July 10, 2010

Molly is checking her eggs

Two clean white eggs

It looks like it might be three days between #2 and #3. One thing I have noticed is that McGee is not bringing in as much food as he did for the first clutch. It will be very interesting to see how many eggs she lays in the second clutch.

If you purchased the eCookbook or the eBook Molly The Owl you should have received the download link. If you have not then you need to contact me. Just leave me a comment on the blog. We have sent out the notices. Check your email account… All your email accounts. If you have changed your email address that could be one reason you have not received your notice. 
Molly The Owl eBook.
I saw the eCookbook printed today in two vloumes and it looked fantastic! The lady had had it printed at Staples.
Austin’s Molly Story DVD went into production today. It is finished. We will be testing his website tonight and tomorrow. The plan is to be able to start taking orders no later than Monday night.
You can now get the eCookbook,  the eBook and the hardcover book at  www.mollytheowlbooks.com .
Remember, the hardcover is a Signed First Printing Collector’s Edition. These first printings will be signed by Carlos Royal, Donna Royal, Eric Blehm and Chris Adams. This  book will make a terrific gift for those that  loves books. The holidays will be coming up before you know it. Put in your holiday order now. Buy 5 get 6, buy 10 get 12 or  buy 20 get 25…that is 5 Free.  Oh and don’t forget your magic feather book markers.
I will be doing a Live Narration 6:30 PM PDT Monday 7-12-10  Ustream.tv/theowlbox .
Carlos Royal 

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  1. Marilee Says:

    I’m so excited over the second clutch for Molly and McGee. Their success with their first family has made them happy and bonded. Nature at its most unselfish and loving.

  2. Remind people that if they are going to print out Eric’s book, they absolutely must read the instructions that he has sent out. Also, do not, repeat, do not print the pages two sided for Eric’s book.

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for joining us at the EB today. I had never been there and see why it is so popular.

  3. VeeTX Says:

    I’m super eggsited about Molly’s new eggs!!!! Thank you Carlos for updating us with info and photos. We’re really appreciative for all you do. I hope you and Donna get to leave for your vacation soon – and that you have a great time!!!

    The ebook, add’l info ebook and cookbook are just great!!!! Well worth the price too. Thank you to everyone who put in all this work. May you be blessed in all ways, always.

  4. kimkat52 Says:

    Hi Carlos…thanks for the update!!! This is great!! I have not received the link for Molly-the ebook yet..

    Kim Harris

  5. Torre Says:

    Awwww, Molly is so cute; will be very intersesting to see the total egg count. Thanks for new picture and update!

    Ebook is great; looking forword to DVD.

  6. Lajollaseal Says:

    Thanks Carlos! I love how you said ‘two clean white’ eggs! haha, we remember how they can ‘get’. Last night in chat we referred to Molly as OctoMolly at the rate she is going!

    Looking forward to hearing you on Monday night!


  7. Cindy Wood Mitchell Says:

    Wow,this is great news! But I thought you & Donna were supposed to be on vaction as of yesterday..?
    Hope you get your vaction and soon..will someone else be doing a counting job of Molly’s egg delivery while you are gone?
    I dont’ think there’d be room for 8 owlets in that box :(

  8. Joan Says:

    One more time .. it is VERY nice of you to keep all of Mollys’ fans aware of what is happening… beautiful pictures… Joan from Colorado

    I got my e-book… it’s great.

  9. Donna Simonson Says:

    Oh so love the pics of Molly and her 2 eggs. She’s an amazing mother with an equally amazing father in our Leggs McGee. Carlos I got tears in my eyes when I read the Molly e book when reading how you practiced putting up the new cameras and such in your workshop to get the timing down so perfect for Molly’s 2 minute flyabout. Your care along with Donna’s watchful eye are just so heartwarming. The book really captures the event so well. The illustrations look so much like a photograph. You brought the perfect writer and illustrator together to tell this wonderful story of a not so common barn owl. You and Donna continue to care about Molly, her family and all of her Mods in that same heartwarming care. Our love for you, Donna, Austin and all continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Thank you for all the TLC and right back at you!
    Hugs from “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  10. Marie Says:

    Great pictures Carlos! Thank you so much for the updates. I have received both the Molly the Owl book and the cookbook and they are both great! Looking forward to Austin’s dvd and maybe a coffee table book of your wonderful photos some day down the line? Hugs to you and Donna.

    St.Louis, MO

  11. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    I love the picture of Molly checking out her clean eggs. LOL she is so sweet. Thanks

    I received both links for the eCookBook and the eBook, they are awesome.

    from CatsMommy

  12. Joy Says:

    Oh, Carlos, thank you so much for the Molly updates. The pictures are beautiful, as usual. I do so miss watching the broadcast but I truly understand and appreciate your decisions.

    I did receive the printing instructions email today but I must have missed the PDF E-book file.?? I am not that computer savvy so I’ve probably missed something. Any help would be appreciated.


  13. Jenny K Says:

    I very much appreciate the new pictures from Molly’s Box. I hope you will continue to post more pictures whenever you are home. It seems a good compromise to let us MODs get our owl fix without interfering too much with your lives.

    Thank you!

  14. Lynne Morrow Says:

    Thanks so for the updates. I wrote a while back to say I had received my E-Comics, had viewed most of them and somehow deleted the site as I didn’t know what I was doing. Is it possible to have it resent? I’ve ordered mugs, too, months ago, and they never arrived. I am looking forward to the books and the video. Please advise and many thanks.

  15. Linda D. Greene Says:

    Carlos..Thanks for the update…(So glad we chatters are not the only ones w/ MOD lol) Will be watching for sure on Monday!!

  16. cynthia fitzgerald Says:

    hi carlos and donna,i recieved my two ebooks i love them.cant wait for my ecomic book now.molly looks so relaxed and happy,it so good to see her.glad to here your keeping us all posted,love mollys pictures.have a nice vacation.love yas cynthia

  17. Pat Says:

    I haven’t received my ebook-thanks. The best email address to use is pas_1972@yahoo.com

  18. Mel Penton Says:

    Carlos, Love Molly and love those eggs! What a treat to get your posts! It means the world to me and so many! We have MOD and I fear there is no known cure! So thanks yet again! HUGS, Melodie Penton

  19. Louise Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. I love hearing about Molly & McGee, et al.
    Ordered Molly mug sometime ago, but haven’t received it.

  20. David Foley Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Wonderful pictures of Molly and her second clutch.

    Still have not received the ebook I ordered.
    My e-mail address has not changed. Maybe Eric should leave the www off of the address.

    Also my Mom ordered the Molly mug and she hasn’t received that either. She lives close, in Escondido.

    I’m lurking forward to Monday night.

    Thank you again.

    David Foley

  21. Lisa Sharp Says:

    I just can’t say it enough – thank you for keeping us posted on the progress of the 2nd clutch! Molly is so beautiful and it’s so good to see her again, taking such good care of these new eggs.

    Hugs to you and Donna. I’ve got my alarm set so I don’t sleep through the broadcast tomorrow night. Thanks for giving us plenty of heads up for that!

  22. Sue Bauer Says:

    I haven’t received any information for the ebook. This is the correct address. I am traveling and cannot check email every day but haven’t gotton notification as of today. Thanks, Carlos.

  23. Owlsome Pics Carlos. Molly is so precious. Can’t wait to see how many eggs she lays.

    You are owlsome too for all the updates!

    Looking forward to the DVD. I have my eCookbook and eBook. Glad I waited to print them. Now I can print them and do it right.

    Thanks to everyone for all the hard work, especially Donna, Carlos, Austin!!! Eric and Chris!!!! You too John, VacaDude!!!!
    You Owl Rock <3 <3 <3

    Liz in League City, TX

  24. Bonnie Kay Says:

    It is so exciting to see Molly has started a new clutch. I got notification of my E Book but am in Fl so don’t know if my husband down loaded it. I want to order Austins DVD so guess I just keep watching for the order info. I’ve ordered hard copy book and just love the Fathers Day print I bought. I know you and Donna need a vacation but if you decide to brodcast I will really happy. It was such a wonderful experience. Thanks for the updates and pictures of Molly. I check daily! Bless you and Donna Bonnie

  25. Genia Potter Says:

    Do these two beautiful eggs contain males, females? Goofy owlets, regal owlets, adventurous owlets, cautious owlets?

    Truly, I will never look at owls the same way again.

    Thank you, Carlos.

  26. Sue Says:

    Carlos, Thanks so much for keeping us updated on the goings-on with the owls! It’s so fun to think of them, still!

  27. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    I so love you guys. Such a beautiful sight to see Molly so carefully inspecting the eggs. Still every week I introduce new people to the owlbox. It is so full of love inside and owlt. I pray for a blessed respite for you both.

    I received my e-book, it is owlsome. I saw a golden eagle on the way to church this morning and thought of Molly.

    Carol Ann in Indiana (cbosseme)

  28. swallace0212 Says:

    sorry, Mr. Royal…I found it in my spam folder.

  29. Lorna Cane Says:

    Wonderful news.As always thanks for keeping us connected!

    Carlos,I want to order 6 DVD’s.The site says shipping is included in the US.When I try to check out,the price is the same as it would be if I lived in the US,but I’m in Canada.I would LOVE it if shipping were included here,too.But am nervous about finishing my order without knowing shipping charge to Canada,if any.
    Can you help?


  30. LoveYourDNA Says:


    Pretty please post your narrations on YouTube for us who can not watch…


  31. Ally Says:

    Hi again Carlos, just want to let you know I did receive the ebook link after all and just downloaded it. Looks great! Thanks.

  32. Susan Belloff Says:

    I ordered 3 copies of Molly’s ebook, 1 personal copy which I received at the email listed above. But I also ordered 2 additional copies, 1 for each of my 2 school libraries at this email address: sbelloff@spartanpride.org
    As of today, I have not received either of the copies for my school libraries.
    Please advise.
    Thanks so much for posting MollyNews on the blog. It is so exciting to be able to stay connected to her and her new eggs!
    Susan Belloff

  33. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Carlos, now that you are broadcasting again, can you show us and/or post a picture from the view of the new camera at the other side of the box? I am mighty curious as to how the other wall looks and to what that view might be like. :)

    Thanks for all you do and have done! Enjoy your staycation!! Take it easy and don’t let us all drive you nuts. :)

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