a Mod’s Journal is Available

July 14, 2010

Click to purchase

John was the last to get his eBook finished but it was worth the wait. It is fabulous. If you purchased the eComics you should have gotten an email notice that it is ready for download. If you didn’t buy it, you still can, just click on the eBook Cover  a MOD’s Journal.  You won’t be disappointed.

All the eBooks are now available for download. If you purchased them you should have gotten an email with the link. If you did not receive your email notice please check your spam or junk folder. Also, check all you email accounts. The notice will go to the email address you used when you bought the ebook. If you still can’t find it, just leave me a comment with your information and a copy of your receipt and we will see you get your ebook or ebooks.

18 Responses to “a Mod’s Journal is Available”


    Just wanted to let you know the “click to purchase” does not work, also does not work on Austin’s dvd advertisement here.


  2. Genia Potter Says:

    Will a Mod’s Journal become available in hard cover at some time? Count me as one of the people who who definitely buy it!

  3. Nancy Miller Says:

    Downloaded “A MOD’s Journal” by John Atkinson this morning. It is a wonderful keepsake of the entire Molly experience. Also learned about his chat room mentioned on the last page. I’m not an artist, but I was fascinated by what he had to say. I think it would be a great site for young artists to be aware of. Nancy, Alexandria VA

  4. susan Says:

    you’re right – WAY worth the wait. I didn’t expect all the tidbits about how ideas came, extra sketches, etc. Very nice, thanks to you all. Get on the road! s

  5. FinnWV Says:

    A MOD’s Journal is an absolutely hilarious and at the same time beautiful expression of what the MOD experience has meant to us all! Love it! Thank you so much, John, for pouring your heart and soul into this project! And thanks to Mary for helping and supporting you!


  6. Gail Says:

    I was expecting just a compilation of the comics….this is so much more. It’s another view of the whole ‘Molly’ experience, and a great trip down Molly memory lane. Great job, Vacadude !!!!

  7. Marcy (designbird) Says:

    A MOD’s Journal was so awesome! I especially loved the father’s day card to McGee. Thanks for the updates on our favorite owl family!

  8. Donna Franco Says:

    Hi Carlos, i got the notice of the ecomic but it wont download. i had the same problem with the ebook, but eric sent it to me a different way and i was able to download. could you see what can be done so i can download the ecomic. also..i heard you talking about the special way to fold the ebook, and i cant seem to find the instructions. could you send them again. i have bought all the books, dvd, tshirts, mug, and mouse pad.and beach bag..i guess i am a MOD, sure hope when you get back you will honor us with views of molly and her new clutch. we are all so involved with you, your family and these wonderful owls. God bless you

  9. cynthia fitzgerald Says:

    hi carlos i got my ecomic,i just love it.love my ebook,ecook bookalso,very happy with them.my son down loaded all three,plus put them on dvd.no problems at all.thank you so much to all.i love them. cynthia

  10. Lois Fusco Says:

    Hi and OH my goodness, I cannot believe how much work went into the Mod’s Journal!! And the price was almost like free for all the book contains. It’s a must-have for us Mods. Thanks so much for all the hours and devotion that went into Molly and McGee. Blessings!

  11. Sandra Scott Says:

    John you out did yourself with The Mods Journal. It is wonderful and so interesting to see the sketches and your narrative of the events. This just adds to an experience I will never forget.

  12. DianaJoe Says:

    Absoutely fantastic. A real treasure. Thank you Mr. Vacadude! Hee

  13. Chuck Kinsey (Surfzen) Says:

    What a wonderful work of art this is. Thank you, John, for the many hours of chuckles and tears we will be enjoying due to all your very hard and talented work.

  14. Colleen from SPO Says:

    I would recommend this to everyone! It was much more than I was expecting. You can tell John really put his heart and soul into this project, and it turned out so wonderful. Thank you very much!

  15. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Just a note that I didn’t get the email for the ecomic book. I have received everything else I have ordered. I am hoping that one of those DVD’s on the dining room table that was shipped is coming to me. I ordered as soon as I got the email!!!

    I have so enjoyed the whole Molly experience. Hope you will get out of town soon. But please leave someone behind that can keep us updated on the egg count. Looking forward to the hardcopy of Eric’s book too. Thanks for all you have done!!!

  16. Rita in DC Says:


    Your e-book is OWLSOME–just splendid. Thanks so much!

    Folks who are having trouble with the ordering or payment pages—


    1. Give John’s shop site a Cookie (allow it to set Cookies) if you haven’t already done so.

    2. Try using a different browser. All went pretty smoothly for me using the latest version of Firefox.

  17. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    I just posted a few posts up that I didn’t get the eComic book. I did find it. Sorry if you went to any trouble!!! Thanks for all you do.

  18. chana meddin Says:

    John, am going to buy your book but wanted to thank you for your stream of consciousness interview (live, i think?) yesterday! As an artist myself, it felt wonderful to share your creative process and I had no idea that artists did ArtCrawls! Will notify
    my friends in San Francisco. You’re cool and I can’t wait to get my eBook! Thanks, I’m glad you lost your notes yesterday! It was lots of spontaneous fun!

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