OB and OB2 on Big Screen TV

July 24, 2010

Ustream on TV

TOB and TOB2 on TV

Mimosa Tree

Owl Box and Mimosa Tree

With the help of Austin’s new school computer. We were able to watch both the Owl Box and Owl Box 2 on the TV at the same time. Pretty cool. The TV just acts like a second computer monitor. I know, many of you already knew how to do this but it was a  first for us.

John Atkinson and his wife are coming over tonight. May be I can get him on Ustream for a live chat. Just thought about that, let me see what I can do.  Both Molly and McGee are doing great. Also check out Owl Box 2 in the day time. I will be showing a recording of the night camera from the night before…Outside the box.  This is more for those on the east coast that were sleeping.

You can support the owl box by visiting our CafePress site. 

You can support Austin’s education by purchasing  Molly’s Story a Documentary on DVD.

For Molly eBooks, The Hardcover Book and Molly’s Song go to Molly The Owl Books

Enjoy your Day,

Carlos Royal

32 Responses to “OB and OB2 on Big Screen TV”

  1. Rita in DC Says:

    Once again, Carlos, Donna, Austin, and Vacadude too, thank you so much for everything!

    –Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in very rare visits to Chat

  2. Lajollaseal Says:

    Carlos, I love the perspective of the trees to the owl box, very cool! Also, love the video set up, I will try that (minus the two HUGE t.v.’s)

    Was Vacadude in costume at Comic Con!?

    My suggestion name for Aug 8th egg, my Dad will be 69 on Aug 8th and his name is Harvey. ;-)



  3. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos
    watching dear little McGee so faithfully keeping watch over Molly for hours last night… what a sweet love story this is.. what great fun for you to now see the owls on TV… I am not surprised that you and Donna couldn’t bring yourselves to leave on vacation and miss all of the drama unfolding in your own backyard.. the best vacation of all… Thanks for the ongoing fairy tale…Joan from Colorado

  4. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    You are all just great for doing all of this for us. Once again you and Donna have exceeded expectations and it it totally appreciated.


  5. Pat Ewing Says:

    Thanks for thinking about us east coasters.

  6. Marie Says:

    Carlos, I adore you and Donna. I love how you are always thinking of what to do next…it makes me smile. Please tell Austin I received my Molly DVD and he did a wonderful job! Love it!!


  7. Keri Says:

    Thanks again to all of you for allowing us this second opportunity to indulge our MOD-ness! I didn’t realize how much I missed Molly, McGee, and their babies until the live broadcast started again. I’m looking forward to watching this new clutch grow strong and beautiful and take off into the night!

  8. didinp Says:

    Carlos and Donna you continue to awe us! Have a great time with John and his wife that sounds like a HOOT. I wonder if he will come over in costume from Comic-Con? I just love the shots of your tree how pretty>

    Have a Grand Day

  9. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Another beautiful photo of McGee. He is just majestic. What wonderful trees to have.

    Donna, keep up the excellent work with camera 2.

    Carlos, please don’t forget to hit the “record” button for the live chat with John Atkinson (for those of us who won’t be available to see tonight & would like to see it another time).

    Carlos, I have 2 of your framed photos of the owls in my office. Great incentive to go to work. They make me so happy.

    Austin, keep positive about the “bad” DVDs. We know it will all be resolved. You handled the situation very professionally. It will not stop me from ordering another copy for the neighbor children next door.

    Thank-you so much for everything. :)

  10. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Thanks again for everything! Come on over to Sportsman’s Paradise some time and visit!! :)

  11. didinp Says:

    I meant to add that I purchased the photo of Max in the palm tree from cafepress – I am so so happy I did. Will cherish it forever!

    Thank you again for all you have done


  12. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you Royal’s.. you just keep giving and giving, and we do so appreciate it all.

    It would be lovely seeing VacaDude on a chat with you.. Hope it works out.

    Austin’s DVD is just marvelous. What a talented young man he is.

  13. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    I just continue to marvel at this whole experience. It is the coolest thing ever. Thank you Carlos and Donna for including the whole world in this experience. It has and continues to be spectacular. I have Molly on my computer pretty much 24/7 and anyone who comes to visit me in my home has to come back to my computer room to see how she’s doing. God bless and once again, Thank you!
    Darlene from NW Oregon

  14. Kim Gorman Says:

    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself, Carlos! I think we have all adopted you and Donna and Austin as our second family and Molly and McGee as our own personal pets. Though we realize in the back of our minds that they are truly wild creatures and nature will take place, we know they have had the best possible existence they could have, thanks to you and Donna, and that’s what we would wish for our own animals.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. It continues to be that “Gee this is fun and I’m so glad I’m a part of it” experience!


  15. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos. I hope you and John are on tonight. I miss seeing you both! I’ve never done the computer screen on tv yet myself but I should. It can’t be that difficult…just a cable hook up maybe?

  16. Melanie (luvs2bassfish) Says:

    We all appreciate you, Donna & Austin’s hard work y’all have done on this incredible project. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough! You inspire us to be better people! Thank You!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Email me on how to hook up the HDTV to be used as a monitor!!!! I have a desktop computer, but no laptop. I have a wireless router hooked up & I have internet on my HDTV! How do i tell my desktop in office to use the HDTV in living room as a monitor???? I appreciate any help!!!!
    (luvs2bassfish at yahoo dot com)

  17. Katherine Bjelke Says:

    Thank you for sharing! The Mimosa tree is beautiful. I’m looking into connecting pc to tv. What a wonderful idea! This is so much fun to watch and learn. Oh, tell Austin that he did a wonderful job with the Molly DVD!

  18. Jerri Weed Says:

    Hi All,

    I ordered my DVD on July 15th via Paypal but haven’t heard a word. I know you all have them on hold but I didn’t know if you send out a message when mailed.
    Jerri in Phoenix, AZ

  19. Pat Canada Says:

    Carlos, Thank you again – you keep going and going – it is awesome. I know, you have MOD as bad as we do.. Have a great evening.

  20. Kathy Stansbury Says:

    Beautiful mimosa! We are enjoying Molly and McGee so much. I hope you will treat yourselves to a night out, visit to the Coronado, dinner, etc. You deserve it and we will love to see some beach pictures, too? Gratefully, Kathy S.

  21. Genia Potter Says:

    Beatiful pictures of that gorgeous, hummer-attracting mimosa tree, and I just melt every time I see sweet McGee. Can’t get over how much Austin (Owl) looks like his dad!
    You add such joy to my days.

  22. Sally Dausch Says:

    Just got my DVD, been away, what a pleasant surprise to find in my mailbox the story of Molly and McGee and the 4 owletts. I do believe you managed to get every one of my favorite moments on the dvd. Thank you Austin, you have done yourself and your family proud. No question you will be able to accomplish amazing things in your life, you have shown that you have the will and the talent to carry you where ever you might want to go, good luck young man, I am sure we will be hearing more about you in the years to come.

    thank you all

    Sally L Dausch

  23. Alice/fellini123 Says:

    You mean all this time us East Coasters were supposed to SLEEP?????? Boy have I been missing out!! LOL Thanks again Carlos, this is so much fun!!! And I am there!!!

    Alice in Virginia <—–not in Tucson!!

  24. Jennifer Byars Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I got the DVD Austin made and I love it! He did such a wonderful job on it. I know you are proud of him! Mine does skip, though, on Day 78, I believe. Not sure if that is normal or not. If it isn’t normal, I’d love to have a new one sent. My mailing address is:
    Jennifer Byars
    50 Pauline Drive
    Adamsville, TN 38310
    My 6 year old son is standing over my shoulder right now begging me to tell you that he loves your pictures! Our whole family loves them. Thanks for all you do. We are so happy we are getting to watch Molly and McGee again!
    Take care,
    Jennifer Byars

  25. Steve Says:

    Love the DVDs but got 2 bad ones out of 6(watched them all) I actually enjoyed watching them 6 times, the DVD is beautiful. Please send the 2 replacements to

    Steve Sehr
    2268 Venada RD NE
    Rio Rancho, NM 87144


  26. Linda D. Greene Says:

    Carlos and Donna..Thanks so much for recording nighttime. This eastcoaster is very appreciative!!!
    Life is good now that I can get more sleep (lol)

  27. Pam Hope Says:

    My husband is disabled and wants to watch Molly on TV, can you tell me what to buy and how to hook it up so that he might enjoy it.
    Been a fan since the beginning can not thank you enough. Watching Molly has gotten us through some hard times. Thanks for the joy.
    Pam and Eddie Hope

  28. Shirley Says:

    Thank you so much for broadcasting the second clutch. Now things are back to ‘normal’ with Molly back on the spare laptop while I am working in my home office.

  29. elsa lichman Says:

    52 Derby Street
    Waltham, Mass. 02453
    hi, just checking back in to make sure i get a good one of the dvd sent to me. mine unfortunately was one of the defective ones. thanks so much. elsa

  30. elsa lichman Says:

    52 Derby Street, Waltham, Mass. 02453
    send a good replacement one please. forgot to check the notification box on the last email. sorry. e

  31. Marianne Says:

    thank you again for broadcasting Molly and McGee’s second clutch! It is a really wonderful experience and, on a personal note it is giving me some sunshine in an otherwise very dark time in my life.

    Bless you


  32. Jan Says:

    Carlos, I would be interested in the following prints or tiles:

    June 12th — Wesley – Maybe I’ll Go
    October 3rd — Molly Up Close
    October 13th — Carrie I’m Jumping in wiht both feet!

    Thank you! Hope others will be interested in these photos too!

    Thank you, Carlos & Donna! It HAS been fun & I’m so glad I was a part of it!

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