The Owl Box Cake

June 14, 2010

IMG_2769 The Owl Box Cake
Molly and Wesley The Owl Box Cake

While this cake may look small it is 14″ tall and weighs 21.5 lbs. It was given to us by our good friends the Blount Family, Barb, Richard, Billy and Evan of Austin, Texas. The cake was made and designed by Nancy Linstead, Cake Artist and instrutor of Do It With Icing, located in San Diego, California. 858-268-1234

72 Responses to “The Owl Box Cake”

  1. Susan bajona Says:

    Verry cool, wonderful talent

  2. Micathius Says:

    Have to say, that is an awesome cake and I can only imagine the work that went into it. I know these people do it professionally, but the fondant(?) and airbrush work look really nice.

  3. Sunny Says:


  4. Treece Says:

    Looks too good to cut!!

  5. StacyHurt Says:

    That right there is the coolest, yummiest thing going. Bet it tastes wonderful too! No extra awesomesauce needed!

  6. stanashortmcleod Says:

    What a great job:-) Beautiful.

  7. Awesome was what came to mind to me too. What a good likeness of Molly and the box. How did it taste or could you not cut into it?

    I miss Molly and the owlets and Carlos and Donna! Went straight to the owl box this morning…such a routine. Checked in to say hi.

    Love from Liz League City , TX

  8. Joy Says:

    What a beautiful cake and how nice of you friends to make it for you. Almost too beautiful to eat.

  9. ANGELA Says:

    What an awesome cake made…looks like after this amazing journey,I am sure there will be an huge surge of barn owl paraphernalia.Molly has stolen my heart along with everyone who made this possible.Simply amazing,and gee,that was fun…and I was a part of it!! Thanks ever so much!!!

  10. burnee Says:

    What lovely friends you have Carlos and Donna. Too good to eat eh?

  11. FinnWV Says:

    Beautiful cake! Looks too good to eat!

  12. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    This is so sweet! It would be hard to start eating it as one wouldn’t want to destroy it! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Joyce Says:

    An impressive creation. Did it taste as good as it looks?

  14. Joanne B Says:

    a wonderful way to celebrate

  15. Theresa Says:

    That is a fabulous cake!!!!

  16. That cake says it all. That cake is precious. That would be hard to cut in to that, but I bet it taste as good as it looks.
    Thank you again for all that you have done and showed us over the past 4 months. Its sad to open the site and nothing is there to look at. But I know M&M & Owlets will get along just fine without us. May there journey and adventures bring them delight and fullness. God Bless

  17. Margaret C Kremer Says:

    Really cute! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Jumil Says:

    Fabulous artistry:-)

  19. Dot O Says:

    It would be so had to take a bite out of that! But, it is certainly a beautiful depiction!

  20. darlene quinton Says:

    loved every minute of it!!!cant thank you enough for this wonderful experience!!!!

  21. Karen Says:

    What a beautiful cake and so accurate! You truly have wonderful friends. I think it is almost too beautiful to eat!

  22. Janet Says:

    Oh how PRECIOUS!!!!
    How could anyone even cut it? lol
    CARLOS please let us know id Molly and McGee did start nesting again ok?! xoox

  23. How precious is right! I don’t know if I could make a cut into it. Well, maybe a little bite of the rufus.


  24. lizweinstock Says:

    Wow…how fabulous…just adorable! Have a fabulous trip!

  25. Lisa Says:

    I LOVE IT! (sorry for the caps…haha) That is amazing. What nice friends!

  26. OwlyKats Says:

    Donna & Carlos a beautiful cake posted on my b-day. You shouldn’t have. LOL. I was so happy that they were all out of the nest by June 14th, My wish came true. The Cake is absolutely perfect for a lovely ending.

  27. Sharon Palac Says:

    Yum! Much better than wats and wabbits!

  28. Susan / Suey Pit Says:

    Oh, my goodness! That cake is fantastic! A work of art…love it! But it is meant to eat…so enjoy! But thanks so for sharing this photo as well as all the fantastic owl photos you have shared on this blog!

  29. didinp Says:

    SWEET : )

  30. MaryLou (Fourthebirds) Says:

    Beautiful cake. What a wonderful gift. I would want to preserve it not eat it.

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for everything. Its been a wonderful experience.

  31. Pat Harris Says:

    Awesome! Oh, we miss you already. Please let us know if Molly and McGee nest again.

  32. Eve Meacham Says:

    Awesome, cute, lovely, sweet & yummy! Yet only to be admired and looked at but not to be eaten …unless you are not an owl!
    Thank you Donna & Carlos for wonderful four short months!
    Eve – Emarts01

  33. joym13 Says:

    What a beautiful cake!!!!!!! I bet you couldn’t bring yourself to eat it.

  34. Wow! That is amazing!

  35. Brandy Says:

    So cool!

  36. Rhonda Hargrove Says:

    This cake is wonderful! The details are just beautiful! Enjoy it!

  37. Deb Lay Says:

    Love the cake but miss you two and the owls already. Have a wonderful vacation.

    I’ve checked other Barn Owl nesting site but none can compare. You have spoiled us Royals and Thank You for doing so.

  38. Bill SD Says:

    And the cake made right here in San Diego!

  39. Jasmine Says:

    The cake is beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  40. Mary Angela Glenn Says:

    We miss you, Molly, McGee, & the precious Owlets already! This really has been an experience of a lifetime; thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! You both, your family, the precious Owls & Owlets will be in our hearts & prayers forever! Please keep us posted re when Molly & McGee nest again, & how the Owlets are doing! (We have been very concerned re the Owlets after they were chased away from their “playground”, esp. the one who was chased off roof of owl box–we think it was Austin or Wes–& it looked like owlet fell to the ground!) Your cake is beautiful; take lots of pictures! We will be hanging pictures of these awesome Owls on our walls! God bless you both! We love you! PLEASE KEEP ALL OF US POSTED RE EVENTS !

  41. Dawn R Says:

    What a beautiful cake! Carlos and Donna, thanks for letting us take a peek into the lives of Molly and her owlets. What a great experience. Please let us know of any new developments with the owls, and especially if Molly & McGee stay to raise another clutch in the Owl Box. :)

  42. JoAnn Reed Says:

    That cake is incredible and was done so perfectly! Is Molly, that is on there edible? How could anyone want to cut into it and eat it, but at least you got this beautiful picture of it. What nice friends you have. What flavor of cake was inside, did you sample it?

    You know you both are missed already, as well as the ongoing Molly and Magee saga. I hope your road trip goes safely and you get the much needed rest that you need. Thanks again for all the hard work you both did to bring such a wonderful experience into my life and to others all over the world. How will I know if you decide to do this again… perhaps in the Kestrel box?

  43. PegRod Says:

    Wow, this wonderful cake is a beautiful piece of art, which captures the emotion that many of us Molly Watchers felt as the owlets peeked out the door of The Owl Box – something that we will miss. Thank you for taking such a beautiful photograph of it that can be saved for the Smithsonian Archives! I hope that the Smithsonian realizes how important this experience was for so many people – it awakened some from boredom, some from darkness, some from pain and loneliness, and opened eyes wide into the light of living in the moment and appreciating creation around us. It reawakened the artist, crafter, cook, comedian, photographer and poet in many others. I am eternally grateful for the Molly Multifaceted Awakening! “Gee this will be fun for the rest of my life!”

  44. Donna Franco Says:

    So sad to have the owls it true that they have left the palm tree?
    wonderful cake..enjoy

  45. Mary Angela Glenn Says:

    I went back to check my comment; don’t know how my name & E-mail address appeared above again & could not delete it. So I will leave another msg! We are so grateful to you for bringing this experience to us! Every day we will think of you, the Owls & Owlets, & remembering you all in our prayers! Millions love you, the owls & owlets. Please keep us posted re events!

  46. susan Says:

    What a wonderful cake! Your hearts must have melted when it was delivered. This whole experience has turned out to be so much bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Thank you again.

  47. linda Says:

    Wow! Someone is extremely talented

  48. chana meddin Says:


  49. Laura Tezer Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Isn’t it nice that so much good has come from so many all over Molly, McGee and some little owlets? You must be so overwhelmed with all the kind acts everyone is bestowing upon you. And when your vacation is over you can come home and hopefully see “Our” little owl family flying around at night. Such a blessing you both have been for all of us.

    Thank you forever Carlos and Donna

  50. PatB4 Says:

    Well, it’s not surprising that such wonderful people would have such wonderful friends. How nice of them to present you with this!!!! And how wonderful of you to take us all on this extraordinary ride called Molly, McGee and the Owlets!!! Thank you sooo much!

  51. Jeri aka owlbseeinu Says:

    What an owlsome and impressive cake! Thanks for the wonderful memories and enjoy your vacation, Carlos and Donna!

  52. Jenn Says:

    Great cake, but missing the owls :(

  53. julie Says:


  54. Darlene Says:

    Pretty cool! Did you eat it?

  55. Angelwalker Says:

    Beautiful! What a lovely present for you and Donna :)

  56. Judi Zimmermann Says:

    Oh, way too beautiful to eat. A real piece of art!

  57. Patti Green Says:

    What a wonderful cake. Real artists, these people. Thank you, Donna and Carlos, for the past 4 months. Whoah it went fast! What fun memories! Will last a lifetime! Thank you.

  58. Torre Says:

    what talented folks – I love the face of an owl peeking around the door – this is what gave them such personalities!!

  59. Jen Says:

    What a fabulous and fun cake! Enjoy.

  60. Torri Cable Says:

    This cake is too precious to eat- but it looks really good! What an extraordinary bunch of people this adventure has connected me with.
    Carlos and Donna hope you enjoy your well earned vacation- no worries- we’ll all still be here when you get back. LOL
    Cheers, Torri

  61. Janeen Nickell Says:

    Thanks for the latest updates and keeping us still connected.

  62. Jennifer Shelton Says:

    please sign me up!

  63. kit Says:

    beautiful cake…cute peeking owlet!

  64. cat perry (catsmommy) Says:

    Absolutely Adorable. Hope it tasted as good as it looks. You guys deserve it and much more. HUGS

  65. Chris Hall (Cpeke) Says:

    Donna & Carlos, I can not begin to tell you what this experience has meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work, patience and caring.

    Have a fantastic vacation!!

  66. Marla Spellenberg Says:

    What a great work of art… the cake is wonderful! Wish I had such talent!

  67. Cathy Melton Says:

    Wow,What a cake. When I saw it I thought it was made by Duff from Ace of Cakes,Or the guy from Cake Boss. Just Beautiful!!!

  68. Estelle P Says:

    Awesome cake!!! Just adorable…It would be hard for me to eat it…so cute…and so detailed…

  69. Lynn Vierra Says:

    That’s so very creative! Must have taken quite a while to create. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  70. Tracey Says:

    BEAUTIFUL & so creative!!! Nicely done!

  71. Pat Canada Says:

    Love the Molly blog and pics Thank you

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