Count Down is On (8 to 12 Days)

July 28, 2010

Click on Image

Click on Image


Owl eggs usually hatch in 30 to 34 days that means we could have our first hatch in in 8 days to 12 days from now or August 5th to August 9th.  As we get closer I am sure you will be staying up late just to make sure you don’t miss the action. Chris Adams, illustrator of Molly The Owl Book has come out with his first Mug design in a series of five. It has just been released. Click Image above.  As you will notice he has a Mug for both day time and night time viewing. (Night Vision).  Of course, there are those that are wondering if the first egg will even hatch or will we have another Dudley. We believe Molly will beat the odds and have four hatchlings.  Order your mug(s) today and have them before the first hatch.  CafePress is really fast about getting out your orders.  I will be scheduling some “Hatch Chats,” in the next few days to answer questions. 

The photo above is McGee bringing in a small opossum. Remember when Molly ate two opossums in one day.  This is one of them. There has been a lot of talk about how much less food McGee is bringing in this time around. It could be because Molly does not need as much food because it is not as cold at night. I don’t know that for a fact, but it sounds plausible to me. I what I do know is that McGee seems to totally control what goes on in the box with food…Getting Molly into the box, the egg laying and the owlets coming out of the box.  At this point I am not concerned about Molly’s food supply; McGee has proven himself to be a good provider.  

I will be posting daily updates here so check back daily for the latest breaking news. 

DVD shipments still on hold as we wait for replacement DVDs, we think they should be here in about 8 days but have not received a firm date as of today. 

It looks like the Coffee Table Book is a go; we should have confirmed pricing later in the week according to Eric and a place where you can pre-order. All the Best,

Carlos and Donna Royal

23 Responses to “Count Down is On (8 to 12 Days)”

  1. Pat Harris Says:

    I am so excited about the coffee table book. Can’t wait to order mine. Thank you so much for this second go round. I didn’t start watching the last time until the hatchlings were a little older. This has been so much fun!!! I cannot thank you enough. You are super!!!

  2. Cheryl Owen Says:

    Hi Carlos!! Could you please, please, please, please schedule one of your chats and come and see us on Sportsmans Paradise Online? There are so many people on there that would love to ‘talk’ to you!! … but if you do, could you make it earlier than 6pm your time as I’m in the UK and often miss your chats due to it being the middle of the night here LOL!! Thank you!… and thank you and Donna for doing this again, we really appreciate it! xx

  3. Genia Potter Says:

    Wow, that picture is amazing; seems McGee is beautiful all over, not just his Leggs!

  4. Sharon Palac Says:

    Thanks for the belly laugh–that Leggs McGee night vision mug is so funny, I must have one!

  5. 1skatr Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    thank you for adding more chat time for us, and we invite you to come visit those of us who dwell in the “TWITTER asylum” because we have a lot of fun and lots of questions, too! Bunches of former Lurkers have “come out” on TWEET to join the MODNESS and everynight we speculate on the fate of Boris the Spider who seems to have the camera lens confused for “up the water spout!”
    Thrilled about the coffee table book and all the new mugs, designs, and can’t wait for your live broadcasts: we LOVE YOU AND DONNA AND M&M!!!

  6. Tina Says:

    I’m a life long birder and wildlife enthusiast and I’ve been thinking about this food thing -what if this isn’t McGee? What if it is a different male, one more inexperienced or younger. Without banding, as they do with the Kodak peregrine falcons, we don’t know for sure. I don’t think the weather would make a difference in the feeding behavior. I’ve read that barn owls have big appetites so it seems unlikely that the weather would change that. Just my two cents…but so far I can’t find any research that addresses this issue.

  7. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    I am just back home from a week visit to see my family in SC and had no internet. I couldn’t wait to get back and check in for some updates. This is the first email I have sent out. I had 330 emails when I signed in. Glad I didn’t miss much. Now I’m on egg watch. Even though I am on the east coast, I watch until about 3am my time. I am loving the 2nd time around. Thanks so much for broadcasting again!!!

  8. Alex Says:

    Aloha from Maui!

    Carlos and Donna,

    Yesterday morning I was shocked to see a barn owl sitting on top of a bush that is growing in a ditch beside our condo complex! It was 9:10am! I saw it fly over by a hedge along the ditch so went on “owl patrol”. I found him all nestled in thick shrubbery. He was sleeping and not aware I was looking in on him. It was sooooo OWLsome to see him, especially after following Molly, McGee and the owlets of the first clutch and now the second clutch. I took some pics, not as good as yours by any means but I tried. Years ago I saw an owl fly by and thought it was neat, this has way more meaning to me now.

    Thank you for all you do to provide us with viewing to Molly’s world. It’s been a wonderful experience!!

    With Warmest Aloha,
    Tulipgirl Maui

  9. Spragadoo Says:

    In reguards to the DVD. Yes I got a bad one. I wondered why there was a “black bar” over one of the pictures. Replacement would be nice if you so chose.

  10. Lisa Sharp Says:

    Yay! New mugs! Thank you to you and Chris. And I am so looking forward to the hatchings. Everyone, including the owls, seem more relaxed this time. It’s wonderful!

  11. Nancy Harp Says:

    Once again thanks so much to Carlos and Donna for giving so many this wonderfull experience. I am visiting grand-kids in Mississippi and now they too are hooked on Molly and Mcgee. I know they will love the hard cover Molly book when it comes.

  12. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Morning Eggylicious Carlos and Donna!

    Will pre-orders on the coffee table book be signed by you and Donna? I’m a bit $trapped and wasn’t able to get The Molly Book, etc., but will definitely want the coffee table book. having it signed would make my day for a very long time :)

    MODestly yours,
    julie beddome

  13. D.S. Langguth Says:

    WOW!! What incredible value. When you said that you were going to price your forthcoming coffee table book in the $50 range (with 100-150 pages of photos) I could not believe it. What a deal! It will be a cherished addition to those I already have by Ansel Adams & Martin Johnson Heade.

    Chis, love the “Leggs” McGee mugs.

    Carlos, looking forward to your “hatch” chats. :)

  14. Marla Spellenberg Says:

    I, too, anxiously await the new coffee table book! And to see photos that haven’t been posted. Awesome!

    Chris, love the new mugs, especially the nite version of Leggs… which is what we all saw and loved!

    Carlos, would it be possible to offer the Molly & McGee T-shirt (like the calendar cover) on a Woman’s T-shirt, and maybe a mug and tote… I’d love a T, but Men’s T’s are too big.

    Love you and Donna! Thank you again for all you’ve done to accommodate us. The DVD is really wonderful, and is a remembrance forever!

    Ketaki (aka, me, marla!)

  15. Kathy Bowman Says:

    Dear Carlos and crew,
    I am so happy that the coffee table book is a go. Your photography is wonderful and the whole process of nature taking its course has been such a wonderful reminder of the grandeur of nature. It has been soul satisfying. I got the DVD, it stopped for brief periods where there was some pixillation, but then started again and went on to the end. What a wonderful production and what a wonderful way to help to finance a talented young man’s future education. Thank you for all of your efforts and for broadcasting the second clutch. I didn’t get to see the beginning of the first one so this is a real treat.

    Kathy Bowman

  16. flukestail Says:

    Made my day to read the coffee table book is a go!
    This is Christmas gift to myself. So looking forward to seeing the gorgeous photos Carlos took during the 1st go-round. I, too, would love to have it autographed as well. Thanks for making this book happen!

  17. Selena K Says:

    Thank you Carlos! The coffee table book is going to be fantastic! I will be sure to order mine as well!

    Looking forward to the hard cover book :)

    All the best to you and your family!

  18. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Yaaa!! The coffee table book. I am so excited. I for sure want a coffee table book. I sent an e mail way back when the possibility was mentioned. Do I need to send another email? Thank you Carlos and Donna for once again providing such a cool experience that does not compare to what is on tv today. This truly is real life. God Bless!!!

  19. Mary Jo Says:

    Love Legs McGee!

  20. Bonnie Hafdell aka jacumbaowlwtchr Says:

    So eggcited that there will be a coffee table book. You are amazing people. Thanks for all you have done and do!!

  21. Fran Says:

    I have ordered a DVD but read in the blog somewhere that Austin had 50 DVDs to donate. I would love to request one for the Assisted Living Facility my Mom is in. How would I go about this?

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