DVD Shipments Put On Hold

July 21, 2010

DVD Shipments put on hold.

We put all shipments of the DVD on hold today. We had over 400 packaged up with labels and stamps and was headed to the post office when we received notice that it appears we received some bad DVDs. Also, if you received a notice that your DVD has been shipped UPS, please ignore that message. Nothing has been shipped UPS, that is just a glitch in the system with Pay Pal that we are working to fix. It may take a week or so to get the replacements DVDs. We will keep you posted.

How do you know if you got one of the bad DVDs? Only a few are bad. We think we caught most of them before they were shipped but not all.

You received a bad DVD if it does not play all the way through. If the DVD hangs up or the screen goes black or partially black that is not acceptable and we will replace it. You do not need to send the bad DVD back to us,  (don’t spend the money) just toss it out and send us an email with your shipping address, we will confirm your email address as having purchased and we send you a new one when the replacements arrive.  

Please Note: There is some pixilation in all the DVDs due to the quality of the video used to make the documentary. That does not mean the DVD is bad. The pixilation is created when low resolution video is rendered to DVD format. The only solution is to edit it out which Austin did in most cases but in a few scenes he decided to leave it in because he thought it was important to the story. When doing a documentary you have to use the video you have which in many cases as you can see is not the best, but it is the best that he had to work with.  

We apologize for this inconvenience, but please bear with us while we resolve this manufacturing issue. One thing is for sure, Austin is getting a real education.   

Carlos Royal

26 Responses to “DVD Shipments Put On Hold”

  1. Genia Potter Says:

    That must be so frustrating for you both, but that’s the way life and business go, sometimes. I’m sure all of us will wait patiently, eager to get the DVD, but understanding that things happen!

  2. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Thanks for informing us and for your professionalism in handling this. We will be patient now that we know what is going on.

  3. Carly Says:

    Oh, Carlos, we are so sorry. And after all your work… Tell Austin, don’t worry, it will all work out. No hurry at all. Wish we could help you with re-boxing all those dvds. Hope this hasn’t dampened his enthusiam for the project. Sometimes these things just can’t be helped and perhaps, a break might do you all good!

  4. Jan Halstead Says:

    Thanks for updating us about the DVDs. I was wondering what happened to mine since I got the notice it was shipped UPS. Kept rushing home every evening and they weren’t there in my mail box. Now I don’t have to worry they were stolen and can relax and wait a little longer. Getting to watch Molly and McGee in real life will help me be patient as long as necessary. This has to be frustrating for all of you as well. God bless all you do for all of us. Jan in Indiana

  5. Diana Schleicher Says:

    Thank you Carlos! I got my DVD last week and it’s ok. An awesome job. How can we ever repay you for all your kindness?

    Diana in Oregon

  6. Rosemary in Dallas Says:

    Thank you Carlos… We totally understand and will wait however long it takes. That is the least we can do for all that you have done for

  7. Lisa Sharp Says:

    Carlos, should we send our emails to Austin’s address?

    I did receive a bad one but did not realize the problem was a wide spread as it was. I was going to live with it but I thank you for making it right with everyone. You guys rock even more than I can say! :)


    I was very delighted to receive the dvd this past weekend.However,at 35:23 into the dvd it freezes up.Have tried to clean it but to no avail does it work…skips up 10 mins…should I send back??

  9. kim Says:

    Hang in there, Austin! You are doing a great job!

  10. Mel Penton Says:

    Not to worry Carlos! We appreciate your care and letting everyone know too. We can be patient, so tell Austin all is well. After all we are all busy watching the most famous Owl in the world and her four new eggs. That should hold us for awhile.
    You are indeed a kind and wonderful friends to the world! Thanks again for all you have done. Love, Melodie Penton

  11. BonnieKay Says:

    Thats OK. Glad you did not pay shipping before you found the problem. I can wait. It is well worth it and we all still thank you and Austin for a great job and for sharing M&M with us. Bonnie

  12. emeraldcher Says:

    What a learning lesson for a young lad to learn. So glad you caught it before having sent them all out. Truly sorry for all the extra work involved.

    Both Donna and you are truly “giving Austin his wings” too!

    Stay positive. All will work out. Give Donna an extra hug. As a grandma too, I know how much “work” we put in our grandchildren! *wink*

  13. Nancy Miller Says:

    Thanks so much for notifying us! This continues to be the most fantastic experience I have ever had with my computer.

  14. Elaine Pontious Says:

    I would like to submit the name of an organization that would enjoy receiving a Molly DVD. It is a residential center for adults with developmental disabilities (it’s where my 24yo son moved last September).

    Beverly Farm Foundation
    Att: Don Pruitt, Day Training Coordinator
    6301 Humbert Road
    Godfrey, IL 63035


    You can learn more about Beverly Farm by visiting their website:

    Thank you so much for considering a donation to this organization. Beverly Farm has been in existence for over 100 years. There are over 300 residents who come from 40 different states.

    Elaine Pontious, St. Louis, MO

  15. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Appreciate the update. Although this is a major setback, stuff happens. This is just part of being in business. Communicating with your customers to let them know what is going on is crucial especially when first starting out. Austin is learning such valuable lessons in this endeavor. You are teaching him well!

    The true Molly fans will understand and be patient.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  16. OwlyKats Says:

    Carlos Donna & Austin
    I am sorry to hear about the glitch with the DVD. Now there is so much added work for you. Hang in there and don’t loose your positive outlook! I am happy to wait as long as it takes for things to get straightend out. I hope you know just how much your project means to me.
    Life is full of ups & downs and they are there to strengthen our characture. So Thank You all from the bottom of my heart.

    With sincere gratitude,
    Kat Stevenson
    Colorado Springs, Co

  17. Estelle Perlin Says:

    Hi Carlos, I am happy that you caught this….Mine has times where it blanks out and stops, but I won’t let it go because I thought that was the way it was suppose to be. Please let me know when you have it fixed….You can replace the one I have, but I want to buy many more to give away to my elderly residents and some want to buy them as well…Thanks for catching this…I just didn’t care…You are wonderful!!!!I bought the DVD under Sassynsmart5@aol.com

  18. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    I, along with Molly had patience for the eggs to hatch. I had patience for the “kids” to fly. I certainly have patience to wait for the dvd, so no worry.

  19. Bonnie Hafdell aka jacumbaowlwtchr Says:

    I, too, am having problems. Thought it was just part of the video, until I chatted with others at the box. Do I email Austin at austin4media.com? Thanks for all the updates. I hope this problem is not too costly for Austin.

  20. Jan Halstead Says:

    I got my 2 DVDs today in the mail and viewed both of them since I read about the problem and both stick in the same two places. I try to advance to footage but seem to loose some of the content when I do that. If I go back and start over it still sticks in the same places. Are the rest of you sticking in the same two places?
    Jan Halstead
    1415 Q. Street
    Bedford, Indiana
    I plan on buying a few more after the glitch is fixed for gifts. Great video!

  21. Grace Cangialosi Says:

    Sorry about the trouble for you, Austin. I’m trying to find out how I can check to see if I actually ordered a DVD. I’m pretty sure I did, but I can’t find any kind of record or receipt. It would have been ordered from this e-mail address. Can yo please tell me how I can find out? Thanks, Grace Cangialosi

  22. JoAnn Reed Says:

    Hello Carlos,

    I was so excited to receive my DVD. I couldn’t wait to watch it! Unfortunately, it got hung up right around the area of when the owlettes were still young and Molly was still with them. Then it hung up again a little later on. I thought it was my DVD player at first, but I went back and viewed it again and it got hung up in the same places. I don’t know your email address to email you and let you and Austin know.
    JoAnn Reed
    143 Seal Rock Ct
    Vallejo, CA 94591
    Thank you!

  23. Marilee Says:

    Greetings, Carlos, Donna and Austin.

    Unfortunately, I’m a MOD with a defective DVD :(

    It stopped at @ the 12 minute mark; and that was that. Thank you for replacing.
    Marilee J. Godsil
    118 Lakeview Drive
    East Galesburg, IL 61430
    Thank you so much for giving us a peek at Clutch #2.

  24. Barbara K. Says:

    Hi, Carlos and ‘Crew’,
    I regret to say one of my DVDs is a bad one. The picture freezes up but the timer keeps running. This happened in three different places. We played it twice to make sure it was not our computer or player but that was not the case. I had ordered two DVDs but only only one is bad.
    I am so sorry this has happened to Austin but apparently it was through no fault of his. His DVD is beautifully done and I am happy for him it is selling so well.
    Thank you all for sharing this part of your life with us. Donna deserves a medal for putting up with it all. It could not have been easy. God Bless you all.
    Barbara in Texas City, Tx

  25. Barbara K. Says:

    Hi, Carlos and ‘Crew’.
    You said wait until Friday to let you know if we did not get our replacement DVD. O.K. Today is Friday and the new DVD is not here yet. Shall I wait another day or two just to be safe? No problem to wait again. Just wanted to let you know. I’m not complaining, reallly I’m not. We do so appreciate all your work and sacrifices you all h ave made for us and the world!
    Barbara Klaver
    916 16th Ave. North
    Texas City, Tx. 77590

    Oh, my, was it because I did not include my address earlier???

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