First Molly’s Story DVD Shipped

July 14, 2010

Molly's Story DVD's Ready for Shipment

McGee On Fledge Ledge

I don’t know how it is around you house but at ours everything always seem to happen at or around the kitchen table. Austin’s DVD project is no exception, (see photo) he, with the help of his grandma shipped his first 56 Molly’s Story DVD’s yesterday. What a great experience for him and I want to thank everyone for helping make it a success. Gee, this is fun and you a part of it.

It seems everyone wants to help spread the word about Molly’s Story. I talked to my best friend Max yesterday, he is eighty. He told me he had sent notice of Austin’s DVD to everyone in his email address book. Of course he would, the first owlet was named after him. He also said it was 112 in Yuma.

One of the owlets flew over last night. It was a beautiful evening to sit on the patio and watch the stars… Molly and McGee. It was warm and wonderful outside; we normally get that cold ocean air at night, so we just kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed. I closed my eyes and thought, where am I. Hawaii or the Cayman Islands? No, San Marcos, California.  It was almost like being on vacation.

We did not see much of Molly, she just stuck her head out a couple of times as McGee stood watch on the fledge ledge near by. While having one of those conversations about nothing, just taking in the evening, to our to our surprise one of the owlets, we don’t know which one for sure, maybe Austin, circled overhead a couple of times. McGee didn’t react, but just watched too by circling his head. Remember, owls can’t move their eyes so they follow with their heads. Then as the owlet flew off in the direction of the hunting grounds, McGee decided to join him. I say join, because there did not seem to be any aggression in the take off like he would do if he were protecting Molly and or the owl box.

We have added a T-shirt at CafePress with Molly and McGee The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls. You can check it out by clicking on McGee’s photo.

Have a wonderful day

Carlos and Donna Royal

35 Responses to “First Molly’s Story DVD Shipped”

  1. Connie Rice Says:

    THANK You for EVERYTHING. I love you guys! Molly and McGee have made so many people so happy….and so have you! Love and thanks…Connie (Virginia)

  2. rockinowl Says:

    How long will Austin’s DVD be available for purchase?

    Love the updates!


  3. FinnWV Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    How exciting it must have been to see one of the owlets fly over! And Mcgee looks absolutely fabulous! Love your kitchen table! Really looking forward to the Molly DVD! So glad to hear you are able to relax and enjoy! Thanks again for everything!


  4. Genia Potter Says:

    BTW, Did you ever figure who the “visiting” owl was during the “Duel for the Lady”? One of the kids coming around to see who what mom and dad were doing? Outside owl who also wanted to court Molly?

    Thanks so much for the updates, Carlos. We all continue to love our owl family and follow their antics with fascination.

  5. ChocoMare/Susan Says:

    I do so LOVE to hear how God keeps giving you Owl gifts just for you and Donna to enjoy. As you have blessed, He is now blessing you!

  6. Maria Pugliese Says:

    Thank you for the fabulous update. It is so exciting to hear about our owl family! I am so very glad you and Donna are having some much needed vacation time, even if its in your own backyard. So Cal is a paradise!! Cant wait for my DVD! I will be ordering more to bless some friends with
    Mariska23 from FL

  7. Lorna Cane Says:

    Ditto what Maria just said,Carlos!

    Your descriptions of your back yard vacation(haha)make me feel as if I’m watching with you.

    Lorna from Ontario

  8. Kate / Orlando Says:

    Looks like Donna STILL doesn’t have her kitchen table back! LOL

  9. Sounds like a wonderful evening to sit outside and view your guests, perhaps with a nice glass of red wine, or cup of tea in your Molly Mug. I can’t wait for my DVD.

    Got Vacadude’s MODs Journal. It is wonderful. What a talent John has. Off to have it printed today.

  10. joyroyal Says:

    I received my e comic file last night and I must say if you did not purchase one, you should it is a wonderful story with a funny twist to it. Vacadude captured the Owls and Carlos with his words and drawings. I could not stop reading until the last page and wanted more. Way to go Vacadude (John). I was not to interested in the e comic’s at first but then became hooked after purchasing one copy.

  11. Genia Potter Says:

    The owls sure do love that fledge ledge; Carlos, you were a genius to build that for them.

  12. Cathi Tomsen Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin, and everyone who made this experience one in a lifetime ! Got my ebook and now will order DVD.

  13. OwlyKats Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    Thank you for the Update on The Owls. I pictured myself sitting on your back porch watching the Owls activities. What a wonderful way to relax in the evenings. I am so looking forward to Austin’s DVD. I also am glad that you liked the Web Links from the chatroom that I worked on. I am continually adding more to it.

  14. gemma gatti Says:

    Carlos, thank you for keeping this alive with still shots and your wonderful updates. Being cut off from this venture cold turkey would have been heartbreaking to say the least. You have no idea what joy you have brought to millions of people. We will take any news at all and will be more than happy.


    gemma gatti

  15. Kim Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for the beautiful photo and update. It is truly exciting to know one of the owlets continues to check in on “the homefront” and is having success out in the real world. We appreciate you so much. Congrats to Austin and Donna for getting the first shipment ready. It will be like Christmas getting mine. I’ll be able to catch up on all the events I missed before I found the owlbox.

    Love from Missouri (where it is 94 today).


  16. Victoria Says:

    Carlos: Thank you for sharing your life with us. I feel as if you are my extended family. I fell head over heels in love with this family of Barn owls, and shortly there after with you and Donna. Your description of your evening on the porch was vivid enough for me to experience it also.

    Love, Victoria

  17. Torre Says:

    McGee sure is a handsome barn owl!! I’m glad Molly is feeling content in the box and I hope all these little owls grow up to be big and healthy like Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley! So sweet that you still see them flying around now and then. What a great place to live!

    Love seeing all those DVDs – Austin’s getting quite the experience. Donna might have her table back in time for the holidays!!

    Take care, Torre, in MD where we finally got some much needed rain and lower temperatures (sort of).

  18. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    I loved the ‘interview’ of Austin, he is so amazing for such a young man…. must be in the genes. I am looking forward to viewing the DVD. I have the ecookbook, molly book, and cartoons by vacadude…. and wow, each is so excellent. I have also ordered my Cup for my morning tea and I will be ordering a Tshirt for a prize to wear once I lose 20 more lbs. I can’t get enough of these barn owls, they are so amazing.
    Thanks for making it all possible, Carlos, Donna, Austin, John, and all those who’s names I can not recall at this time. LUV U GUTS

  19. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    OH OH how could I forget to thank the stars: Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wes, Tauntz, Kyle, and, of course, Dudley.

  20. LaMese Hurrell Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    Thank you for this site & for the updates. They are wonderful, and I continue to enjoy checking in periodically.

    I just ordered my DVD, and am glad to help Austin with his college fund.

    LaMese in CO

  21. Ginny in NJ Says:

    I have enjoyed the site so much. I would get up in the middle of the night turn on my computer and watch for hours. I miss seeing the live feed but am so happy to have the updates. I hope you continue to let us see the new clutch grow.
    I feel very close to your family and you have given me so much pleasure.
    I have three of the cups/mugs and the ebook and am waiting for the hard cover book and 6 DVD’s and I have the picture of the 4 owlets hanging in my bedroom.
    Thank you for this wonderful experience.
    Ginny in NJ

  22. Lisa Says:

    Kudos to Austin, who obviously inherited the entrepreneurial gene from his grandfather! I hope his DVD venture is a great success and puts a nice sum into his college fund.

    Thank you again for continuing to keep us updated on Molly, McGee and the rest of the clan. It will be excited to see how things have progressed by the time you return from your vacation (if you ever leave, that is).

  23. Francie Yarber Says:

    Does anyone know how many gb’s I need to download the cookbook and the ebook?

  24. TivahFromVA Says:

    You are sounding more relaxed and rejuvinated already, Carlos! So glad to hear that in your words. You gave so much to all of us. It’s wonderful that Austin’s project is so successful for him. I don’t have grandkids yet but I can imagine how that feels to you and Donna. It’s also great that you two and he are doing this “together”. How lovely.


  25. Selena K Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for the continuous updates of M&M! McGee is so handsome and will be a great provider for Molly and (2nd)brood.
    The famous dining room table has once again been recruited for a good cause :)

  26. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Love, Love the updates! Thank you so much for them! Just ordered Austin’s DVD…can’t wait.
    Made me so happy to hear & see you Carlos, Austin, and Donna! Love the pictures. Miss you all very much.
    Still wishing & hoping you had the cam going…
    Love, Lisa from NE FL

  27. Judy Phillips Says:

    Thanks again for this whole experience, and for continuing to share what is happening in your wonderful yard. Your description of sitting together on the patio drew us all in, and made us feel (once again) like we all are “a part of it”. So glad to know that you are getting at least a part of your vacation, right at home. Your latest photo of McGee is breathtaking- who would have thought that the world would take a family of owls into our hearts like we have. So happy to hear from the “children” once in awhile, too, and to know that they are doing alright on their own.

    What a wonderful experience you are sharing with your grandson. So many young people are disconnected from older generations, but it is great to see how much Austin is involved in what you have been doing. You are building memories and skills together that will continue with him through his whole life.

    Looking forward to getting my DVD. Have a great vacation!

  28. Denise Thies Says:

    I don’t know Carlos, sitting with Donna on the patio enjoying the warm evening, stars, ocean breezes, and the added bonus of Molly and McGee, your backyard sounds like a vacation paradise to me. Thank you again for all you have done to make so many people happy this spring/summer. The memory of this will remain with us for a long, long time. Here’s hoping Molly and McGee have another successful family and that you and Donna are finally are able to get away for your long-awaited vacation. Have a safe journey.

    Denise from Fullerton, CA

  29. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for the great memories…and for staying in touch with us.

  30. emeraldcher Says:

    4 eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “What a wonderful world!” Go Molly and McGee! Love it!

  31. Jeri Lynn Says:

    I am so happy to have been a part of all of this! I bought a dvd and it’s on it’s way. I also donated one. I didn’t say where it should go; I’m sure you will pick a worthy receipient. Carlos and Donna, I love how you have encouraged Austin to be industrious and work towards his college fund this way! Outstanding! Bless you and thank you for sharing the owls with all of us.

    Jeri Lynn Downs
    Crestview, FL

  32. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Hi Carlos, I have not been able to unzip the file for the e book. It has an error that says “invalid archive”. I have the most recent win zip program.I’ve tried several times but I still am unable to see or unzip the e book. Are you able to send another type of file? Your thoughts or suggestions please? Thank you for everything you have done and are doing. You and your family are the best.
    Darlene Salisbury
    NW Oregon

  33. Janie Branisom Says:

    Carlos and Donna, yesterday and last night were so special. We can’t thank you enough for sharing Molly and McGee with us. We were all so happy in the chat room. Now, you two should get out of town for some R&R knowing you made so many people happy.


  34. Cinda (SPO site) Says:

    Wasn’t sure exactly where to leave this, but wanted Austin (and crew!) to know I got my DVD Saturday morning, and I absolutely love it. You managed to include a little of just the right moments! And I love the music selections too. JOB WELL DONE!!! I think this is the best keepsake of the whole experience.

    Cinda Browne

  35. Barn Owl Fan in Arizona Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    Just thanking you all for all the time you have spent providing all of the world such fantastic views, photos, and now Austin’s DVD which I plan to order very soon. The countless hours you have taken away from your personal lives is unthinkable I am sure. I am a photography fan so I have enjoyed all of the wonderful photos and most recently Donna’s photos of the tropical storm that loomed near your home. Just beautiful.

    This is the first time I have ever even participated in a chat room before and that experience has just been wonderful in unto itself! Have met so many nice people there. Your generosity in doing what you have has also given the world a wonderful education on barn owls as well. We are all now filled with a wealth of knowledge because of you guys.

    Sorry the vacation did not materialize for you Carlos and Donna. But you know sometimes things happen for a reason. Lastly, I want to thank you for turning on the cameras once again and even if the feed will be limited, it once again will be well worth it to all of us MOD’s and you guys are so nice to once again share the next chapter of the Molly and McGee story.



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