John Atkinson (Vacadude) Visits The Owl Box

July 25, 2010

IMG_2836 John Atkinson and Carlos Royal

John Atkinson, Carlos Royal and The Owl Box

John and his wife were in town for Comic-con 2010 so they stopped by to see The Owl Box. They got to see McGee fly in and go to the kestrel box but McGee did not come sit on the fledge ledge like he has been doing almost every night since the second clutch started. We figured it was because Molly was stuffed. She had consumed two Opossums during the day. 

We are now on day 19 of the brooding cycle…Only 14 days to go for estimated first egg hatch.  My, how time flies when you are having fun.  The speculation has already started as to what Donna will name them. The names will be released as each egg hatches, not before. Will Molly beat the odds and have all 4 eggs hatch?  We hope so.  One really bright spot is the weather has been really nice, not too hot and not too cold.

We tried to add another outside camera yesterday to show the kestrel box at night but it was not acceptable quality. We will  replace it today and see if we can get the quality up.  We replace them during the day time but we have no idea how they are going to work until it gets dark and then we have to work around Molly and McGee.  McGee usually goes to the kestrel box before making an entrance to The Owl Box. Also, the owlets flew to the kestrel box to test their wings, so want to be able to show you that if we can.

You can support The Owl Box by visiting our CafePress Store. There you can purchase T-shirts, Mugs, Cards, Prints and other items. Have fun looking around.

Molly’s Story a documentary on DVD by Austin Faure is available and 100% goes to Austin’s College Fund.

If you are looking for Molly the owl eBook, or hardcover  then go to   This is where you will also find the Molly Song and the eCookbook.

For Chris’ Fine Art Prints  and for a MOD’s Journal go to

Carlos and Donna Royal

17 Responses to “John Atkinson (Vacadude) Visits The Owl Box”

  1. Liz Says:

    As usual, you are going above and beyond to make this second clutch so much fun! Not only are you allowing us to see Molly and McGee again, but your daily blog updates and wonderful photos are one more thing to look forward to. You continue to amaze us every day! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Laurie Bishop Says:

    I received Austin’s DVD and I am very happy with it! It is the best memento of the experience and I am so glad I have it. Thanks so much again.

  3. 1skatr Says:

    hi Carlos, well, we jumped the gun on Twitter last night with an “egg naming contest” and had lots of fun: can hardly wait until they hatch so we can find out what their names will really be. we picked “Eggscaliber” and “Eggbert” and a few other really fun names! Thank you for your daily blog posts, too, i have them linked to my blog and my friends have thanked me for keeping them (they work!) up to date! We MODS really love you and feel like family!

  4. Shelley Says:

    How can I find out if the DVD I ordered has already been sent or if it is one of the ones that is waiting for the next batch of shipping? I am in Canada and originally had given a friend’s address in the USA for it to be sent to. Now that I know you are shipping to Canada at no extra cost, if it hasn’t been sent, can I have it sent directly to me at home? Thanks, and looking forward to it!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We won’t know until we unbox over 400 DVDs that were packaged up and were ready for shipping. If you have received it then more than likely it is still here.

      Carlos Royal

  5. Carlos, thanks for the update. I have to admit I was concerned when I heard that McGee brought nothing to eat for Molly last night. I can’t wait for the 14th day to come. I am sure Donna has her “naming cap” on and will come up with nice new names.

  6. Dyana McNeal (dymc) Says:

    As if I didn’t think you and Donna went above and beyond the first time around, I’m convinced that you have now. Thank you so much for broadcasting the second clutch. Thank you for the sacrifices you and Donna have made to make a lot of “strangers” happy! We are looking forward to the hatching of the 2nd clutch! I can’t wait to hear Donna’s names for them! Thanks again for all you’ve done. God Bless You, Dyana McNeal!

  7. Jerri Weed Says:

    Thanks for taping last nights Molly in Box. If you check into about 2 hours and 41 minutes into it you see an egg move. Molly had left the Box. Also Glowz the Spider showed up at 2 hours 43 minutes into video. Pretty Cool.
    Thanks Again,

  8. gina Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Gee- I feel like I know you! After all,I do check in with you and Molly first thing every morning. Having been a dedicated Molly watcher since March, I am simply thrilled to have a sequel. You have opened my eyes up to a beautiful part of nature that I knew nothing of – I thank you so much.
    ps. you and Donna are the cutest couple ever!

  9. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    We watched the Molly DVD last night and loved it. Austin you did an excellent job! You get an A++ from us. Carlos we loved you also. The music choices were great.

    Thank you again for everything!

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  10. Marianne Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna,

    I’ve greatly enjoyed watching Molly and her kids and have some ideas for names for the new babies.

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience.

  11. Denise Thies Says:


    I just watched the interview with you and Vacadude – so cute! Just a little suggestion – when you’re at “Command Central” doing chats with us MODs, how about writing or typing a little note that says “RECORD” in red and sticking it on the computer so you see it everytime, thus reminding you to hit the “RECORD” button. Sorry if this has already been suggested, but just thought it might be of help.

    I love everything you and Donna are doing for all of us – but most importantly, how selfless of you to give up your long-awaited, summer vacation in favor of broadcasting once again. You are two very, very special people and are making so many people happy by giving those who missed out on the first clutch a second chance to experience Molly and McGee’s little brood.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Austin’s DVD. Everyone is saying how great it is. Austin deserves every penny he earns and what a great way to get that college fund going. I am sure he’s going to be a great success given the fine example provided by his grandparents.

    Thank you again for all you are doing!

    Denise Thies
    Fullerton, CA

  12. Connie Kiehler Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Wanted to let you know that your site most likely saved the life of a little bird today. My husband summoned me to see a bird stuck to a pine cone in a tree by our patio. Since neither of us knew exactly what to do, my first thought was to come to Molly’s chat room and ask them what to do. Immediately, TivahfromVA suggested that we use a kitchen towel to calm the bird down. There were several other chatters who wanted to help me as well. After cutting the branch down, we put the towel over the bird which did calm him down from flapping his wings, into a sleeplike mode and put him into a small box. Then my husband gently pried the pine cone away from the bird’s tiny feet. After taking the towel off of him, he then flew off. It was kind of scary, thinking that he could have injured himself or starved to death as he was really stuck into that cone. I am so thankful that the chat room is 24/7 with mods and chatters willing to help with a situation such as this. I went back to report to them what transpired as a result of their help and thanked them. The mods and chatters were thrilled to hear the results. I’m sure the tiny bird is thankful as well. It is great to know that we have a place such as your chat room with many people who are helpful in many ways.
    Thanks so much for M&M’s site and chat room. I just wanted to share with you this real situation that happened with us and a bird in distress.

  13. Sarafam Says:

    Hi Carlos!

    We finally got the chance to watch Austin’s DVD last night! All of us were mesmerized as we reminisced Molly’s first clutch. Almost half way through the video just stopped :( We tried over and over again to get it going. Please put us down to ship a new DVD when they are available.

    None of us can thank you enough for broadcasting again. What an experience!

    Jennifer Sara

  14. Donna Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    I just ordered the Molly Cook Book. Wow, it’s great. I can’t wait to start trying all the recipes. What fun.


  15. Michaela Quinn Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I’m still here, (mqinn) on chat, but about 4 days ago it stop working… Still trying to get on. I also ordered EBook, ECook Book, Hard copy book, & DVD. I wish I could get back to chat but the system is telling me System Failure. Don’t know what the problem is. I can see Molly. Love the EBook and ECook Book. Thank you for all you do, but I feel so lost in cyber space. Hope to get back on soon.
    Love you all,
    Michaela Quinn

  16. Elsa Lichman Says:

    hi, i was away on a little island in canada in lake erie! they have owls there but i didn’t see or hear one!
    my dvd was defective, and i see that a replacement did not arrive while i was away. do you know if one has been sent? or if you can send one at this point? thanks much. elsa

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