look up the bit about swallowing spiders while sleeping. It is not true so I tossed my mask in the trash.  I feel better now, how about you. It seems that myth was created by a newspaper columnist just to show how gullible people are.

20 Responses to “Glowz is becoming a Star”

  1. Ericka Says:

    Yikes! I sure don’t like the looks of that thing!

  2. Susan / Suey Pit Says:

    N-o-o-o-o-o! (as to scarey spider..but actually good photo). Interesting about McGees arrival pattern!

  3. Paula Says:

    Wow, he’s lovely. We certainly don’t get spiders like that in England (thankfully, phew – I’d be scared!). Carlos I was so lucky to tune in on Wednesday I think it was and catch your chat. Hope you have a great weekend :-)

  4. Katy Van Note Says:

    What a great photo! Spiders are good if not scary. They are Molly’s Maids, keeping her home insect free!

  5. That is a good thought about glowz keeping the nest free of insects. I never bother with spiders outside, just don’t like them in my house…they seem to eat each other more than anything else;)

  6. sfsueny Says:

    see…we are becoming experts on all sorts of natures wonders!

  7. VeeTX Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the info regarding McGee & Molly’s behavior the first time around and that all eggs hatched in the day except for Max. We just continue to learn more about these lovable owls.

    I’m sooooo glad that statement about swallowing spiders in our sleep isn’t true. Now maybe I can sleep in peace again. Thank you for that too!



  8. Makalani Says:

    Aloha kakou – greetings to all ~

    Thought you’d like to know of a fabulous site for bug identification is It is run by an art teacher located in the LA basin who’s totally into bugs, plus angel fish and now a trio of chickens. They accept submissions from around the world from people needing to know about bugs.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Tammy Smith Says:

    I’m getting excited about the new owlets. Can’t wait!

  10. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    Thank you Carlos, esp for the info re: swallowing spides, that was freaking me out, I was digging like mad for a mask. Phew, glad you found the truth. We can all again sleep well.
    Thank you, also, for information regarding the feeding and egg hatching, I missed all that last time so this time I as so thankful to be able to see it.
    You and Donna have a great weekend, you certainly have a wonderful yard.

  11. Selena K Says:

    Does anyone remember singing that song: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she’ll die….it goes on and on and the critters get larger and larger.
    Flashback to the good ole days :)

  12. Cindy Says:

    I wonder if that spider will write messages in it’s web like the spider on Charlotte’s web?

  13. Cornichon Says:

    According to this very reliable website, the swallowing spiders “fact” is very much a myth:

  14. flukestail Says:

    Well, and Donna had me convinced to consider San Marcos as a place to retire some day.
    But after seeing the picture of that spider…no way. I might have to stay right where I’m at. The colors, the size…gives me the creeps. House rule: When you share the mortgage, you can share the house. When you share the yard work, you can share the property. When the mortgage is paid and the yard work is done…well, I’ll make new rules.

  15. Grace Shaw Says:

    Is Austin going to make a second DVD with the second clutch?

  16. Cindy Says:

    I LOVE that spider mug!!!

  17. Susan Belloff Says:

    Loved the spider and the mask story! Made me laugh out loud!!

  18. animalabse Says:

    Could even be related to Glowz if shes the same type.

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