Driving Lesson

June 19, 2010

Austin came over this morning and we went for a driving lesson. He is doing really good and should be ready for his driving test when it comes up in July. He did his final presentation at the school on Friday and said, he thinks he got an “A.”   His school is not out until next week so he won’t be getting back to his Molly DVD project until the following week. He wants to get it finished but said it will take a good two weeks, maybe more, to the finish the editing.

We had a big surprise today. A golden eagle landed in our backyard. I have never seen an eagle in this area before. What a magnificent bird. It flew off before I could get to my camera, so no photo, but wow what a bird.

We are doing a sale on the Large Framed Prints except the one of Molly and McGee. Any of the others you can get for only $49.95 basically just a bit more than the frame costs.  They were $125; this is our Father’s Day Special $49.95 http://www.cafepress.com/Mollytheowl

I am still putting things away and cleaning up and yes I think about Molly and Mcgee. The owlets have not returned.  I talked to Eric and he said he and Chris are hard at work finishing up the eBook, which is still a couple of weeks away and can be purchased at www.transferit.com/theowlbox  . Eric said he is still taking pre-orders for signed copies of the hard cover book “Molly The Owl” but doesn’t know how much longer that offer will last due to the time it takes to sign all the books. So if you want a signed copy first edition then you need to get your orders in. www.mollytheowlbooks.com  Signed first editions are the ones that become collector’s items.

We gave all the moderators their wings so the chat room will not be moderated after 6:00 PM PDT today. The Moderators will still have their blue suits so be good or you might get zapped just when you think no one is watching. Our chat room rules still apply.

Carlos Royal

25 Responses to “Driving Lesson”

  1. Carlos: So great to hear from you and get the news. I looked up a golden eagle after I read your post…how beautiful..hope you and Donna have a great vacation!

  2. Hi Carlos, thanks for the update. I hope Austin does well on his driving test. My GD failed twice. Once for pulling out of the driveway w/o looking first and then for being too cautious;))). Her mom was glad.

    You sure are lucky with your birds Carlos. To have a Golden Eagle land in your yard is amazing. Perhaps looking for an owlet meal? Or Tauntz and family. We have Bald Eagles in NE Ohio, protected of course. I am looking into getting a box up, but need to find out if there are any Barn Owls in NE Ohio. In the meantime, I am watching the owls in Tel-Aviv. Very interesting program they have going. I emailed the You Tube link to Donna as it is quite educational.

    Be well!

  3. Dot O Says:

    Hey Carlos! My son just got his driver’s permit. The lessons just began last week – although I’m leaving the instruction up to my hubby. I don’t have the stomach or the nerves to teach someone to drive…

    Cool about the eagle – I guess you need to walk around with your DSLR hanging from your neck at all times!!

    I am in the chat room now saying goodbye to my friends in blue suits. Gee, this was so much fun, and I was a part of it….

  4. Audrey and Charlie Van Eeckhout Says:

    Good evening Carlos, Good to hear from you and Keep a close eye on the eagle since it might think an owl is tasty….
    Enjoy your leasure time.

  5. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    The Golden Eagle is a good sign. God does fill the gaps while we wait. The moderators have all been the best. Glad to hear Austin is doing well. I bought a 4 cell mag light so I c

  6. Joan Says:

    Carlos.. i so enjoy your updates.. hope you keep on with them… I have been wondering if the way that Molly kept the owlets away on the 13th was the signal for them to leave home.

  7. Pi Says:

    The word’s out in the avian world, Carlos. Your yard is the place to be. :)

  8. leslie Says:

    Interesting that the owlets have not returned. And those eagles are HUGE, aren’t they?!

  9. PegRod Says:

    Dear Royal Family:

    Carlos, this Mollysbox.Wordpress website amazes me. I never had time to really look at it before. Each section is a gift of information for decades to come, as well as being so artistically pleasing to the eye. Thank you for your dedication and generosity of resources and spirit. I am doing my part in letting people know about this website which will be rated the same as the grade I would give Austin – A+ with Honors and Extra, Extra Credit!



  10. Joan Watson Says:

    Cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the owls. You did a magnificent job! What a treat.

    Many thanks!!!!

  11. Shirley Wingate Says:

    Thanks once again for the informative update. We all miss the owls but continue to maintain some wonderful friendships deveoped on the ss. Is it normal for all the owlettes to leave the area at the same time? I wish there was some way we could know that they were all safe. An Eagle, wow! What a wonderous and magical sight. Just make sure it stays far away from Molly & McGee. We watched a red tailed hawk being chased by 6 crows tonight. Another majestic bird (the hawk NOT the crows)!

  12. Jeanne Says:

    Thanks again, for the pleasure you have shared with us.

    Ref Golden Eagles, a couple have been spotted in Valley Center this spring as well. Very Exciting.

  13. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Carlos. No doubt if Molly and McGee are not around you are missing them as much as I am. Have a great day with your family.
    Carol Ann (cbosseme)

  14. LaMese Hurrell Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Carlos. I cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given me,and so many others. I so appreciate being able to read your updates and view your photos.

    If you and Donna ever get to Colorado, look us up. We are in Evergreen at 8400′ elevation, and it is alwways beautiful and full of wildlife.


  15. Sheri Jones (tch2grade) Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Carlos!
    Thank you for the update! It’s like a letter from home when I see that you have had a chance to post an update.

    Happy to hear that Austin is doing well driving. Tell him to hang in there! School is out soon!! :o)

    Thank you, once again, for sharing Molly & McGee with the world! It really has been a once in a lifetime experience for my 2nd grade class & me.

    Blessings to you and Donna,
    Sheri (tch2grade)

  16. emeraldcher Says:

    Wonderful hearing from you Carlos with an update. Thank you!

    Happy Father’s Day to you!

    Go Austin!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

    I have been mostly a “lurker” in the room. Nice to hear you are all getting your lives back! *waving to Donna* You all ROCK!

  17. Vickie Hunter Says:

    We appreciate the updates, Carlos! As for the golden eagle appearing in your yard, I am not surprised. I’m sure the blessings you have received bringing many people together with Molly and her brood(especially many who do not have any social or family contacts, or may be homebound)
    will continue to fly your way.
    We will have an owl box at Tamarack Elementary School in Kentucky accompanied by a little plaque with your name by the end of the year. I’ll post a pic on the Molly FB page.

  18. wryly Says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Carlos! After reading your blog entry to my husband, he said that he has seen golden eagles in Vista, so they are definitely in the area. Good luck to Austin and thank you all again for doing this!!!

  19. Hi Carlos & Donna,

    Love the pictures and the prices….just ordered 3 prints. The 4 Owlets, Owlet in Palm Tree and The Hand Off. Plan on remodeling my house next year and these prints will go good in my office and hallways, but I plan to hang them now. I’ve already ordered a print of Molly The Owl from rocketmancreative. Good thing I have lots of wall space in my house. It will be nice to have pictures of good memories and nature’s beauty throughout my house.

    Thank You for making them available.

    Miss you guys! All my Love,
    Liz from League City, TX

  20. Shame on me! Forgot to wish you……


    God Bless You!


  21. Marla Spellenberg Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Carlos!

    Thank you for the updates! We have Golden Eagles near here, too… Magnificent birds! You have the gift for attracting all species of birds… and so wonderful to watch!

    If you both ever get back out to Massachusetts, we have room on our ranch to “put ya’ll” up!

    Thanks for all you and Donna have given up for us. Have a wonderful vacation!

    Hugs, Marla (Ketaki)

  22. Pam O'Connor Says:

    Hi Carlos: Hope you had a Happy Father’s Day. I also so enjoy the updates and although it is not live it still keeps us “connected” so keep them coming. We will take “anything” you give us. Thanks again. Pam (Regalcat)

  23. D.S. Langguth Says:

    I am going to take some poetic license with an inpirational saying I came across…

    Keep a smile on your face… some people and owls come into our lives and then go.. leaving behind beautiful footprints in our hearts.

    I agree with what someone had said a while back about not being sad about the end, but be joyous in having had the experience.

    Carlos, thanks so much for the “beautiful footprints” and keeping in touch through the blog.

  24. Healani Says:

    Good luck to Austin w/his driving test!!! I always thought that the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle are Magnificent!!! Of course I just Love birds, but wow those are some beautiful BIG birds. Thank you for keeping us updated Carlos. Its always good to hear from you. Sure do miss the M & M family :-(…No other family will take their place… hope they move back in and have another lil family! HEck Maybe Mr. Golden Eagle was checking the pad out and going to tell Mrs.!!! LOL

  25. Cindy Says:

    Hi Carolos and Donna,

    I had a dream last night about Molly laying another egg. Sure enough, I checked the blog today and she had layed an egg! Wishing the best to both of you and a nice vacation…



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